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Anniversary Albums: Daft Punk "Random Access Memories" (2013)

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On this episode of anniversary albums, we take a look at the 2013 studio album from Daft Punk “Random Access Memories.” This was the duo’s first album in eight years and saw them revamp their sound towards an electro-disco style featuring the likes of Nile Rodgers and Giorgio Moroder. mais 25 palavras

Go to Wekfest San Jose 2018 while staying in temporary furnished apartments in San Jose

The Bay Area’s premier automotive event returns to San Jose for the 10-year celebration. Wekfest San Jose 2018 will feature automotive and restoration themed domestic, European and import builds. mais 82 palavras


This blog post is slightly delayed, (sorry), because I’ve been away from my computers since thursday.

As a contrast to last week, I didn’t have any shifts at TM, so in theory I had a lot of time for creative work. mais 418 palavras


Heart and Soul Venus in Leo square Jupiter

Venus in Leo the Queen of Hearts defender of children creativity self-expression willpower and drama squares Jupiter in Scorpio Retrograde June 25.

Are you in an In a bad romance you can’t let go of and are constantly obsessing over?  mais 390 palavras


WordPress Site Build Workshop: Photos, Videos and Social Media

Stop Internet Shop Lifting!

Tired of ‘lifting’ photos from an image search? Can’t afford Adobe Photoshop and need some tips and tricks on making your website look more polished and pop like the pros? mais 194 palavras


Fangirl Freakout

I am back!!! After talking with my friend Dana, I wanted to start blogging more.  What better way with mini comics.

~Till next time


REVIEW: "Old Fighter Pilots" by Samuel Jensen

Review of Samuel Jensen, “Old Fighter Pilots”, Strange Horizons 16 Apr. 2018: Read online. Reviewed by Danielle Maurer.

As I’ve said before, it’s inevitable when reviewing everything from a publication that there will be stories I don’t like. mais 159 palavras