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How to Get Businesses to Advertise on Your Website (2 min read)

Anonymous Question: “I created a website that I think will actually make people want to view advertisements. I need ads before I can get traffic, but advertisers want traffic first. mais 533 palavras

Millionaire's Digest

Why Is The House Not Selling?

“Why is the house not selling?” is a question raised by owners as well as prospective buyers when a listing clocks long days on market. Reasons that most often come to mind include:  over priced, lackluster marketing, the market, agent not proactive, off-peak season, etc. mais 272 palavras


Toughen Up, Guys!

Yesterday, I showed a documentary in my class called “Tough Guise 2” with Jackson Katz.  It is all about the way the media has ‘hypermasculinized’ men, just like they have ‘hypersexualized’ women.  mais 1.032 palavras

SmallBusinessSaturday, Nov. 25

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Advertising to Control

While looking at the resources on Witness, which are useful for creating and carrying out citizen journalism, we spoke about selfie culture–something I had previously thought was completely harmless. mais 261 palavras

Black Lives Matter

Mike's Always Right - Episode 2: Failure, Radio Dramas and Making Money on eBay

You might have noticed a couple of things. First, I said I was going to write and produce a radio drama. The other thing you probably noticed is that I’ve been totally absent from social media for the past week. mais 47 palavras