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Las Vegas Advertising Methods That Get Noticed

Las Vegas is known as one of the brightest cities on Earth. Just one hotel, the Luxor, shoots a beam into the night sky that can be seen from airplanes as far as 250 miles away. mais 323 palavras


Satan’s Switchboard.

‘If you look round the room and you can’t see the sucker it’s you’.

Last week Jaguar Land Rover pulled all of it’s UK digital advertising after an advertisement for the Jaguar F-Pace was found to be running in a DAESH promotional video on YouTube. mais 1.013 palavras

Selling your car? Watch out for these five potential scams

The time has finally come to replace your car with something new. But your old car still has value, and the dealer didn’t offer much on trade in – or at least, not as much as its market value, so you’ve decided to sell it yourself. mais 1.527 palavras


KU Talent + Enterprise Nation + KPMG = UK Carrer

One of the perks of being in a big university as Kingston Uni is that you have the chance to have knowledge outside the classroom. Also, I wanna say my Uni has department called KU Talent, which helps us via their job central, to find jobs opportunities within the desired business market we are aiming to work in, whether it’s inside the campus or outside, it’s all about looking at the options, analyze then and apply for the ones that are more suitable for us.
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Incorporating New Technology when Advertising in Las Vegas

It seems more and more that Las Vegas is becoming a travel destination for people all over the world. Not only is this place a hot spot for people looking for a week long vacation or a weekend get-a-way, it is also a popular destination for business. mais 313 palavras