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To engage users with video ads, context is everything.

Most of my work is on the internet and whether we like it or not, digital marketing plays a fundamental role in online business models. As bandwidth becomes less of an issue, video advertising is becoming more prevalent online. mais 329 palavras

5 Reasons why I am your next .......

So the other night I was sitting at home and decided I wanted to explore and venture some career opportunities.

((As you read my blog further, you will learn lots about my career.)) mais 470 palavras


Still fighting

I went back into the advertising industry last week. I was so excited to go back, I really enjoy it. I started with 3 days last week and did 5 day!! mais 443 palavras

Life Chatter

No Blatter, No Problem Say World Cup Organizers by REUTERS


Players do not care who hands out trophies and the absence of embattled FIFA president Sepp Blatter will not have any impact on the Women’s World Cup final, organizers said on Friday. mais 11 palavras


The Write Boutique: Blogging Madness...

Ahhh…to Blog or not to Blog?  I like to think that Blogging is a matter of taking a deep breath and practicing your skills.  I like the idea that you can just sort of lose yourself in your writing– liken to being swept away by a fluffy, white, cloud that tickles.   mais 261 palavras