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Top Dogs of Superbowl 50

On Sunday night the Carolina Panthers faced off against the Denver Broncos in what will forever be remembered as “the Superbowl where Beyonce and Bruno slayed…and Chris Martin was there, I guess.” But in all seriousness, for most people the Superbowl is a night devoted to sports fanatics, finger foods and celebrating (or commiserating) with friends depending on who’s team comes out on top. mais 403 palavras


Coca-Cola And Marvel Launch Epic Super Hero Quest With Coke Mini

As the two Super Heroes battled for the ultimate prize – an ice-cold Coca-Cola Mini Can, during the Super Bowl Sunday, Coca-Cola reintroduced Coke Mini, during the Big Game’s second quarter.  mais 659 palavras

Social Media

Joy takes over in marketing

Everyone feels. In 2012 my research with my friend and colleague Lyn McDonald PhD demonstrated how everyone’s life is made up of feelings and how understanding these feelings is essential for marketing (on the one hand) and purchasing (on the other).  mais 134 palavras


Fame (or Something Like That)

My school went and put

me on a billboard…does that

mean I’m famous now?


The Late Night Branding Decision - Also Known As The Grappa Talking

As detailed in a previous post, I have been on the lookout for a suitable camera strap. I picked up an absolute bargain in Sydney at the Crumpler shop – a long-out-of-stock cotton strap with big leather ends. mais 207 palavras


B2C and B2B Marketing Event Industry

Historically, business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing practices were very distinct in Event Industry. B2C marketing is typically much larger in scale—marketing tactics have always leaned on the philosophy of casting a wider net, often utilizing the spray-and-pray method in hopes that some of the marketing exposure would drive emotional buying decisions. mais 589 palavras