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Putting identity politics into some kind of historical context

Now that we’ve pretty much removed ourselves from most anarchist spaces and events, and we’re free from concerns about dealing with adverse reactions from certain quarters, we feel it’s time for us to dip our toes back in the water with our thoughts and commentaries on identity politics. mais 454 palavras


God's (costly) new normal

the following is a sermon i recently offered on ephesians 3:7–13 at first presbyterian church of berkeley.


“of this gospel i have become a servant according to the gift of God’s grace that was given me by the working of his power”

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Download eShe April 2018 Issue Into Your Device

Want to read eShe’s April 2018 issue offline when you’re in a WiFi-free zone? (And you should!)

Just download it into your phone or tablet, and scroll through at your own pace. mais 24 palavras

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The Triple Package- book review

It might be a sensitive topic, but academic and economic success varies among different ethnic and cultural groups in the US. What makes ethnic groups like South Asians, Jewish, or East Asians such high performers in the US? mais 609 palavras


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Exploring the Roots of Evil - again! (1/5): More stuff about rules

‘Why are you banging on about rules again when you said you were delving into spiritual poetry? After The Forty Rules of Love I was looking forward to what you had to say about Machado. mais 2.205 palavras

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Jews say the term ‘Globalist’ is dog-whistling about Jewish Power - We say the term ‘White Supremacism’ is dog-training by Jews to ensure White Submissivism

Recently, Jews attacked Donald Trump for using the term ‘globalist’. They contend it’s a codeword for Jews, especially because ‘white supremacists’ refer to Jews as such. mais 2.830 palavras