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The Hymn of Tiger Mommy oleh Amy Chua (2011)

Ini adalah buku tentang pengasuhan anak (parenting) yang kontroversial karena isinya oleh banyak orang dinilai berlawanan dengan model parenting barat yang telah lama menjadi mainstream… mais 1.044 palavras

I don't like my kids sleeping out

Randi Olin and Lauren Apfel offer different points of view on letting their kids sleep out. You can read Lauren’s essay here

By Randi Olin… mais 953 palavras


For the love of potty training

By Anna Gracia

“Why?” I screamed. “Why would you do this? What is wrong with you?” Clutching my aching, pregnant belly, I grabbed the nearest towel and angrily began sopping up the pool of urine on the floor. mais 1.093 palavras


Shelf Status : August

Not a bad month really. 7 Books? Sure. Considering it was still summer, a season filled to the brim with activities. I’m 100% alright with that total. mais 452 palavras


Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

But just because you love something, I added to myself, doesn’t mean you’ll ever be great. Not if you don’t work. Most people stink at the things they love. mais 500 palavras


Cannot Commit

Initially I wanted to commit to writing everyday since the start of August. As you can see from my title, this is my second post of the month and of course, for the past two weeks, I have not written anything until today. mais 1.344 palavras

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