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Spare the Rod and Teach a Child to Fish

Just heard a radio review of The Battle Cry of the Tiger Mother, which I confess I haven't read. However, it made me think: what do we want for our kids? mais 243 palavras

Books That Caught My Mind

Day of Empire, by Amy Chua

2/5 stars

Recommended for: history nerds, people interested in empires, fans of tolerance


I have a feeling I would have liked this more if I hadn’t had to take notes on it. mais 18 palavras


BITTER HYMN OF THE TIGER MOTHER: Straight A Student Commits Suicide Over B-Grades, Mother Takes Her Own Life Months Later

Judging from the sales of the bestseller “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother“, many parents seem to have taken to the perfectionistic parenting philosophy of the author, Amy Chua, but not realising that there could be a flip (and detrimental) side to it. mais 724 palavras

Singapore Society

From Prairial to Pop Culture. Day Twenty. Bad Mothers

Our media seem to be full of hand-wringing and accusations of bad mothering. First there was Amy Chua (the Tiger Mother) scolding people about being tougher, and then came Pamela Druckerman who made everybody ashamed for not being more “Parisian,” or smoking and drinking as much as they might secretly desire. mais 75 palavras

French Revolution

Neo-Fascist Consideration of an INCONVENIENT TRUTH: The Slave Rebellion Narrative in National Socialism(with some thoughts on EYES WIDE SHUT and THE GODFATHER PART 2)

Roy Batty – Blade Runner

What distinguishes the political narrative(and self-justification) of National Socialism or Nazism apart from other narratives of political struggle defined in terms of the rights of either the master class/race or slave class/race? mais 41.625 palavras

Neo-Fascist Review of Amy Chua’s BATTLE HYMN OF THE TIGER MOTHER

Among books I read last year were the biography of PAULINE KAEL: LIFE IN THE DARK by Brian Kellow and BATTLE HYMN OF THE TIGER MOTHER by Amy Chua. mais 28.391 palavras