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The Triple Package- book review

It might be a sensitive topic, but academic and economic success varies among different ethnic and cultural groups in the US. What makes ethnic groups like South Asians, Jewish, or East Asians such high performers in the US? mais 609 palavras


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Exploring the Roots of Evil - again! (1/5): More stuff about rules

‘Why are you banging on about rules again when you said you were delving into spiritual poetry? After The Forty Rules of Love I was looking forward to what you had to say about Machado. mais 2.205 palavras

Book Reviews

Jews say the term ‘Globalist’ is dog-whistling about Jewish Power - We say the term ‘White Supremacism’ is dog-training by Jews to ensure White Submissivism

Recently, Jews attacked Donald Trump for using the term ‘globalist’. They contend it’s a codeword for Jews, especially because ‘white supremacists’ refer to Jews as such. mais 2.830 palavras

Article - 'How Billionaires Learned to Love Populism'

In a recent article published in Politico Magazine, ‘How Billionaires Learned to Love Populism’, Amy Chua describes the phenomenon of billionaire populism that we are witnessing in the United States and throughout various European countries. mais 224 palavras


Nhân đọc 'Khúc chiến ca của mẹ hổ' - Amy Chua

Mới mua cuốn này lúc 4 giờ chiều qua, đọc liền 1 mạch qua hơn 300 trang sách, tôi đã trải qua đủ cả xúc động, ngỡ ngàng, hoài nghi, phẫn nộ lẫn hụt hẫng khi theo mạch câu chuyện kể. mais 3.419 palavras

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