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Obama: An Intimate Portrait by Pete Souza, Barack Obama, No. 1 bestselling book of New York Times Best Sellers. More than 300 pictures of the former president by his White House photographer, with behind-the-scenes stories. mais 2.059 palavras

New York Times Best Sellers

Franken and LeAnn in the news

(Which, since the expose of this “material”, is the more repulsive, our Franken or our Tweeden?…..or maybe there’s  a curse on both their habits?)

FRANKEN’S APOLOGY… mais 305 palavras


Democrats Lie as a Habit! After all, They are Fascist Socialists Now

What is an Obama and/or Post Obama Democrat title these days of Leftism and it Black racist, Feminazi, Open Borders, and atheistic,   New York Times’ “University” America? mais 266 palavras


When James Carville Tried to Save Me

James Carville called in early March 1992.

“This is not your fault,” he said in that red-hot Cajun voice of his, ”I take full responsibility.” mais 490 palavras


Who is paying for Trumps Obama vendetta?

Donald Trump, for whatever reason has had a bone to pick with Barack Obama long before he threw his red baseball cap into the Presidential ring. mais 636 palavras

Donald Trump

Joe Biden talks about his relationship with Barack Obama and reveals his favorite meme

Who doesn’t love a good Joe Biden meme?

Former Vice President Joe Biden certainly does, and this week, he revealed which one is his favorite while promoting his new book, “ mais 490 palavras

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Fox News, Tell the Truth! Norm Coleman Beat Thief Franken in the 2008 MN Senate Contest!


by Ann Coulter

“It’s bad enough that the Republican Party can’t prevent Democrats from voting in its primaries and saddling us with The New York Times’ favorite Republican as our presidential nominee. mais 1.033 palavras

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