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[LISTEN] Facebook Fights 08-28-15: "#CleanYourCrack"

Yes, it’s real. FACEBOOK DRAMA. Haha! Everyday we read you one REAL Facebook Fight…and it’s HILARIOUS! If you see one on Facebook, screenshot-it and send it our way!  mais 12 palavras


Is this the man who should really be playing The Joker?

His name is Max E. Williams.

Not only does he look exactly like a young Willem Dafoe (mixed with Jack Nicholson) but his role in 2012’s Bullet in the Face has secured himself as a top contender for The Joker. mais 165 palavras


The divorce curse of 2015 in Hollywood

It doesn’t come as a surprise that celebrities get divorced, but the summer of 2015 has left me wondering if true love even exists. Several big time stars have called it quits this summer and for a handful of reason. mais 1.089 palavras

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Friendship Rekindled After Jennifer Garner Split?

Could the original Bennifer be making amends? In the middle of Ben Affleck’s heartbreaking divorce to Jennifer Garner, his ex-fiancée might be offering a shoulder to lean on! mais 395 palavras

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No Going Back! Ben Affleck ditches wedding ring for the first time since split(Photo)

Despite announcing their split in July,Ben Afleck and Jennifer Garner kept their wedding rings on.This fueled speculations they would be back together .However, for the first time, the actor ditched the wedding ring as he stepped out ion Tuesday. mais 27 palavras


Is WB Going to Give 'Man of Steel' the 'Black Widow' Treatment?

After Warner Brothers announced its official slate of DC movies through the year 2020 it also announced that they would release a standalone Batman film and a sequel to Man of Steel, but has that now changed? mais 801 palavras


Why You're Single in Hollywood

Why can’t a relationship last in Hollywood? Marlena explores the reasons!

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