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Underrated Masterpieces: Suicide Squad

While the most bleak of the DC Extended Universe, Suicide Squad (2016) is more than just a deadly title for a film.

While I am personally disappointed by Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman, Jared Leto’s portrayal of the Joker made me amazed, equally to Heath Ledger’s acclaimed interpretation. mais 143 palavras


New Justice League Trailer Is All Kinds of Epic

Justice League drops on November 17, and they premiered a new trailer for it. It’s basically a big cartoon, but Ezra Miller seems like he’ll be fun as Flash, my respect for Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is increasing, and I think we’re all in agreement about Jason Momoa as Aqua-Piece Of Ass. mais 25 palavras

Justice League DC Comic Con Panel and exclusive content 

It wasn’t just Marvel who brought an ace up their sleeves.

DC hosted the stars of the Justice League (minus Superman/Henry Cavill who is filming the new Mission Impossible movie) and premiered a new trailer for The Justice League. mais 21 palavras


Wait, Did Ben Affleck Really Deny The Batman Exit Rumors?

If you’re a movie studio with a major, interlocking superhero franchise, the last thing you want before heading into San Diego Comic-Con is a bombshell story that one of your stars is half out the door. mais 513 palavras


Happy Monday

And you thought “May the Fourth Be With You” was a big deal…

The annual gathering known as Comic Con occurred this past weekend and, once again, delivered to its fans (there in attendance and those watching online) an impressive pop-culture parade of entertaining celebrity interviews, immersive movie and television show experiences and premieres of new trailers for highly-anticipated films. mais 65 palavras

Justice League Sneak Peek Reaction/Review

Well another Justice League trailer landed online this past week and there is so much to talk about! mais 560 palavras