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The Accountant Arrives On Blu-Ray & DVD In March

Starring Ben Affleck and directed by Gavin O’Connor, The Accountant arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on 13 March and digital download on 27 February. mais 155 palavras

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Why Zack Snyder Is the Best Choice to Direct 'The Batman'

The Batman standalone movie seems to be having trouble finding a director. Warner Bros wants to fast-track the project, after a positive response from the audience on Ben Affleck’s performance as Batman. mais 910 palavras


Ep 3 - Should Mel Gibson direct a Suicide Squad sequel?

Opening (00:00 – 00:56), Trailers of the week (00:56 –  11:40), Fastest 30 seconds (11:40 – 12:50), Ben Affleck out as Batman (12:50 – 27:40), Rufio prequel? mais 44 palavras

"The Batman" se vuelve a quedar sin director

La continuidad del “Caballero Oscuro” en el Universo Cinematográfico DC vuelve a estar en el aire.

Los problemas para la película del “Caballero de Gotham” aparecen de manera sucesiva. mais 204 palavras


Ben Affleck leaving Batman Role ? What is he thinking ?!?!

This is crazy !!! How can Affleck be this selfish ?  Just last week, I covered the fact that he was leaving the director job of the Batman stand alone movie, however I understood the reason behind it. mais 304 palavras