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Ben Affleck Has Written His Own Batman Script

Originally posted on Capeless Crusader on April 2, 2016.

Even though the general reception for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been incredibly mixed, most people seem to agree that they at least like… mais 256 palavras


Supreme Scenes: Good Will Hunting

Everyone loves a good monologue and film history is stuffed with them. However, if you want a put down that destroys upper-class superiority, then look no further than Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s… mais 435 palavras

Supreme Scenes

WB's DC Cinematic Universe: Are Things About to Get Very Messy Behind the Scenes?

There has been a disturbance in the DC Cinematic Universe. Have you felt it?

Seth Grahame-Smith is no longer directing the Ezra Miller Flash movie, … mais 828 palavras

Film News

Mattel Batman v Superman Hot Wheels Superman & Metropolis PD (2016)

Here is a Mattel Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Hot Wheels Superman & Metropolis PD car.  This set was released in 2016 and features a mini Superman figure and a… mais 16 palavras


Conor McGregor Inspired Ben Affleck's Batman

Conor McGregor is very good at inspiring fifth generation Irish descendants to be really irritating in sports bars on fight nights.

Now, the notorious one can also say he inspired Batman. mais 23 palavras

Shameless Promotion

Ben Affleck & Geoff Johns To Have FULL CREATIVE CONTROL Over Batman Solo Project

This may be the most exciting news to emerge from the aftermath of Batman v Superman but one that makes us oh so giddy inside!  mais 301 palavras