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Broche-aguja 28€

Aguja mariposa de alambre de latón, hojas naturales y resina.
Butterfly Brooch , brass wire, skeleton leaves and resin.
Flor de agua accesorios

No# 156

Handmade: Broche
Stamp origin: Nicaragua /1988
Size: 3.5×4.6×1cm
Subject: Nature – Schells – Trocheus maculatus

Material: stamp, foam, broche pin, glitter print carbon side frames and back, needles, pvc see-through window frame, tape, rapid fix glue and fake pearl beads.



No# 147

Handmade: Broche
Stamp origin: The Netherlands
Size: 2.5×3.4×1cm (Length ribbon 15cm)
Subject: zeehelden – Piet Heijn (1577-1629)

Material: stamp, foam, broche pin, back of frame orange vilt, glitter print carbon side frames, needles, plastified see-through window frame, tape, rapid fix glue, black and one white fake pearl beads, red/orange and blue striped & orange ribbon.



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Stressen voor de eerste levering bij Saints & Bullies

Vandaag de eerste levering van unieke juweeltjes in keramiek en emaille onder de naam “Dwars” geleverd bij Saints & Bullies in Oostende. SPANNEND!!

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