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This week has greeted me with a fresh perspective on my abilities and a real sense of accomplishment.

Because, let’s face it – like many, I struggle daily. mais 1.032 palavras


Journey to the top of the world

Journey of the week, 1-15-16

(Betty’s note: this journey is long, so the first half will be posted now, and the conclusion will be posted next week) mais 460 palavras

Shamanic Healing


HE'S BACK! / iPhone 6s Plus / Snapseed

As we were having breakfast this morning, the low hanging sun dipped below our portal roof, peaked through our kitchen window, caressed our kitchen burro, and said shoot this! mais 122 palavras


Dos sujetos capturados en Falcón por intentar vender carne de Burro

El jefe de la Coordinación Policial de Pueblo Nuevo, Hermes Arias,fue informado por los vecinos vía telefónica, por lo que se trasladaron al lugar de los hechos, donde se encontraban empaquetando la carne. mais 185 palavras


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful burro...

Picture from:  Pinterest

Children love to read to animals and animals…love listen to them read.  That’s what love is all about…doing things together and having fun.