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Gran Pampel – provatelo a casa

Di Martina Manzone

In seguito ai tristi eventi capitati nella capitale sabauda nel corso dell’ultimo mese, l’idea migliore che mi è venuta in mente per un articolo è stata quella di trasmettere ai lettori un po’ di sana tradizione. mais 982 palavras

Cultura E Società

Bear with me here

Ever have the Innertubes go out on you? Irksome, innit?

You ring up your service provider, if you remember its contact info (the Innertubes are down, remember?). mais 549 palavras


Raw seafood and a glass of water please!

This week I felt a bit discouraged since I couldn’t figure out what new exciting thing to try. But then I realized I probably won’t be able to do some extravagant new thing every single week. mais 385 palavras


BLM’s Wild Horse & Burro Program in a Death Spiral

Open Letter by Author Terry Farley

“BLM’s wild horse and burro math is statistically bizarre…”

As a journalist, I first interviewed BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program staffers in 1976, shortly after I moved to Nevada. mais 375 palavras

Horse News

Mustang Madness

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had the pleasure of attending a BLM mustang adoption event. My friend graciously allowed me to share this special experience with her as she went through the process of adopting her very own mustang. mais 622 palavras