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Check the forecast. Bring the Burro. (Plus, a motor-assisted adventure)

Whoa! Hey there! We’re back!

So we haven’t been out with the Burro much on account of the general awesomeness that is Pemberton (see end of post), but we did camp in it once this summer. mais 798 palavras


El mejor amigo.

Te prefiero, Platero, para todos los días (¡te lo he dicho tanto!) a cualquier otro amigo hombre. La mujer es diferente, incomparable, ya tú lo comprendes. mais 168 palavras


Animals | DONKEY

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Description From Photographer if Any:

The animal grazing in the meadow quiet.

By JonPalmer



eWildlifer Newsletter - August 2015

The latest eWildlifer newsletter has just been released by The Wildlife Society, and it’s chock full of stories like these:

Horse and Burro Numbers Released in Tense Political Climate… mais 287 palavras



While out in the beautiful, and colorful downtown streets of L.A, I found a plethora of pinata shops.