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Tagliatelle fatte in casa con funghi

Rezept in Deutsch
Hausgemacht – Tagliatelle hausgemacht mit Champignons

Recipe in English
Homemade – Tagliatelle homemade with mushrooms


Guardate un pó che siamo giá di nuovo a Lunedí!! mais 781 palavras


Equine Charities Unite for Worldwide Welfare Action

Source: The Donkey Sanctuary

“With 180 OIE member states now acknowledging the importance of working horses, donkeys and mules, the time is right for coordinated action to implement the standards around the world. mais 612 palavras
Horse News

American Burro

I’m probably gonna have Lenny Kravitz’s cover of The Guess Who’s song American Woman stuck in my head all night after writing that title.

I certainly couldn’t keep this one from hanging around my door. mais 259 palavras



Reunions.Rainwater.Livid. Together, these three words form a unique identifier for my position on Earth as part of a new positioning system. What3Words developed a global addressing system, dividing the surface of the Earth into into 57 trillion, 3 by 3 meter squares, and assigning each square a unique three word ID. mais 396 palavras

The Epic Soundtrack

The soft focus flash
of a slow trombone.
A chamber of sweet delights,
opening and closing.
Shirt sleeve from old Burro –
remember the place in Floral Street. mais 54 palavras