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Can We Get a Smile for this Selfie?

Share a photo that makes you smile on your newsfeed or here on #WorldSmileDay.

This is one photo that makes me smile every time I see it! mais 24 palavras



Protect them, love them, respect them. It’s their planet, too. #photos



I’ve been a little lost or I want to get a little lost.  Maybe a combination of both.  That is not something that I will touch on here, because I don’t want this guy to get lost in my words.  mais 99 palavras


Furro the Burro

Say hi to Furro the #Burro! 😊 This cute donkey was selling melons on the #street. (In a university park, in a city with millions of people – a #random donkey. mais 14 palavras


Esperando a Sancho

Alguien dijo:

-Eres el burro y la ínsula en la que Sancho gobernará, juzgará y legislará.

Entonces me hice Yo. La inmortalidad se me esfumó: soy un potencial cadáver como ustedes y el propio Sancho: intento darle un sentido al ruido que se desató cuando la primera boca del mundo se abrió para pronunciarlo. mais 103 palavras