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The COVID19 Issue, Deux: Information and Stay at Home Activities

I’ve been going for long walks, now more than usual, and each day looking for a different path. This is what I came across this week. mais 771 palavras


Lost in Lisbon: The #COVID19 Edition: Information and Entertainment

A friend and I met at the beach in Cascais this morning and, while keeping our distance, walked along the shore, talked and shared our thoughts. mais 436 palavras


Love in the time of the Coronavirus...and more

The title of this post has been on my mind for a while and I’m even thinking about writing a short novel based just on the title “Love in the time of COVID19”. mais 1.356 palavras




Voei para Lisboa, e também fui a Sintra e Cabo de Roca, Cascais, Parede, Nazaré, Porto e Braga. Lisboa era bué de fixe mas também gosto mesmo do Porto. mais 425 palavras


Odds and Ends: Sintra, Cascais and Lisbon

We are living in strange times with people becoming ill around the world from a virus that we are just learning about and fear taking hold of many whether it is warranted or not. mais 1.121 palavras


Day trips from Lisbon: Cascais and Sintra

If you’re looking for a day trip from your vacation base in Lisbon, I’d like to tell you about two easy options that are only approximately 30 minutes away from the city: Cascais and Sintra. mais 1.628 palavras


Lisbon Study Visit

A group of students and two tutors (Michele Whiting and Diana Ali) met in Lisbon for three days of study, gallery visits, cultural immersion and exchange of ideas. mais 2.166 palavras