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Playing Wendy: Laurie Penny amongst the 'Lost Boys'

I am an angry, disaffected, far leftist. I find, constantly, that my ire is not directed where it should be – to the Trumps and Brexiters of this world – but towards my own side. mais 10.563 palavras


India Bans Female Empowerment Movie ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’

India’s film censor has denied a theatrical release to Alankrita Shrivastava’s woman empowerment drama “Lipstick Under My Burkha.”

In 2016 the film won the Spirit of Asia award at the Tokyo International Film Festival and the Oxfam award for best film on gender equality at the Mumbai Film Festival. mais 352 palavras



We have developed a horrible frame of thought in our society where we must surround ourselves solely with that which we agree upon.

In a world with more access to information than ever before available in human history, it is ironic that we make the deliberate decision to shut ourselves within a familiar and comfortable state of mind. mais 451 palavras


A New Ice Age: Year of the "Snowflake"

The internet’s most frequented social media and user created content sites—Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit—play a major role in news media, journalism, and broadcasting information to the masses. mais 324 palavras

First Amendment

Hate Speech = Free Speech?

I have about 80,000 things to say about the First Amendment & Free Speech right now. My fingers cannot keep up with the flow of words in my head. mais 499 palavras

Writer's Life

Breaking: Large Scale Censorship Underway - Infowars and Natural News Under Attack

Jon Rappoport
February 22, 2017

Alex Jones’ infowars and Mike Adams’ are both under attack.

Infowars has been dropped by its ad platform, which spreads ads for infowars products to many, many media outlets. mais 278 palavras