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BBC Caves In To False, Intolerant Cult of Islam!

Yesterday, Friday, February 5th, Breitbart News published an article detailing recent revisions in the BBC Style Guide, the manual that all BBC journalists are expected to comply with in the production of news stories. mais 649 palavras

Debates, Free Speech and Compassion

Debates, Free Speech and Compassion

This is probably going to be the first part in a series on this topic as it’s something which has been bouncing around my brain (and indeed discussed at length in the media) of late and I have a lot of conflicted feelings about it. mais 436 palavras


University of Southampton tries to obstruct talk.

This message is from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Southampton Branch.

Dear All,

I am sorry to have to inform you that the University of Southampton is engaged in what can only be construed as a dishonest and deeply cynical attempt to silence pro-Palestinian voices on campus. mais 297 palavras

Anti Fascist

Independent publishes 'censored' edition

The St Helena Independent has been published with a section removed and replaced with the word ‘censored’.

It followed an extraordinary legal manoeuvre by St Helena Government to block publication of a sensitive story. mais 156 palavras

St Helena

Anime - Sakura Diaries

It’s sometime in the late ’90s. I’m standing in the anime section at the soon-to-defunct Sam Goody. I am an awkward teenager whose libido rages at a more critical level than most, and right now I am transfixed by a VHS tape I’ve found on the shelf. mais 982 palavras


Hear Me

Why am I so severely censored? What harm could the words of a boy bring? I can’t sing quiet enough for your sensitive ears. What it appears to be is that you resent me; I challenge your ways with every part of me. mais 88 palavras