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The Photo Chicago Cops Didn't Want You To See

Two white cops posing with rifles as they stand over a black man lying on his belly with deer antlers on his head. For years, the image was kept under wraps. mais 592 palavras


Students seek trigger warnings for disturbing class content

When Sage Beatson sat down in her Canadian literature class at Dalhousie University last year, she found herself encountering vivid descriptions of a violent rape. Without warning. mais 1.229 palavras


Is Monsanto evil?

Yes. Are genetically modified foods dangerous? Possibly. Could science find out if they are? Yes.

Monsanto’s practices run contrary to science, which is ironic when the corporation depends on science for its profits. mais 502 palavras


Should Authors Shun or Cooperate With Chinese Censors?

“A report by the PEN American Center, which found some books were expurgated by Chinese censors without the authors even knowing it, called on those who want their works published in the lucrative Chinese market to be vigilant, and recommended a set of principles in dealing with publishers. mais 38 palavras


masterbation,a lonely marathon or a regular oil change

I cannot remember the last time i spoke to the man on the street about Masturbation.

Its a strange topic, a slippery slope to introduce at the best of times and one with possible lethal consequences if introduced in the wrong place, making you a social pariah quicker than you can blink. mais 414 palavras

Weapons of control: Our freedom and security in East and West

Boarding a Chinese train requires 4 levels of security clearance. First your ticket and ID are cross-checked at an airport style check-in desk. Next you must queue to put your bag through an X-ray scanner before stepping on to a soapbox for a full body pat-down. mais 645 palavras



the good ship
censorship ran aground

everyone drowned

a sound

the offending rocks

now out
of bounds
(so much safer
this crimped map)