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How to Spot – and Defeat – Disruption On The Internet

This is an old, but sage piece given how much these issues are seen daily.  Some know about this, but most don’t.

Its imperative for people to realize when information is being manipulated, steered, censored, erased, et al. mais 1.324 palavras


Thirteen Techniques for Truth Suppression

The following is presented at length, and was found thanks a post shared at

The information is as pertinent now as ever, and its imperative for inquiring/incisive individuals to know this, as the issues discussed below are quite pervasive. mais 413 palavras


Turn and Face the Strange

Ch ch changessss!

This blog is likely to change in theme and what not, with a possible name change. The content will stay the same, it will be just a bit more bloggy. mais 205 palavras


Changing The World One Person At A Time – In Memory of Mohammad Nazim Uddin

WARNING: This post contains a verbatim exchange between the author and an anonymous fan. The language has been left intact to preserve the integrity of the person’s message; however, it does not represent the message of the author, SWiSS, or any organization related to the author. mais 1.356 palavras


Needing, Finding Security in Obama's US of A

Arlene Taber sent the following formula to protect yourselves from  those Obama Americans demanding your rights and property to cover their drug habits  and black racist marches about their Matter. mais 176 palavras

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