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University​ of Regina to host "Masculinity​" confession booth

According to the Daily Caller, The University of Regina will be hosting a “Masculinity” confession booth. This is supposedly to help combat “hypermasculinty”. This is being put on by the “Man UP Against Violence” initiative. mais 339 palavras


Self-Appointed Internet Police - C U Next Tuesday

In this week’s podcast, I send lots of thanks for comments, give details about Amazon’s Fangtastic Uninvited Giveaway 2 and specifically talk about censorship in the form of Self-Appointed Internet Police. mais 14 palavras

For the Left, censorship is freedom

At some point, demands for Islamist hate preachers to be banned from public platforms like City Hall or university debates turned into something else.

Inciting people to commit crimes against others is rightly… mais 566 palavras


'Sexist' Tube advert isn't sexist, by feminist logic

Another day, another advertisement is condemned as ‘sexist’ by feminists:

Estate agent accused of sexism over 'modern extension' Tube advert

— Evening Standard (@standardnews) …

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When Two Tribes Go To War... Calum Waddell's CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST Tome Reviewed

Cannibal Holocaust by Calum Waddell: Auteur. ISBN paperback: 978-1-911325-11-6 ISBN ebook: 978-1-911325-12-3

When I interviewed Ruggero Deodato in the ’90s I mentioned the obvious (to me) affinities between his 1980 films Cannibal Holocaust and House On The Edge Of The Park, only for him to pointedly dismiss any such parallels. mais 1.027 palavras

Italian Horror

50 shades of fake: Can fighting fake news lead to censorship?

Source: RT
March 27, 2017

ake news: everybody agrees that it’s no good, yet it has become such a well-known term it will probably soon make it into the dictionary. mais 39 palavras