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Ned Nikolov: In Science, New Messages Mean More than the Messengers' Names

An Interview Given by Dr. Ned Nikolov (a.k.a. Den Volokin) to Ben Guarino,
a Staff Writer at The Washington Post
Sep. 17, 2016

Research Paper Withdrawal… mais 2.938 palavras

Solar System Dynamics

Vidme on YouTube Heros

A challenger emerges in the video sharing market.

we already have a channel there, curiously no ID is needed to sign up, just select  a unique username and a password and your done. mais 6 palavras


Blocked site: The Digital Education Revolution

In 2008, the Australian Department of Education and Training (DET) had a brainwave. Under the Rudd leadership, the next five years would see $1.2 billion committed schools to enable students to “better access the benefits of technology,” (Australian Institute for Teaching and Leadership 2008). mais 948 palavras


Conservative Social Media Alternatives

With social media giants such as You Tube, Facebook, and Twitter becoming increasingly censorious, antagonistic, and dictatorial towards conservatives I have begun looking for alternatives to the status quo. mais 574 palavras


Top CyberSecurity News For 24th September 2016

  1. Why the silencing of KrebsOnSecurity opens a troubling chapter for the ‘Net. From Ars Technica. 

    For the better part of a day, KrebsOnSecurity, arguably the world’s most intrepid source of security news, has been silenced, presumably by a handful of individuals who didn’t like a recent series of exposés reporter Brian Krebs wrote.

  2. mais 99 palavras

YouTube's Volunteer Auxiliary Thought Police

Mountain View, California

The Googitburo is recruiting.

Go to its official YT video page and downvote that mofo.  More than 560,000 have, including myself, as I write this. mais 31 palavras

Computers & Tech

Twitter Suspends Women’s Rights Group

After Criticizing Saudi Arabia

Twitter is accused of suspending accounts that engaged in the #StopEnslavingSaudiWomen hashtag, including a self-proclaimed non-profit Saudi female empowerment organization, S.A.F.E Movement. mais 414 palavras

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