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Auletris Irrepressible

Yesterday marked the release of Auletris, the latest edition in a tripartite of Anaïs Nin’s erotic literature. The book is already subject to censorship efforts by Amazon, who have disappointingly decided to prevent it from showing up in search results because of its “adult content” and obscene cover. mais 1.181 palavras

Where there's a buck there's a way...Facebook sees a good future as people's news provider and so has announced that it will let up on its strict censorship policies when posts are considered newsworthy

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Facebook’s VPs Joel Kaplan and Justin Osofsky wrote in a blog:

In recent weeks, we have gotten continued feedback from our community and partners about our Community Standards and the kinds of images and stories permitted on Facebook.

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(the following, written in November 2015, is a direct prequel to Freedom – I just remembered about it today)

I remember that on the day Fatema was born, what hair she had was curled so sweetly that it was as if angels had been twirling it around their fingers. mais 89 palavras


Today I woke up and saw that the internet had gone done across much of the Western world… or at least that’s how it was presented. mais 895 palavras


Hillary's Drive to Open Borders.....Perpetual Fascist Governance

When did  American citizens ever vote for Leftist Madame Hillary’s  OPEN BORDERS project?

When they elected foreign Barack Hussein Obama president in 2008 without knowing it.   mais 440 palavras

American Culture

Land of the Free

“Some of the soldiers found themselves in situations where they had to kill a child.”

What situation was that? Was the child running at them with a machine gun, firing wildly? mais 221 palavras

Dabbling in doubt: a plea to my church

Weeks ago, it was announced that the next small group study would cover a series of “pressure points” – that is, a series discussing difficult questions and circumstances that cause many Christians to stumble and question their faith, following the Sunday sermon on the same topics. mais 1.060 palavras