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Gay Thought Control Politics infects the New York Mets

After Speaking Honestly About His Religious Views, Baseball Player Instructed to Only Talk Sports

by Katrina Trinko at the Daily Signal:

Baseball player Daniel Murphy thinks it’s wrong to practice a gay “lifestyle.” mais 69 palavras

American Culture

The confessions of a Swedish journalist

Ann-Charlotte Marteus, a journalist for the tabloid newspaper Expressen, has in a recent article confessed that she helped build the so-called “opinion corridor” mais 1.419 palavras


Swedish parliament removes Baroque artist's bare breasted painting for offending feminists and Muslims


A nude painting named Juno, which was painted by baroque artist G E Schröder and has hung in the dining room of the Swedish Parliament for 30 years has been taken down for fear of offending the sensitivities of feminists and Muslim visitors, Swedish newspaper, The Local reported on Thursday. mais 228 palavras


Facebook Trolls Target Usernames To Disable Honorable Accounts

The trolls of Facebook are out of control when it comes to accounts with fictitious user names.

Despite the furor of conservatives that erupted last year over drag queens getting special treatment by Facebook when it comes to usernames, nothing has changed. mais 1.185 palavras


Jueces franceses se declaran competentes para juzgar a Facebook

La red social eliminó una cuenta por difundir un famoso cuadro de 1866 que muestra el sexo de una mujer. Carlos Yarnoz. El Pais. Marzo 6, 2015… mais 310 palavras


To block or to shock? Is Instagram's no nudity policy too extreme?

Photographer Mert Alas turned heads when he posted a nude picture of Kate Moss on his Instagram account on Tuesday. The black and white shot of Ms Moss, taken in 2012, has never been published before and showcases the model’s natural  beauty as she looks, quite frankly, flawless. mais 408 palavras