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Remembering Metal Gear Solid 2, The World's First Post-Modern Video Game

We are very close to getting our hands on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, the next game in the Metal Gear saga. It will also be the last. mais 1.751 palavras


“Family Guy’s Cutaway from Tragedy”

I know you thought they went too far on that last one, but it can’t be as bad as that time Family Guy, went back to the past to yet again make an offensive 9/11 joke. mais 1.950 palavras

Family Guy

Trouble in Turkey

Earlier this week, nearly all of the more than 77 million websites hosted by were inaccessible to the people of Turkey, due to broad and arbitrary censorship by the Turkish government.  mais 486 palavras

Barbados Police Officer shot four times under mysterious circumstances - Island news media silent

Not one word in the Barbados newspapers

According to the talk in Bridgetown, four days ago Constable Jonathan Barrow was shot four times in the legs. mais 122 palavras


Facebook Censors Victim of Racial Rant After She Posts Video

By Wendy Widom

CHICAGO (CBS) —A Chicagoland mom on the receiving end of a racist rant at a beach is now being penalized by tech giant Facebook. mais 421 palavras