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The film ‘Unfreedom’ — which features a lesbian couple — has been banned in India.

Gay (Rights)

Honduran Congress begins discussing censorship

There’s a rather unusual law currently being discussed in the Honduran congress right now.

A member of the PAC (Anti-Corruption Party) is pushing a censorship law which would seek to prohibit pretty much any media which would glorify the culture of narco-trafficking and gang violence. mais 243 palavras

Honduran Politics

hatie speech

I really have not known how to react to this story, so over the past twenty-four hours I haven’t – at least in public.

The frankly odious… mais 502 palavras

Blinking Time

Reliable and Scalable Anonymity

If you’re in New Haven next week, you could do worse than checking out this talk at Yale’s CS Colloquium by my stellar PhD student Mahdi Zamani.

Anathemas to the Nation

With Sancia being a pleasure-saturated culture, it is not true that it is entirely a world of leisure within Sancian borders. There are things that will leave a bad taste in Sancians’ mouths, and this is the list that identifies those things… mais 590 palavras


Apple would rather you not blow up teen couples on your iPhone, asks developer to edit video game

In a lot of ways, digital distribution of video games is a great thing, as it allows developers to easily add new content to a title after its release. mais 660 palavras


ukie history 101

Ukrainians have a pretty awful history, they were the most ardent and feverish adopters of Naziism when it rolled through, wiping out any minority that wasn’t pure ukrainian even the Nazis told them to knock it off.  mais 53 palavras