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Guard Our 1st Amendment From Trumps

Although I am merely a blogger, a small-time blogger at that, I try to speak the truth.  I research information, tediously at times, which is why I write 8-10 hours a day and produce little.  mais 1.062 palavras

Social Commentary

Rain, Radission, and Censorship

As I’ve said before, I am primarily an outdoor photographer when I’m not shooting for an event or venue, and one of the trials I face with planning shoots is always the wonderfully, relatively unpredictable, weather of Michigan. mais 280 palavras


Dirty Words At Work

A friend was talking about some Spider-Man video game he’d played as a kid. There was a screen where you could enter cheat codes. If you entered something that wasn’t a cheat code, mostly, the game just ignored it. mais 285 palavras


I Spit On Your Grave (2010)

Dir: Steven R. Monroe, 2010


This review is of the uncut version

With Hollywood running out of ideas and remaking every horror franchise going, it was only a matter of time before they turned their attention to a real gut puncher. mais 812 palavras

‘Internet Warrior Shutting Down Free Speech’

“He wishes more people would dox hateful commenters. I asked how he would feel if he got doxxed—if other internet vigilantes can be trusted not to abuse their reach. mais 745 palavras

Political Correctness

Censorship: Time has it wrong on Internet 'trolls'

On August 18, Time published an indirect appeal for Internet censorship by wringing its hands over online trolls.

Before going into what they got wrong, here’s what they did correctly. mais 1.208 palavras


Peter Galison | Cultures of Collection and the State of Secrecy

In this lecture, Peter Galison will contrast two moments in the long history of surveillance―two moments that have and are reshaping the self. The first, set in 1915, is about the Freudian self and its emergence in the midst of the massive press and postal censorship of World War I. mais 308 palavras

Fall 2015