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The Bottom Line

It’s that anyone can choose to read my blog posts. But also that anyone can choose not to. Upon reading my blog, one can argue agreement or disagreement with what I’ve written. mais 99 palavras


Week of April 20th, 1918

One hundred years ago this week, Grace Kingsley reported on the Western expansion of another group dedicated to doing their part for the war effort, Stage Women’s War Relief. mais 911 palavras

Operation Corner The Deep State, Event Possible - Episode 1549b ~ April 19, 2018

I AM sooo glad to hear this report from X22! The Deep State is in deep doo-doo and they are now in-fighting among themselves. Can’t they understand that the end is HERE! mais 259 palavras

Germany's New Censorship Laws

As of January of 2018, the Ministry of Justice in Germany enforced the Network Enforcement Act to monitor content considered hate speech. This new law, called “NetzDG”, makes social media networks responsible for their users’ content and must remove any content deemed illegal within 24 hours. mais 421 palavras

Social Media

Pushing Propaganda

We’ve read about it in modern literature, such as 1984 and Animal Farm. Warnings about being controlled or influenced in subtle but perceptible ways. We’ve always been told to pay attention to censorship and the grasp that state and federal entities might try to have on information, but many of us have never thought that… mais 808 palavras

Opinion Pieces

The Media Industry Landscape in Germany.

This blog post will look at the different aspects of Germany’s media landscape and provide an overview of public service media, private media and community media. mais 1.375 palavras


Frothy Mugs of Water

This is a thing that American companies do with properties brought in from overseas where censors are a little more lax with drugs and alcohol. They take something American kids are Not Allowed To Know About and do a bad job of turning it into something wholesome. mais 34 palavras