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Do *you* read banned books? (Probably, yes.)

Have you finished your banned book yet?

If you started reading during Banned Books Week (Sept. 27 through Oct. 3), maybe not. Some of those titles run long. mais 516 palavras

VIDEO: Matt Drudge with Alex Jones "The media is trying to put us to sleep"

In this exclusive interview with Alex Jones on Info Wars, Matt Drudge warns Americans, and the world, about the end of the internet.

Early on in the video, Drudge begs the question ‘what’s the difference between a, a salon, a buzzfeed, or a huff? mais 123 palavras

"be fucking brave": a censored teacher talks back

Quotes bumpersticker my office door as if it were a Volkswagen Beetle headed toward an outdoor Tracy Chapman concert: “You can make your mouth say anything.”  “Excuses are the tools of the incompetent.” “Great minds have always been met with violent opposition from mediocre minds.”  Although John Lennon’s “Niggers are the women of the world” is also plastered on my office door, an… mais 999 palavras

Classroom Musings: The Courage To Teach

His Name Is Christopher Harper-Mercer

It has been five full days since Christopher Harper-Mercer successfully carried out the Umpqua Community College mass murder, and yet this news story remains at the very top of My personal focus. mais 2.015 palavras

Social Commentary

NO CRITICAL THINKING ALLOWED: Oregon sheriff in hot water for Sandy Hook post

Michael Walsh
Yahoo News

A gun control group is calling for the resignation of the southern Oregon sheriff who has led the response to last week’s mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg. mais 99 palavras


Las 10 noticias más censuradas en los Estados Unidos

El 1% más rico posee la mitad de la riqueza mundial, el fracking envenena las aguas subterráneas, aumentan los países que siguen el ejemplo de Bolivia por el derecho humano al agua, la policía de EEUU mata más que ninguna otra del planeta, los pobres reciben menos cobertura de medios que sus dueños multimillonarios… mais 1.719 palavras


Israel on Way to Becoming Only 'Democracy' Without Free Press

A heavy-handed majority in the Knesset seeks to further tighten the censorship noose by means of an amendment to the law that would make it possible to sue a newspaper for libel, without having to prove damages. mais 234 palavras