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We Are Surfaces

The following passage from Gaston Bachelard’s THE POETICS OF SPACE is extremely suggestive:

The phenomenology of the poetic imagination allows us to explore the being of man considered as the being of a…

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Learning By Writing

Channing Tatum Lip Sync Battle

Now all my friends know I’m late to everything, I’m that guy who finds out something happened lets say months after the fact. So this brings me to the Channing Tatum lip sync battle I just stumbled across on YouTube. mais 34 palavras

Riff Raff

Guest Post: Sausage Party: A Wiener of a Movie

I’m delighted to resume my She’s All That series with this from my very own sister-in-law. Not only is she the sister I always wanted, Madeleine is one of the most interesting, go-getting people I know, currently making her own film as part of her Masters (and it’s not her first, either) and co-founder of production company, …

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A Voluptuous Mind

Mini Reviews #2: Sing Street, Hail, Caesar!, Stranger Things and The Walking Dead

Sing Street (2016)

After watching Begin Again (2013), I decided to be undecided about John Carney. I adored Once (2007), but Begin Again… mais 831 palavras


Channing Tatum în rol de sirenă, în curând

Channing Tatum în rol de sirenă, în curând Channing Tatum va juca într-un remake al filmului Splash din 1984. Un remake după filmul “Splash” este în pregătire în prezent. mais 21 palavras

Cultura Si Media

"It's your job to make sure kids don't drown!"

You may be wondering where I have been these last 3 months and the answer is the greatest place on earth! No, not Disney world like Channing Tatum’s Jenko would guess at the end of  mais 433 palavras


Chucks&Cameras: Jonn Nubian

A few days into NY Fashion Week and I found myself documenting fashion shows sponsored by Monster Products (Check some of photos on their Facebook… mais 225 palavras