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Why "Jupiter Ascending" made us feel bad about being women.

Some people spent their Valentine’s Day on romantic dates with their significant others, presumably eating spaghetti Lady and The Tramp style, some spent it on blind dates, trying desperately not to be alone and some spent their nights eating chocolate alone…. mais 394 palavras

Jupiter Ascending Review!

Wow, I had to be honest, when I saw the ads for this film and hearing that the Wachowski’s were back to making big grandiose film making with the possibility of a new trilogy. mais 401 palavras

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Jupiter ascending (Andy and Lana Wachowski,2014)

I saw this movie in the cinema not so long ago at it was absolutely brilliant! It shows the life of a normal girl who’s family comes from Russia but moved to America for a better life. mais 144 palavras

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Jupiter Ascending......spoilers included

I wrote this a day after seeing the film. There are spoilers, but i feel the movie spoiled itself so if you dont want to see the movie, keep reading. mais 932 palavras


Fantasy Acting League - Round Two

And we’re back for a new segment on my blog that has so far caused me a lot of abuse in the comment section. I don’t see that changing any time soon. mais 848 palavras


Jupiter Ascending is Fun, Bizarre and Imperfect. Go See It!

For some reason, the majority of film critics seemed to have decided that Jupiter Ascending was going to be at best an overly effects-reliant, incoherent, space opera action flick and at worst, what amounts to a blatant and pandering attempt by the Wachowskis to throw every last sci-fi trapping they could imagine, a whole binder of liberal philosophy cliff notes, attractive actors and an archetypal narrative into a blender and come up with a movie to try and prove something to every one. mais 927 palavras


Ticket Stub- Birdman

Ticket Stub: Jupiter Ascending

Stars: 3

Story: A royal intrigue, minor skirmishes in space, a girl falling for her savior

Talent to watch out for: Eddie Redmayne (the husky whispers along with the occasional staccato outbursts) mais 53 palavras

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