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The Recession, by Soderbergh

When I was thirteen years old, the world economy collapsed.

I feel like that’s worth stating baldly because it seems at times like people have forgotten, or at least misremembered. mais 4.937 palavras


Logan Lucky (2017)

On a surface level, Logan Lucky is diverting for the basic fact that it proves to be the utter antithesis of Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean films as far as heist pictures go. mais 736 palavras


She's the Man (2006)

Plot: Viola (Amanda Bynes) loves soccer and she is the star of her school’s team, or at least she was. The girls soccer program winds up a victim of budget cuts and when she tries to join the boys squad, they refuse to even consider her. mais 386 palavras

|I'm So Excited!|

Happy Mondayyyyy :)

I’ve quite a few things that I’m very much looking forward to  later this year and even next year!, yes that’s right I’m already planning things for 2019!. mais 431 palavras


One Sequence from HAYWIRE: A Microcosm of Soderbergh's Relationship to Rules of Filmmaking.

Haywire is a beautiful action film. The fight choreography is balletic, the spikes in violence when a gun is introduced are treated properly, and the cast, bridging young and old genre favorites like the hardened Michael Douglas and the lovely Channing Tatum, is stunning. mais 655 palavras

Usain Bolt and Channing Tatum bonding over Magic Mike moves is the new bromance this world needs

Usain Bolt and Channing Tatum may prove to be the new bromance we didn’t know we needed.

The duo definitely have a bonding session on tonight’s episode, as they compare and learn each other’s iconic dance moves. mais 348 palavras


Reeling: The Art of Spectacle

This week: Magic Mike XXL, Moulin Rouge, and The Greatest Showman all revel in the theatrics of cinema, both new and old.

Magic Mike XXL  mais 401 palavras

Reeling: A Column About Film