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Kingsman: The Golden Circle - Film Review

Though Matthew Vaughn has many talents, you suspect being a great poker player isn’t one of them. In an era when the makers of the biggest blockbusters are going to… mais 845 palavras


‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Review

The following contains minor spoilers for Kingsman: The Golden Circle. 

2014 brought Kingsman: The Secret Service to cinemas and instantly became a breakout hit financially, with fans, and for director Matthew Vaughn. mais 315 palavras


Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017)
★★ / ★★★★

Although not short on energy and defiance of physics, director Matthew Vaughn’s sequel to the surprisingly enjoyable “Kingsman: The Secret Service” is mildly entertaining in parts but a deflating experience as a whole. mais 455 palavras

Well, I'm Certainly Not Going Through Life With One Hand Tied Behind My Back. -- James Dean

Diagnosis of Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Can I have a show of hands for those of you, beautiful readers, who enjoyed the original Kingsman: The Secret Service? Awesome, I see a lot of you enjoyed it. mais 1.172 palavras


Day 23 & 24

Hey guys!

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I spent the day with family I haven’t seen in years and by the time I got home I was so tired I went to bed haha. mais 286 palavras


Kingsman: the Golden Circle


Marmite movies – you wait for ages and then two come along at once.

No sooner has the Twitterverse stopped ranting about Darren Aronfsky’s… mais 562 palavras


Movie Review: KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE - this time around, it's like watching the Austin Powers sequel nobody wanted.

Back in 2015, when I watched  the original Kingsman: The Secret Service, I found a number of things to like, despite finding the story too faintly ludicrious, and, frankly, poorly written.   mais 1.381 palavras

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