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Knowing what’s in your daily skin product is essential when you want FLAWLESS and beautiful skin. The more you know about the containments, you will quickly find out if you are using the right (or WRONG) beautifying ingredients! mais 178 palavras



What It Is: You can disagree with me if you want, but I’m telling you right now – there’s no foundation like high end foundation. What I mean by that is, you very much get what you pay for when you invest in an upscale product, like Clarins’ new Everlasting Foundation SPF 15. mais 241 palavras

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Empty Product Reviews: Part 1 - Makeup

Even though my blog took a brief hiatus, my product usage never stopped! And I accumulated quite a bit of makeup and beauty trash. This post walks you through the first half of that stuff – the more makeup-y bits – and lays out exactly how I feel about each product after finishing it up! mais 699 palavras


Clarins Everlasting Foundation

I have been asked by a few friends to write a post on foundation. One little item that I feel is the worst to buy because it is like trying to find a good pair of jeans – impossible! mais 484 palavras


Clarins facial oils- The best of the best

Hello lovely people. Hope everyone is having a good week and that you are all still smiling……..weekend is close people! I have had a somewhat stressful week and unfortunately its showing all over my face…………typical. mais 476 palavras