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Cover: Lemmings - Just Dig

Just Dig you say? Yeah, well, dig this…

Following the orchestral version of Wings of Fury I did not really want to step out of my comfort zone. mais 466 palavras


Life Giveth 生活赐予

David Chu
Partner of ShineWing Australia

The life of an accountant certainly seems far more enigmatic post-Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Christian Wolff in the movie ‘The Accountant’. mais 915 palavras


Jackson is chic for the cover of 'Kwave M'

GOT7’s Jackson became the cover model for the March issue of ‘Kwave M’!

Even though Jackson’s busy with his packed-full schedule, he was all smiles throughout the photoshoot and kept the mood bright and happy. mais 122 palavras

Quick Pic: Iphone 6s and Sushi


The best of both worlds. Technology and Food!

A Manhole Cover Is Possibly The Fastest Man-Made Object Ever

Question (That you probably have): Why is it possibly the fastest man-made object? Answer: 3 Words. Nuclear. Testing. Bunker. Long story short, an extremely powerful nuclear blast from an underground bunker, caused the 4-inch thick steel manhole cover to be blown so fast off the bunker, that it was caught merely on a single frame of a high-speed camera. mais 36 palavras


SONG OF THE DAY Hannah Williams & The Affirmations - Dazed & Confused

I was fooled when I first heard this song, I thought it had been recorded a few decades ago, turns out it was only a few months ago! mais 318 palavras


Memory – Cats Musical. Cover на песню Memory из мюзикла “Кошки” - YouTube

В декабре 2016 Music Story School организовала концерт учеников с песнями из мюзиклов и кинофильмов,