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One step to go

Episodes 21, 22 and 23 are online now in Downloads section.

Only one more release to the end of “From the new World”.

Here’s the cover: mais 11 palavras


It's paperback day!

Today’s the day! My Basmati Bat Mitzvah is now available in paperback in the U.S. and Canada (UK friends can get theirs on 4 May). As promised, the paperback includes Jewish/Indian recipes as a bonus feature. mais 9 palavras

Abril Cover: K-5!

Já que é ver para crer, este é o K-5! O grupo pernambucano tem historia na cena cover brasileira, confira nessa conversa que tivemos com eles um pouco mais sobre os integrantes… mais 808 palavras

Abril Cover

You Can Paint if You Want to, but Wallpaper is Easier to Clean

I am truly blessed because even as we speak I am smack dab in the middle of publishing my second novel, Eden’s Wake.

I received the first half from my publisher’s editor and after having a chance to scrutinize the text myself, I sent it back with my comments. mais 405 palavras

Lynn Steigleder

Hunter Hayes Covers Sam Smith

First of all, can we all take not of Hunter Hayes’ BEARD in this video… okay, thank you, now let’s move on to how unbelievably talented he is! mais 25 palavras


Vintage Tissue Box Cover

Great vintage find by saltsmansoap (4.99 USD)