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Article: The Country Partnership Framework (CPF) Lebanon

WASHINGTON, July 14, 2016 — The World Bank Group (WBG) has rolled out a new six-year program for its engagement in Lebanon, underlining the need to support the country as it grapples with a myriad of political and socio-economic hardships largely linked to regional turmoil. mais 553 palavras

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Why I Won't Choose Cash Over CPF to Pay My Mortgage?

Why I don’t want to use my cash bonus to redeem my mortgage? It is simply to have more liquid cash on hand to spend on yourself and on investment. mais 587 palavras

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Buying our first home



​Here’s how we decided on what home to buy.​

As some of you guys may know, I finally moved in to my home this year. mais 1.014 palavras

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"Using home to fund retirement is a delusion"

Downsizing your home to give yourself an income in retirement is unrealistic, according to the former UK pensions minister, Steve Webb.

Now u know why the HDB’s lease-back scheme is such a lousy deal. mais 14 palavras


How much do I contribute to my CPF each month?



CPF contribution rates are the percentage of your wages that your employer and you have to contribute towards your CPF savings. Your CPF contributions are distributed to your three CPF accounts, namely the Ordinary Account (OA), Special Account (SA) and Medisave Account (MA), according to the CPF allocation rates. mais 111 palavras

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CPF Life and retirement planning

You can get as low as $660 to as much as $1,920 per month for life from your CPF Life payout.

(Source: CPF)

How can you increase the payouts and most important is how much do you need? mais 116 palavras

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Here's What Different Groups of Singaporeans Should Take Note Of To Maximize Their CPF Savings


We’ve probably said this a thousand times before and would say it again. When it comes to the CPF, you can either keep complaining about it (sometimes without even knowing why you are really complaining), or you can take active steps to manage your money and to make sure that you fully utilise what is available to you. mais 821 palavras

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