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No idea what to do? Talk about the long-term instead

On the first day of CNY Lee Hsien Loong was up early and distributing mandarins and red packets to the Changi Airport workers unfortunate enough to be working on a public holiday. mais 887 palavras


20160208 CPF = Con People Fund?

Is CPF = Con People Fund? The answer should be obvious to those who prefer not to give the PAP a blank cheque.

Many have mistaken CPF interest rates to be high in the past which is of course not true. mais 186 palavras


Stroll on the Bluff with SAP

Postponed due to crime prevention campaign. Date to be advised.

Stroll on the Bluff

Hogsback SAP and Community social event

The Edge on Thursday 28th January at 09h30… mais 140 palavras


BTO, how much is your monthly repayment?

Yesterday was chatting with a friend and he was wondering how much he will be paying for his monthly instalment for his new home after he get the Keys for his bto flats. mais 60 palavras


A case for investing CPF monies domestically

The Singapore Business Federation has recently released a paper detailing a series of recommendations made by the business community in Singapore for the consideration of the Government in the lead-up to Budget 2016. mais 1.704 palavras


20160112 Academic suggests nonsensical option to trap more CPF

I refer to BT’s “Use GIC returns as component in calculating CPF OA returns: academic”.

Instead of not stating the obvious which has been stated countless times but rejected by PAP, Prof Chia Ngee Choon would do well to think out of the box. mais 138 palavras


Can S'poreans take a 37% pay cut?

And still willingly vote for the PAP? I doubt it.

But first, Trump, Le Pen and American and European “fascists” say some cultures  are hostile to Western culture and values.   mais 722 palavras