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A Singaporean Tale of World Domination

Today, I spend some time catching up on my favourite set of blogs. One post stood out for me and obviously I spent a while thinking about how very astute the author is. mais 419 palavras


Budget 2015 Cut on Wages by Nominated Member of Parliament, K. Karthikeyan

Reflecting the voice of the workers, What are the key things worrying?
Wage growth

I am concerned with wage and bonus growth with the slowdown of Singapore’s economic growth especially for the low wage workers. mais 250 palavras

Labour Movement

HDB Housing Grants

Disclaimer: The following is taken from the HDB Website.

Click on the link the directly bring you to the different grants available/eligibility conditions etc. mais 134 palavras


CPF Retirement Minimum Sum to be raised to SGD161,000 on 1 July 2015

If you have not heard, CPF has recently announced an increase in the minimum sum amount of Retirement Accounts for Singapore citizens and PRs from SGD155,000 to SGD161,000. mais 292 palavras

Perspiration without Inspiration. Singapore's Role in the Asian Economic Boom.

However, even though LKY had Goh Keng Swee, an LSE economist on his team, the adoption of this strategy may not have happened if Tungku Abdul Rahman, the Malaysian PM, had not thrown LKY out of the Federation. mais 3.682 palavras


Changes to HDB Lease Buyback kick in

More elderly owners of housing board flats can now sell the tail-end lease of their flat to the government for proceeds and continue to remain in their homes and age in place for the lease retained, revealed the HDB. mais 173 palavras