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How To Save On Taxes in Singapore


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Tax season is almost upon us. This yearly event might be a new and strange event for those of us who are relatively new to the workforce, but for many Singaporeans, it’s something that most people have reached “autopilot” mode with. mais 924 palavras

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Single Parent in Singapore – Guide to Grants, Subsidies And Financial Assistance

By Joanne Poh, via

Singapore’s laws remain depressingly old-fashioned when it comes to certain things. And nowhere is this clearer than in the way single parents are penalised. mais 1.626 palavras


5 Government Policies That Self-Employed Singaporeans Must Use and Benefit From


As a self-employed person, you might not have to deal with tyrannical bosses or office politics. But in exchange, you’ve got to deal with the caprices of an unstable income. mais 1.225 palavras

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CPF Retirement Sum - How Does It Work and How Much Do You Need?


Already counting down the days to retirement… when you’re only 25 years old? Late nights at the office and crazy bosses can do that to you. mais 959 palavras

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Personal tax planning 4 - bringing it all together

Welcome to the final part of my basic personal income tax planning series! In this series of posts I hope to cover the following topics: mais 868 palavras

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Setup CPF Investment account

After investing using cash for about close to 2 years, I setup my CPF Investment account today. I will target to beat the 2.5% interest rate in OA so as to build more wealth to fund my HDB in the years ahead.