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Know how to grow our CPF savings.


I think there are quite a few readers who are confused about the difference between contributing to their CPF account and topping up their CPF account.  mais 272 palavras

Money Matters

'No housing benefits if unwed parent adopts child'

Baby Bonus cash gift, too, meant only for children born to married couples, says MSF

SINGAPORE — An unwed parent will not be entitled to housing benefits even if the father or mother adopts their own child who is born out of wedlock. mais 546 palavras


The DOs and DON'Ts of buying your first home



“Hurry buy house and settle down!”


“Don’t wait until old to buy!”


As a twenty-something living in Singapore, it is impossible to avoid the chorus of opinions from relatives, friends and even well-meaning taxi drivers on how to best settle down with your significant other. mais 1.117 palavras

Current Affairs

When the PM has to sell CPF snake oil/koyok, you know GIC is in trouble

The huge shortfall in retirement funding for Singaporeans is testament to the abject failure of our CPF scheme.

Instead of addressing the issue, PAP has engaged in propaganda to create an illusion that all is well, eg in 2011, PAP quietly amended the original objective of providing for an adequate retirement to include providing for our housing and medical needs. mais 686 palavras


No massive CPF investment losses but GIC cannot be transparent?

Hundreds/thousands of transactions annually but GIC has preferred to keep information which belongs in the public domain private.

Any government which conceals such information from the people does it to prevent embarrassment. mais 328 palavras


CPF Board works against Singaporeans' interests, in cahoots with PAP

The CPF scheme is a scam which continues to be covered up by the PAP-controlled Parliament. Once transparency sees daylight, the scam will unravel, as with all other scams. mais 756 palavras


GIC's Citi investment was based on .... pure luck

Time to set the record straight on GIC’s Citi investment: it was pure luck.

In Jan 2008, GIC had invested US$6.88 billion in 7% convertible preferred securities with a conversion price of US$26.35, ie GIC saw value in Citi at US$26.35. mais 165 palavras