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Can we retire in Singapore? 

1. Business Times: 28 Feb 15 (Page 28) | WEALTH MATTERS

Can we retire in Singapore?

A basic retirement is within the reach of every Singaporean; many can also aspire to a better-than-basic one… mais 1.040 palavras

Personal Finance

20150228 Budget 2015 - business costs increased despite uncertainty, another $2 billion into GIC

CPF is increasingly resembling the mother of all scams. Every time (almost) the PAP helps Singaporeans, it channels lots of money into CPF for GIC to ‘invest’. mais 436 palavras


Budget 2015: The Plus and Minus

All of us have probably read enough about the Budget online and in the mainstream press but here is our take on the Budget measures and what we like and dislike. mais 879 palavras

The Budget - and my two cents worth

First, an announcement: Sin taxes have NOT been raised. I guess that’s a small reprieve for those who smoke and drink, especially those who are unhappy at not being able to drink in public places after-hours…There’s nothing on property either, so your home is safe… mais 1.097 palavras

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What’s in the Budget? – The CPF changes

The Government’s Budget Statement has been read in Parliament. Overall, I have to admit that this year’s budget is more or less progressive. There is much to cheer especially for the middle income groups, with the S&CC rebates and Personal Income Tax Rebate of 50%. mais 317 palavras


Marginália Federal – CPF – INRFB 1548, de 13.02.15

Instrução Normativa RFB nº 1548, de 13 de fevereiro de 2015

(Publicado(a) no DOU de 19/02/2015, seção 1, pág. mais 4.350 palavras

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Teaching Delay Gratification Should Start From Home Young

Should you tell your salary or take home money, as the kids called it, to the kids?

Should they know that to calibrate their expectation of their pocket money? mais 18 palavras