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If GIC is really managing all CPF monies, there must have been massive investment losses

The government should clarify if all our CPF is invested in SSGS and managed by GIC. Based on data from reputable institutions, there appears to be massive investment losses. mais 247 palavras


You still don't think CPF is the mother of all Ponzi schemes?

The amount of abused CPF has increased exponentially.

To put this into perspective:

The shocker:
If this had happened in the private sector, alarm bells would have gone off.  mais 187 palavras


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​By Soh Chin Heng


Mr Soh Chin Heng, or CH as he is commonly called by friends, is the Deputy Chief Executive (Services) of the Central Provident Fund Board Singapore. mais 622 palavras

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Ah Kow or Ahmad can be CEO of CPF Board

The CEO of CPF Board is responsible for the huge retirement funding shortfall of CPF members. But till today, no one has been held accountable under PAP’s self-checking government. mais 186 palavras


5 Important Financial Decisions That Singaporeans Should Not Make Without Thinking


There are many financial decisions in life that we have to make. Sometimes, there are important decisions that we should think through carefully, rather than to go with the default choice that everyone else around us has made. mais 767 palavras

Money Matters

Should CPF members blindly trust government financial statements?

I am no financial expert and CPF members don’t really have to be one to realise that the CPF is one mother of all Ponzi schemes. mais 203 palavras