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Optimising CPF

After spending much time researching on how to get the most out of CPF, I have today transferred 20,000 from my OA to my SA to (i) double the yield on that 20,000 from 2.5% to 5%, (ii) ensure that I was maximising the bonus 1% interest and (iii) ensure that the full bonus 1% interest is earned on my OA/SA funds (which will form my retirement fund) and not on my MA funds. mais 160 palavras


3 Key Factors You Should Know When Using Your CPF to Purchase Property


You don’t have to wait till you’re old and wizened to use the money in your CPF account. The first time you’ll find yourself using your CPF monies is usually to buy a home. mais 1.022 palavras

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CPF Housing Grants for First Time Buyers - What's The Maximum You Can Get?


With standards of living and property prices on the rise, we need a little help here and there to finance big purchases. But since not all of us have millionaire parents who’ll pay for us, we all need some assistance from the government. mais 1.080 palavras

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Saving For Your Future: Should You Max Out Your CPF Voluntary Contributions Every Year?


Financial literacy is important to safeguarding our financial well-being for our retirement. Throughout our lives, we will come across many opportunities to invest and accumulate wealth. mais 1.167 palavras

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No CPF monies go towards government spending but using our CPF returns OK?

The PAP government should not continue to disseminate CPF half truths to justify the abuse of our CPF retirement savings.

PAP has tried to give the impression that our CPF has not been abused by telling CPF members that: mais 76 palavras


4 Ways to Give Allowance to Parents Who are Not Financially Savvy


Giving parents an allowance when you start working is a common practice in Singapore. Some attribute it to a Confucian reverence for filial piety, while others grudgingly blame lack of a social safety net. mais 585 palavras

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5 INFOS FORMATION - semaine 46 2017


Revue de presse : semaine 46 2017

1)Une application dédiée au #CPF sera bientôt disponible… #formpro 

“ à tous les salariés et les demandeurs d’emploi de consulter les droits figurant sur leur compte, les informations personnalisées et détaillées sur les offres d’emploi, les formations disponibles localement, l’inscription en formation et le financement de la formation.”

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