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Episode 26 - The Hip Art Collective

Brian gets a crash course in belly dancing from Athena, Lisa, and Mira founders of the hip art collective. They go over a lot about what belly dancing is traditionally, and how does a dancer go about crafting a new routine. mais 114 palavras


Mom battling cancer puts the 'juju on that chemo' in viral hospital dance-off

DALLAS – Despite the exhausting, painful side effects of chemotherapy, a Texas mother battling cancer is still dancing and smiling, and millions of people on social media are cheering her on. mais 256 palavras


Gleb Savchenko Calendar Review

Ok girls, you’re going to need to sit down for this one.

If any of you are familiar with Strictly Come Dancing or Dancing with the Stars, you may be aware of the gift that is… mais 245 palavras


That Time I Went To A Club

They thought it would be funny to go into the club.  It was a Saturday evening and we were walking downtown.  As I fished around in my wallet for my ID, I could hear the strong beat of music that poured out past the bouncer, who waited with a flashlight and outstretched hand.   mais 1.140 palavras


Poem a day challenge #354 (Dancer)


By Scott Bailey © 2014

Defying downing gravity
To delight in dazzling dance
Shimmering, shining sparkles
Showering tiny tears


Top Bachata Songs I am really unsure whether to dance on or not

I’ve always liked to listen to Bachata (and a bit of Salsa), ever since I was young.  Naturally, from listening to so much Bachata, I’ve also started dancing it, which I equally enjoy. mais 515 palavras