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Dance Your Way Fit: 3 Moves for Cardio & Strength

Cardio Dance, in my opinion, is one of the best ways to improve your cardiovascular endurance while simultaneously working multiple muscle groups and keeping your body and mind constantly challenged… mais 476 palavras

Ignite Your Life

The biggest and best SHUfest yet...

The fifth annual SHUfest kicked off this week offering a chance to celebrate the diversity and showcase the talent that both the staff and students at Sheffield Hallam University have to offer.  mais 720 palavras


8 Gold's Got Talent: Hollywood Round

Click on this the link below to vote for your favorite dance team. Keep in mind their accuracy (how closely the dance matched the graph, their creativity, and their team unity.) mais 18 palavras

I hope you dance...

Would you dance with me in the virtual “Red Tent” for today’s episode of Red Tent TV. It would be so beautiful if you would!!! mais 31 palavras

Red Tent

New trending GIF tagged dancing 90s jim carrey...

New trending GIF tagged dancing, 90s, jim carrey, karaoke, somebody to love, the cable guy, capo, genio via

Dave says,

It’s Snowbank Removal Week as temperatures threaten to climb into the Forties. I loved my forties, when I was at the peak of my insanity, rather than being the recondite cretin that I am now: talking to pigeons and wiping saliva off my chin. mais 279 palavras


Narcissism and Other News

-Why does Steelers CB William Gay have so many pictures of himself on the wall?(

1-Man Shirtless Dance Party

JavaScript required to play 1-Man Shirtless Dance Party… mais 169 palavras

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