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DOCE – third party to the left, third party to the right

If Bernie stays in
And we add “another” Republican,
one of the Ryan’s or Romney’s, mais 20 palavras

Election 2016

Atlantis Dancing

This sudden dance is moving her, no resistance
though it is not a simple earth dance she was given.
It calls her name as if a reckoning, a time… mais 236 palavras

Night Life

Bodies and sweat
Perfume of different kind
Flash of lights
Dancing and shouting
A club time
A night life
© Deborah Glover, 2016

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Il discotech

Il Discotech

Last night, some guys who work for my host family invited me and the other au pair to the club, to go dancing. It was really fun! mais 153 palavras

Blitzing, Running, Tidying, Dancing

The past week has been full and fun! Here are some highlights…

My office had a half day on Friday for the long weekend, so I took advantage of the afternoon to do some of my favourite self-care activities: Body Blitz with a massage, and some new nail art. mais 964 palavras



For whatever reason I have decided that this year I am going to be authentically, unapologetically me, continuing on in my quest to live open hearted. mais 107 palavras

Mother's Day Concert in Preschool 2016

Our preschoolers have prepared a special performance for their mothers on Mother’s Day! Check out how children recite poems and sing songs in different languages – English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Italian! mais 10 palavras