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While You're Dancing

I am a proud Canadian who believes that we should not begin to celebrate Christmas until after American Thanksgiving (and subsequently my birthday), however I broke my stead-fast rule tonight to venture out to… mais 514 palavras


Acupuncture Needles: The Truth

Ever since I was little, needles have always scared me to death. So when I heard that I would be getting acupuncture, I was terrified at first. mais 278 palavras


Perfect your Child's Pose at Mums and Toddlers Yoga at The Life Centre

What?: I had idly Googled “mum and toddler yoga” in the same way you might Google “cat and owner ballroom dancing” – more out of curiosity to see if it existed than because I thought it might be an actual thing I might want to go to. mais 701 palavras


Dancing Away Sorrow

My legs move fast

my feet still remember

Mama ran away.

The Charleston ends

my feet, still

I plunk a new recording on Victor Victrola… mais 72 palavras

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