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JUNE!! Performances Workshops Classes

photo by Kathee Miller

June brings a multitude of travels teachings performances! Classes at Movement Research continue through mid=august…..

Klein Technique with Barbara Mahler

Jun 3 – Jun 4 · Green Street Studios · Cambridge, MA…Green Street Studios…. mais 232 palavras

Barbara Mahler/klein Technique

White Cotton Gloves and Clip-on Ties

Around 6th grade, our grade took ballroom dancing classes once a week in the evening. There were a lot of kids who were nervous, uncomfortable and awkward.   mais 480 palavras

Normani's gets 3rd place in DWTS leaving harmonizers angry 

This week was the final week of Dancing with the Stars which Normani featured on and was in the top 3. Then in her final dance with her partner they got a whopping perfect score. mais 184 palavras

Female Celebrities

So Much For That

After studying the rehearsal video closely on a sizable screen, I can now confirm that I am way too full of myself. Some moments look really good. mais 136 palavras


Page dated 4/29/98 dream fragments

1. I am dancing

2. I Drive by my expressway exit with Abby in the car. I stopped just past it, backed up against traffic very slowly. mais 84 palavras

1998 Dreams