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Far More to Come

Lights on the Christmas tree shone as bright as starlight while they glided in a silent slow dance, oblivious to when the music actually stopped. A cat snored in its bed a few feet from them. mais 309 palavras

Story Monday

Things hotting up...

My apologies for the lack of post last week…I was concentrating on year end accounts, which in some respects can be a bit interesting but, is generally a bit of a (necessary) pain. mais 489 palavras


The First Step: 99 Word Flash Fiction

Emily’s excitement was palpable at her first excursion out as a single woman. She applied her face, hiding her fear.

Her foot faltered on the step leading to the dance studio. mais 141 palavras

Irene Waters

Dancing with avatars

A Mobile Game with Physiologically Aware Virtual Humans

Depression and anxiety are common mental disorders. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 14% of the world population suffers from at least one severe mood disorder during the course of their life. mais 26 palavras

Virtual Reality

dancing style

how the moving

and felt of the doing

and where it was the coming

and best of it all

and stand

and make it all so clear… mais 35 palavras


Dance it Away

(All Rights Reserved)

When feeling worried, just dance away all your tensions…best solution to all your problems!

My fresh illustration!! Are you loving it?

Cheers! :) :) mais 16 palavras