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Leaping past


Life breathes.

Soul rests peacefully.

Spirit communes with eternity.

Waiting for Forever’s present song!

Leaping past the natural into You.

Embraced by Hope’s distinctive fragrance while dancing! mais 25 palavras


44 thoughts I have at clubs

  1. I hope there’s no queue tonight
  2. Shiiiiteee. I jinxed it.
  3. That girl behind us is a whore. Not judging. Just saying.
  4. Can’t wait to just get inside and dance.
  5. mais 391 palavras

Bashing Feets

The celebrity “Mr. Hussain ibn” performing Live on 2008 at Gurgaon, Delhi(india).


Haiku No. 163: Radiant Sea

Phosphorescent waves

dance to melodies unheard

Glowing sea this night.


ASTRID PART 1- How to react when cute girls smile at you

I had some goddesses during my time in Latin America. In the past weeks I have written about them extensively. They made my time in this magical region special, but there were some lesser known demi-goddesses who taught me a lot about their cultures. mais 1.145 palavras

Latin America

You're Never Too Old

Today’s Stream of Consciousness prompt is, “your/you’re/yore.” Linda Hill, our promptress, directed us to use one, or use them all and to enjoy! I don’t know how many I’ll use. mais 712 palavras


Right attitude

With the right attitude even standing is dancing


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