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A love letter to IT(2017) part 1: Pennywise Lives!

You might have noticed that the last post ended a bit abruptly, and an abrupt end is only justified if it leads up to something bigger. mais 1.327 palavras

Adaptations & Interpretations

Time Flies When You're a Busy Bee

Well, it’s hard to believe I’ve only been in Scotland for 2 weeks! A little less than 2 weeks if you want to be precise, since my flight didn’t arrive until the 12th. mais 1.063 palavras

After Flood, Houston Ballet Returns With a Romantic Masterpiece

Moved from its damaged theater, “Mayerling,” Kenneth MacMillan’s flawed, important 1978 work, receives its first North American production.

Published: September 24, 2017 at 05:30AM

Arts By ALASTAIR MACAULAY… mais 65 palavras


Sitting Out

Hello, Friend

I see you’ve come around again.

Was beginning to wonder if you

hadn’t forgotten your way here.

But I knew you’d remember.

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Strictly Come Dancing: Strictly's Back!!!

Strictly Come Dancing is officially back. Three weeks ago the celebrities shimmied their lycra-ed selves onto the dance floor and were paired with some of the best dancers in the country ready to strut their stuff in the ballroom for us all the critique eating takeaway on the sofa. mais 2.625 palavras


Chapter 2.1- Romantic Liasons

Now I am officially an adult and the leader of this family, I decided to do some cooking. It actually went well and I gained a cooking point. mais 99 palavras

Sims 3

Is my marriage "fucked"?

I am procrastinating.  I have “work” to do, but one of my goals is also to write. So which “work” is more important, my daily writing practice, or paying the bills (that are all overdue anyway)? mais 751 palavras

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