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East Bay Summer

Summer seems to be zipping by this year. I’m already down to only three weeks left in Rhode Island before heading up to Maine (more to come on that later). mais 752 palavras

United States

Blessed with friends like these!

It is Fathers Day weekend and Johnny and I are heading out-of-town to go camping! Yes, we are in our 50’s and 60’s and will be sleeping in a tent! mais 235 palavras


Gluten-free in spring break capital of world

Since my last post started off with me announcing that I survived spring 2015 midterms, it’s only fitting that this post starts off with me saying that I’ve officially survived spring break 2015. mais 1.050 palavras


Mega Bloks Diego's Build and Rescue - Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS Trivia Games | Mega Bloks Diego’s Build and Rescue – Nintendo DS

Join Diego as you enter the imaginative world of Mega Bloks. In his first building block adventure! mais 26 palavras

Dinner at Diego's

The twinkling lights, the rustic wood interior, and the savory smell of Mexican spices welcome you into Diego’s in downtown Newport.   As I walked closer to the harbor, a small space opened up next to the crammed boutiques packed tightly together.  mais 624 palavras


" Diego's Birthday Surprise (ready-to-read Go Diego Go - Level 1) ", By Lara Bergen

Shopping for a superb book? You will have to read Diego’s Birthday Surprise (ready-to-read Go Diego Go – Level 1) written by Lara Bergen. Be sure you turn yourself on to this particular child’s book and experience something new whenever you turn the page. mais 133 palavras

" Diego Y Los Dinosaurios " Is An Impressive Book For Your Kids

For anybody who is wanting to buy a book I have come up with some info. Buy a copy of Diego Y Los Dinosaurios (diego’s Great Dinosaur Rescue) (go Diego Go (8X8 Spanish)) from the publisher Libros Para Ninos! mais 136 palavras