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Quick news update from the Saker (July 15th, 2021)

July 15, 2021

Crazy times!

It turns out that the Colombian thugs which killed the President of Haiti were linked to both the DEA and the FBI. mais 1.354 palavras


Spike in Peter Pan syndrome Postmodern Men?

Studies are showing that a modern day man’s favourite love affair is indeed his X box, PC games and pornography. Studied also show compared to women, men are uneducated. mais 503 palavras


Hypocrite Indian Family - Part I

The word “Hypocrisy” is originated from a Greek work “Hypokrisis”, which means it is a act of playing a character on the stage. According to Webster’s dictionary hypocrisy is “what one is not or to believe what one does not or false appearance of virtue”. mais 973 palavras

He's a man.

Kanye West has had a high-profile mental breakdown, just like Spears. Rather than being put under a conservatorship, he went on to run for president.

Arwa Mahdawi


Not Just a Women’s Issue: Casual Sexism in Australian Culture

What’s more Australian than wearing thongs, eating a meat pie at the footy or summer barbeques?

The answer is casual sexism.

Angelina Inthavong, 2021 Youth Member for Bonney… mais 995 palavras


The Definition Of Courage Has Shifted Since Normandy

By Ben Shapiro ~

Last Sunday marked the 77th anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Normandy. On that day, Operation Overlord began, launching the Allied invasion of Europe that would spell the beginning of the end of the Nazi regime. mais 661 palavras