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Fiery Erica

They say love is friendship set on fire.*

Bring on the friends. Bring on the fire.

*As taken from Being Erica (Season 1, Episode 10). My new Netflix watch at the moment.

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In love with Being Erica

I have totally fallen in love with a lady named Erica Strange.

This lady is the fictional main character on the Canadian drama/comedy ‘Being Erica’. I happened upon Being Erica by chance, on a particularly uneventful and rainy Cumbrian afternoon. mais 428 palavras


Great Karpluk Moments: Erica Strange does Karaoke

When Erica Strange starts dancing/singing, you know you’re likely headed into GKM territory.

And here’s a bonus GIF:

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Being Erica Webisodes (Update)

The once-elusive third season of Being Erica webisodes (known in some circles as the Ford Fiesta Fiasco) is no longer geo-blocked (at least in the small sample of countries we tested), and can be viewed… mais 18 palavras

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Being Erica: Erica's Blog

Did you know that, during Seasons 1 and 2 of Being Erica, Erica Strange had her own blog? Yes, indeed. The blog entries, and the associated reader comments, are worth checking out. Start your journey here.

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Karpluk Videos: Being Erica Webisodes

One of our favorite part of the Being Erica experience was the webisodes. Erica Strange at her quirky, hilarious karpluky best. If you think it is easy to be this funny, feel free to try it next time you are skyping. mais 21 palavras

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The Quotes Quoted By Dr Tom From CBC’s “Being Erica” – Season 4 Edition

Well, last night “Being Erica” had its series finale with the end of the Season 4 and I am here to bring you the quotes quoted by Dr Tom all this season. mais 684 palavras