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Ask the Chef: How Do I Make Jam?

The following question came into The Food Channel:


A neighbor gave me a big container of fresh blackberries. I want to make jam but don’t want to invest in a lot of ingredients or containers. mais 149 palavras

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Meciul zilei: Lazio Napoli .. Cum sa nu atacamacest meci..

IN derbyul Italiei de azi  Lazio – Napoli

Lazio nu glumeste chiar joaca foarte bine. agresiv cu victorii cu Milan si cu Genoa , marcand 7 goluri in aceste doua meciuri . mais 119 palavras

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The latest Italian Reneissance: Fiorentina

Fiorentina: Matchday 38 2016/17 (left) vs Fiorentina: Matchday 3 2017/18 (right)

600 years after the Italian Renaissance hit Florence, a new revolution seems to be taking place in the city. mais 680 palavras

Spalletti : Inter Milan Telah Prima

BERITABOLA2811 – Pelatih Inter Milan, Luciano Spalletti, menilainya kalau skuatnya sekarang ini telah prima. Dia juga dapat mengolah tim sesuai sama keperluannya.

Inter tidak lakukan pembelian nama besar pada bursa transfer musim panas th. mais 206 palavras


Golazzzzzo: Serie A Action in Florence!

I could go on and repeat the same stuff most people write when they go to Florence.

Of course there’s plenty to see and do in the beautiful city. mais 990 palavras


Rui Manuel César "RUI" COSTA

From PORTUGAL, born in 1972
Played for: Benfica, Fiorentina, Milan


Ready To Take On Fiorentina

The team had their final session before meeting Fiorentina for tomorrow’s Santiago Bernabeu trophy match. mais 350 palavras

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