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Full Honours

I don’t seem to have written anything about Full Frontal With Samantha Bee since it debuted, back in early 2016… which is very remiss of me, because I watch the show religiously (often replaying episodes a couple times over, so I can catch all the jokes), and am always disappointed when it disappears for a couple weeks… so I couldn’t pass up this chance to shine a light on… mais 115 palavras

Rants About TV

Five Things I Hate About Summer: yeah a listicle. 

1. The Heat

Summer needs to go into a hole and die. I spent no more than seven minutes outside today and it will take at least 30 minutes of ice water and AC just to get to baseline. mais 528 palavras

1/100 MG Sinanju - Painted Build

  • Base Kit: Bandai 1/100 MG Sinanju (OVA Version)
  • Painting Notes: Metallic Finish using Gaiacolor lacquers


Samantha Bee Is Not Funny

Take a quick look at this segment. The entire thing is filled with lame jokes and poor attempts at sarcasm. Perhaps the latter can explain the growth of women who describe themselves with the “Speaks sarcasm” label, but it is neither entertaining nor funny. mais 38 palavras


Drunk Dial Your Legislator! 🍸🍹🍾🍺🍻🥂🍷🥃

Not The White House Correspondents Dinner



Meg Scanlon


Libtard Samantha Bee: There isn't a "smug liberal problem"

Of course there isn’t.

From CNN: Canadian Comedian Samantha Bee told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday that she didn’t think there was a “smug liberal problem.” mais 276 palavras