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Do you have to sell out to be famous?

I get that it must be really hard to be a woman in the Australian Entertainment Industry, let alone try to get work overseas. I wasn’t going to post this article, but after watching Gogglebox the other night on TV and seeing other people calling out Julia Morris on some of her behaviours, I figured I could too. mais 869 palavras

Philosophical Rambling

FACE on FLEEK Full Frontal edition

So as promised, I’m going to show off my Urban Decay Full Frontal Lipstick stash, which isn’t even available on Urban’s website right now! BRING IT BACK!!!!!! mais 233 palavras


[NSFW] Kim Kardashian Full Frontal Nudes

We all have seen Kim Kardashian and everything she has to offer, and I mean EVERYTHING she has to offer, but once again she is sharing some very racy photos. mais 34 palavras


Kim Kardashian goes fully nude for 'LOVE' magazine in leaked photo

Not even three months after she “broke the internet” with her Paper magazine photos, Kim Kardashian is once again ready to bare it all.

This time, she’s going full frontal for the spring/summer issue of… mais 109 palavras


End of an era

The Sun will be ending an era this Friday.

No more over exposed pictures on Page 3.

I saw this at Olympia today, a timely poster if ever there was one.


Lauryn Sophia Photography

I really hate it when photographers hide their work from people. I won’t really say a ton on this issue but I’ll go ahead and use Sophia Lucciani as an example… mais 191 palavras

Other Photographers

Miley Cyrus Goes Full-Frontal For Her Most Shocking Photo Shoot Yet

It’s a new photo shoot for V-Magazine and it’s her most shocking yet.  In a series of Polaroid shots featuring provocative poses and full-frontal nudity, Miley is ahow behind the scenes of her Bangerz tour. mais 11 palavras