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Prayers Answered

God is answering prayers.

1. He opened the door to minister with Training4Changes.

2. He provided a sunny day in the midst of dreary days of rain. mais 623 palavras

BUCS Football Futures Conference 2015: Pete Sturgess on The Growing Game!

I t’s the 29th June, as I sit on the first of two trains southbound to Warwick University, the site of the BUCS Football Futures Conference 2015 (FFC15) .  mais 1.644 palavras


Finals Fever

With their victories and the corresponding results from other Week 12 matches, both teams have secured Division 3 B Finals and a finish within the top eight teams. mais 439 palavras


Fighting for Finals

Finals security is a possibility tonight for both teams. Havoc City and Reds United require a finish in the top eight of the table to at least ensure a place in the Division 3 B Finals. mais 355 palavras


Benefits of Futsal to A Football Player

I’m guessing many of you guys play futsal nowadays. It’s also known as five-a-side. So what is futsal ? It’s basically a smaller version of football where there are only 5 people in each team. mais 497 palavras


Reds Redemption

It’s Reds United who have taken out the victory in this season’s derby! The match which was highly anticipated by the group lived up to the hype and has produced what will be a thrilling run into the finals. mais 246 palavras


Thurgood is HERE!!!

Brace yourselves the much loved futsal tournament Thurgood has arrived.

Kicked off today with the opening game of SRC v Staff, with a staff victory of 4-1. mais 15 palavras