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4 title games, 3 championships, 2 years zip by...

A wonderful two year run of success came to an end this past Sunday. Posting a record of 16-1 over their last four major tournaments, the 05/06 BUFC team won USFF’s Regional-National-Regional events consecutively in 2015-16 before losing to SUSC this year in the National championship game. mais 56 palavras


FCB, USA Futsal and lots of happy campers...

This week marked a special moment in the history of BUFC as we partnered with FC Barcelona & USA Futsal to host the Elite 96 futsal camp. mais 105 palavras

Friday July 22, 2016 in Chicago. What a great day to be alive in scorching summer heat and under the beautiful sky. Sitting here just imagining myself playing soccer with friends in 90 degree temperature. mais 232 palavras

Getting back in the game.

About a year are so I started on this blogging platform sharing my soccer opinion. After two blog posts writing about the referees I put it to rest, but lately something sparked after watching Copa America and Euro 2016 games I am now motivated to take this on again. mais 592 palavras

Franck Tayou Rivard Report Interview

A man who has fast become a fan favorite among San Antonio FC fans sat down with our own Chris Hockman for an exclusive interview for Rivard Report. mais 16 palavras

San Antonio FC


The former world player of the year has quit FUTSAL in India after just two matches…wow!!(I did not know Ronaldinho was playing FUTSAL!!!!).But apparently he has quit and headed back to Brazil to become the Brand ambassador for the Paralympic games in Rio. mais 132 palavras



Well, it has been 5 days since the Premier Futsal started in India, and there is not much on social networking sites about it.  Well, many do not even know what this “football sort of game” is all about. mais 415 palavras