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Sport Psychology Analysis: Spain Futsal World Cup

At the 2016 Fifa Futsal World Cup in Colombia, Spain have dramatically been kicked out by Russia, shortly after Brazil’s shock quarterfinal loss to Iran. These are the only two teams to have ever won the futsal world cup, so it’s fantastic for the growth of the global growth of the sport that more teams are entering the top tier and are capable of beating the best. mais 1.399 palavras



One I’ve had typed for a while but never finished and never thought of posting before today. A recent conversation with Peter Prickett prompted me to dig this out and try and make some sense of it. mais 1.371 palavras

Futbol Sala

My Friday Nights Out: Sala Soccer Schools

It’s almost two years since my first visit (when I was living Hungary) to Neil Lucas’s Sala Soccer Schools in Manchester. It’s great to still be coaching with him now, and being a part of what he’s building. mais 891 palavras


Latest Result:

FC Melbourne Athletic 2 – 5 Hampton Street Football

(Araujo, Evans) (Hummenyj-Jameson 3, D Grecea, Holmes (OG)

FC Melbourne Athletic’s first game ended in a disappointing defeat to last season’s League Two champions Hampton. mais 113 palavras


Unprecedented probably in any sport: *opponents* celebrate retiring futsal legend Falcao after defeating his Brazilian team in the Quarterfinals of the Futsal World Cup

Have you ever seen a professional sports team celebrate an opponent during a major competition? This speaks volumes about Falcao’s status in the world of soccer, and futsal in particular. mais 85 palavras

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