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USA Futsal, USFF & USYF ... who's who in American Futsal?

In the U.S. there are three national futsal organizations. Due to geography and established territories none are really in competition with each other, yet. All three are moving quickly to carve out the largest slice of market share possible. mais 446 palavras


Get a job working with Christ Church Sport

Christ Church Sport are currently taking applications for 6 positions as part of the Sport Ambassador team for 2016-17 academic year. The Sport Ambassador team is made up of 14 passionate and enthusiastic students who deliver and promote sport activity to fellow students and aim to raise engagement in all forms of sport and physical activity at the University. mais 185 palavras


XCI Futsal de Quarta - 17/05/2016


  • David: 10
  • Markão: 6
  • Fellip: 6
  • Gimenes: 5
  • Marcel: 5
  • Bafudo: 5
  • Victor: 4
  • Felipe Macedo: 4
  • Anderson: 3
  • Turco: 2
  • KK: 1…
  • mais 35 palavras

Two S Extra #32 Colorado WTF part 2 with Patrick Rosch, MLS PU Salaries and a Major League Futsal?

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Today on Two S Extra,

Duane and Kevin are joined by Patrick Rosch, managing editor of the Burgundy Wave, for the Colorado Rapids WTF part 2, the positive one! mais 94 palavras


XC Futsal de Quarta - 10/05/2016


  • Marcel: 6
  • Anderson: 5
  • Gimenes: 4
  • André: 4
  • David: 3
  • Coelho: 3
  • Matheus Ibra: 2
  • Henrique Munhos: 2
  • KK: 1
  • Cecel: 1…
  • mais 35 palavras

Big Match

Hari ini aku membuat poster untuk pertandingan futsal di kantor. Rencananya mau tanding hari kamis besok. Wuih.. bakalan seru nih. Tim yang akan main adalah dari tim refund melawan tim shifting. mais 15 palavras


kecil - remaja - dewasa

Inspired by someone…gw mau cerita tentang perjalanan hidup gw. khususnya olahraga. Pasti pada bingung. nih anak gendut, pendek, dan makannya banyak mau cerita tentang olahraga? oke, ini cerita beneran…boleh tanya ke temen-temen gw untuk buktinya (kalo lo pada kenal sama temen gw hahaha ) mais 811 palavras

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