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Acrilico su tavola di abete, dim 20x30cm circa

Acrylic on fir-tree panel, dim 20x30cm circa


Quit India movement - A damp squib in madras

In 1942 the Congress met in Bombay.

The nation was strife with rumours that a mega event of the freedom movement was in the offing and a nervousness on part of the colonial establishment was perceptible. mais 670 palavras


Gandhian Awareness Yatra - A Journey Within


Dr.Markandan, former Vice Chancellor of Gandhigram University, had organised a Gandhian Awareness Yatra, from 3rd August to 12th August, 2017. I was part of the yatra with my wife and daughter. mais 4.513 palavras

The need for intercessors

The situation

The prophet Isaiah (Chapter 59) said this about the nation of Israel during his time:

14So justice is driven back and righteousness stands at a distance; truth has fallen in the streets, honesty cannot enter. mais 536 palavras


"Strength does not come from a physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." Gandhi

Acts of civil disobedience are never popular. By definition it almost always involves making a much maligned stand. I remember the film Gandhi. For me the most harrowing scene was the one where the… mais 163 palavras