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Lead Developer of HPV vaccine-Dr Diane Harper

Dr. Diane Harper was a leading expert responsible for the Phase II and Phase III safety and effectiveness studies which secured the approval of the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines, Gardasil™ and Cervarix™.   mais 1.374 palavras


I Got A Pap Smear Today And So Should You

Firstly, I need to preface this article by saying that I don’t know how to be a proper adult yet and I still find making doctors appointments super scary, so I nagged my mum and eventually she did it for me. mais 470 palavras

Cervical Cancer

Szczepionka HPV, czyli część agendy depopulacyjnej

Problemy ze szczepionka przeciw HPV są coraz większe. Wiele krajów już uciekło przed tą trucizną, natomiast Polska, jako JEDYNY kraj na świecie wprowadza OBOWIĄZEK jej stosowania poczynając od 2017. mais 134 palavras


Chief HPV Scientist Admits Vaccines Are A Deadly Scam

Dr. Diane Harper, one of the leading experts on HPV vaccines, has spoken out about the ‘deadly effects’ the vaccines have on those who take it.  mais 119 palavras


Two Volcanoes Erupt in Guatemala


Volcan de Fuego and Santa Maria Volcano erupt

Santa Maria volcano explodes at Santiaguito Dome Complex, sending a column of ash about 4,500 meters into the air. mais 110 palavras

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Judge dismisses lawsuit: Wisconsin sisters say Gardasil vaccine caused their premature ovarian failure

Maddie and Olivia Meylor say they have been robbed of their womanhood after receiving a Gardasil vaccine which prevents HPV. The Wisconsin sisters were the first in the United States to claim that the HPV vaccine caused premature ovarian failure. mais 656 palavras


Aimee invites you to meet & plan next steps

What a journey filled with great accomplishments and wonderful volunteers. I want to begin by thanking each and every person that supports this mission. You may have sent one email, or hung one sign, or you may have been on the front line next to me through the whole process; no matter where in that realm you fall, you are appreciated. mais 594 palavras