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Diagnosis and Treatment of Endocervical Lesions by Cervicoscopy (Dra. María Alejandra Brito Pérez)

The endocervical canal is lined by columnar epithelium on a basement membrane. There are also endocervical glands, and its extension is influenced by age, parity and hormonal status. mais 151 palavras


Ontario pharmacists will provide travel vaccines in addition to flu shots

TORONTO – Ontario is expanding the number of vaccines available at pharmacies to include protection against an additional 13 preventable diseases.

Common travel vaccines for hepatitis A and B, typhoid, rabies, HPV and shingles will be available at pharmacies for anyone over age of five starting Dec. mais 100 palavras


HPV Vaccine: Two Doses or Three?

A recent study conducted by Merck, the manufacturer of the HPV vaccination, has found that receiving only two doses of the medication may be equivalent to receiving three. mais 640 palavras


Up up...Indians, Can We please get off our knees? HPV Vaccination Program begins in India...

This is the Future of India at stake, right here….The Indian feminine is under ATTACK…

The timing is peculiar…And the pRIME mINISTSER went to inaugrate it? mais 960 palavras

Thankful for all of you

I hope you are enjoying the day today. Whether that means with family and friends, or at a religious service, or however you celebrate a day of giving thanks. mais 224 palavras


Why So Few Kids Are Getting the HPV Vaccine

-“Most places don’t like to think about teens having sex.” But that’s not the only reason.-

In the decade since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the vaccine for the human papillomavirus (HPV), it’s been a tough sell for states, students and their parents. mais 10 palavras


HPV vaccine is the target for controversy

Written by: Lorena Brašnić

Nowadays fiercely debated issue concerns HPV vaccination and its unintentional “side effect” of encouraging unsafe sex, even at earlier ages. The reason for that lies in its main purpose – preventing sexually transmitted infections mostly caused by unprotected and irresponsible sexual behaviour. mais 398 palavras