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I dag hadde jeg avtalt en time hos helsesøster kl. 10:00, da jeg skulle ta HPV vaksinen. Jeg har utsatt det lenge nok nå føler jeg, så det var på tide å ta tak! mais 228 palavras


DR Vaccination Program Began

The Dominican Republic’s government, with the support of both the Ministry of Health and Education, launched a campaign on Monday to vaccinate about 200,000 schoolgirls between the ages of 9-10 against the human papillomavirus (HPV). mais 67 palavras

Straight, No Chaser: The Doctor/Patient Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Talk

As an emergency physician, my first consideration is to eliminate life threats.  Along the way, I cure disease and provide a ton of information.  With all of these efforts, I provide a heavy dose of tough love and straight talk meant to empower (and hopefully never belittle).   mais 555 palavras

Sterling Medical Advice

dr Patrice Douglas the new face on govt sponsored HPV vaccinations #guyana

a young female negro docteur is the new voice for guardasil & HPV magique in Guyana
read it am not quoting too much
everything else they’ve tried so far ain getting the numbers they wanted so they trying a new route… mais 105 palavras


Erin Moran Had Been Battling Stage 4 Throat Cancer - Your Questions Answered

Image above from Disease Pictures

The 56 year old actress was receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatment for throat cancer.

A statement released by her husband, Steve Fleischmann, revealed she had back in 2016 woke up noticing a small amount of blood on her pillow case thinking she had bitten her tongue.   mais 439 palavras


Blood Transfusions Saved My Life

There’s something really unsettling when you realize your body was working with almost half of the amount of blood you should have.  My hemoglobin (red blood cell count) was 4.7 when I was admitted into the hospital, normal for a woman my age was 12-14.  mais 265 palavras

Cervical Cancer

ASME HPVC 2017: Day 3

Day 3 is the endurance race: 2.5 hours of wheel to wheel racing, and this year in the pouring rain.

This Rose Hulman alum is going to be the signalling official for the quick turn hazard. mais 365 palavras