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HPV adalah jenis virus yang cukup lazim. Jenis yang berbeda dapat menyebabkan kutil atau pertumbuhan sel yang tidak normal (displasia) dalam atau di sekitar leher rahim atau dubur yang dapat menyebabkan kanker leher rahim atau dubur(Benchimol S dan Minden MD, 1998). mais 1.138 palavras


Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)

Monday evening, my wife Lorie and I traveled to Bethesda, MD in advance of my third infusion with M7824, a completely novel, first-in-class, bispecific fusion protein (see prior posts for more details). mais 571 palavras

Doktor kelakar

Cerita daripada kawan-kawan mengenai vaksin HPV:

Pergi hospital kerajaan untuk mendapatkan rawatan (2017)

Doktor:Kenapa ni?
Aku: Demam selepas ambil vaksin HPV.
Doktor: kenapa awak ambil vaksin? mais 284 palavras

From plant virology to vaccinology: a personal journey

A couple of years ago now, an Editor of the journal Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics contacted me to say they would like to profile me as a vaccinologist. mais 87 palavras

General Virology

Round Two

It’s been two weeks since my last blog update, so I thought it was about time for a status report.

Earlier today I had my periodic clinic evaluation at the NIH following last Wednesday’s second infusion of M7824. mais 159 palavras

Inovio teams with ApolloBio in development of HPV pre-cancer immunotherapy

California-based Inovio Pharmaceuticals has licensed its pre-cancer human papilloma virus (HPV) immunotherapy to Chinese biomedical company ApolloBio. 

ApolloBio now has exclusive rights to develop and commercialise VGX-3100 for the treatment and/or the prevention of pre-cancerous HPV infections and HPV-driven dysplasias (abnormal growths). mais 263 palavras