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I take Tim on a tour of bike lanes in Toronto

Good friend Tim Potter (Sustainable transportation manager for Michigan State University Bikes) dropped by this weekend, and of course he wanted to check out some of the bike infrastructure since it had been at least four years since he and I had ridden around town. mais 323 palavras


Raising Awareness of the HPV-related Cancers : The Stories of Cervical Cancer Survivors

Good health is the greatest blessing of life. Recent years, there are growing number of people turning to the Internet to search health-related subjects. The awareness of health is keeping increasing. mais 904 palavras

Cervical Cancer

A Guide To the HPV Vaccine | 10X Faster understand the background with a 60-second video!

How much do you know about the HPV vaccine?

Let’s check out this cool 60-second video first, to have a basic knowledge of the HPV vaccine! mais 232 palavras

Cervical Cancer

Young men too need to have the HPV vaccine | How much do young guys know about the HPV vaccine?

It is common knowledge that the HPV vaccine is a preventive vaccine for females in protecting against cervical cancer, but females are not the only ones who should get the HPV vaccine. mais 771 palavras

Cervical Cancer

FAQs: How much do you really know about the HPV vaccine?

Human papilloma virus (HPV), is the most sexually transmitted infection that leads to several diseases and cancers. Close to half of America’s adult population is infected by HPV. mais 449 palavras

Cervical Cancer

The National Cervical Screening Program

This information relates to the National Cervical Screening Program in Australia which has just been updated to support 5-yearly primary HPV ± reflex liquid-based cytology (LBC) testing for sexually active women starting from age 25 and ending at the time of a cervical screening test (CST) between ages 70 and 74. mais 386 palavras

In praise of the Alternative Media

The December 2017-January 2018 edition of Nexus contains a 7 page extract from my book Gardasil: Fast-Tracked and FlawedMy thanks go to Nexus, an alternative news magazine for publishing this important story. mais 559 palavras