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“Despite their popularity, hedgehogs are now something of a rare sight in British gardens – and are in fact disappearing at the same rate as tigers worldwide” … mais 13 palavras

Personal Qoutes~NJM~

~You’re like a bad cold that antibiotics can’t get rid of, funny thing is I think I like it that way~NJM~

Bipolar Disorder

Electric Sheep

Yeah, you read that right. Straight from the mind who created Blade Runner! If I want my brain to be stimulated, I’ll watch Raspberry Pi videos on YouTube. mais 102 palavras


~What's The Joke?~

What did you say? Laughter bursting

This elated feeling euphoric in style

Transforms emotions into a smile

Bubbly resonance erupts from within

Leaving less of a smile but a shit eating grin… mais 52 palavras

Human Behavior