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Knight Rider Dreams

Back when I was eleven years old, I was enthralled by a new show called Knight Rider. For anyone who missed this television classic, the premise is that self-made billionaire Wilton Knight rescued police Detective Lieutenant Michael Arthur Long after a near fatal shot to the face. mais 566 palavras


David Hasselhoff (1982 - Knight Rider)

Before Transformers

Before X-Men

Before anything that CGI can do now

Knight Rider was the coolest, fastest super car everyone wanted

And the driver ‘Michel Knight’ was the the person we all wanted to be

PS: The Hoff


HW Screen Time: K.I.T.T.

Did anyone see the Faraday Future car park itself the other day? GEEZ! Long before Smart cars and artificial intelligence existed, they were merely science fiction as one the first “smart-cars” was from the TV Series, … mais 643 palavras


What's Your #Fave80sCar?

So, several bloggers and podcast folk have stuck their collective heads together and decided to talk about 1980s pop culture cars and vehicles via the… mais 783 palavras

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Your Guide to TV's 100+ Reboots and Revivals: Knight Rider, Dynasty, Greek, L.A. Law, Twin Peaks and More

TV’s nostalgia kick is officially out of control.

Every week, a network or streaming service announces its plan to revive or reboot an iconic series from the ’60s ( mais 159 palavras

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A Trio Of 80's Hockey Jersey Designs

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What's On TV - Knight Rider

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