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Knight Rider-KITT VS KARR (Junkyard Edition)

Taking another shadowy flight into the realm of criminals who operate above the law and the men who stop them amidst not existing.

Knight Rider saw it’s sturdy supercar KITT destroyed on rare occasions…usually in feature length episodes. mais 404 palavras


Knight Rider: Part 1- Preparation

Many years ago I bought a model of KITT from Knight Rider but then assumed it got lost during the various house moves. I finally found it a few weeks ago and now I’ve finished Thunderbird 2/4 I figured this might be a good project to take me up to the end of 2017. mais 16 palavras

Plastic Model Kits

Arell Blanton was born November 2, 1943.

Arell Blanton was born November 2, 1943 .

Arell Blanton is an actor who played Lieutenant Dickerson in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode “The Savage Curtain”. mais 205 palavras

AI cars better be smart.

After an interesting and unexpected expedition through the Werakata National Park in the Hunter Valley recently I have lost all faith in our car’s navigation system. mais 504 palavras

How To...


Knight Watch Season 2 Issue 01

Knight of the Phoenix Review


The Whole Kitt & Kaboodle 

My father told me once that there’s not much new in life, all the great songs, movies, and fashions get recycled or remade. As a youngster what he said sounded wrong or blasphemous somehow. mais 324 palavras

David Hasselhoff Files Docs To End Spousal Support To Ex Wife

TMZ reports David Hasselhoff has paid ex-wife Pamela Bach $2.5 mil in spousal support since their 2006 divorce, and wants a judge to end his payments. mais 80 palavras