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La piel que habito

Anyone saw Frankenstein? It’s 100% the same movie in color.

I bet you didn’t even noticed the above trailer was from Frankenstein. “Le piel que habito” (freely translated: “The skin who lives”), tells the story of a monster created by a horrible doctor. mais 301 palavras


5 favourites of the moment

Hello gals and guys (why did I start like that though)! So this is my first “proper article” on this blog of mine and I thought I could make a short list of 5 movies that I really enjoy at the moment. mais 707 palavras


La piel que habito (2011)

Nothing is what it seems in The Skin I Live In, the 2011 psychological thriller from Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar. The film reunites Almodóvar with actor Antonio Banderas after a 21-year absence. mais 858 palavras


La castración. Análisis comparativo de 'Los Cachorros' y 'La piel que habito' | Lidia Gómez Martínez (USC)

Tomando como base teórica Sobre la violencia de Hannah Arendt, este ensayo pretende comparar el trato que reciben la castración y sus secuelas posteriores en la novela breve… mais 294 palavras