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League of Legends Website Traffic

League of Legends Website Traffic for Esports

To begin with, this post is for my Marketing class, which is focuses on digital marketing and how we as marketers can increase consumer involvement and better web traffic. mais 398 palavras

League Of Legends

Chapter 16: The Nostoi

Waking up that day had never been more painful. His scalp hurt, his face was bruised, and his back felt destroyed. He wasn’t entirely sure how his healer Sona Buvelle ended up nursing his wounds in a deserted hut, miles away from Kalamanda, but Jarvan wouldn’t complain about it. mais 3.568 palavras

League Of Legends

Chapter 15: The Lost Heir

Where children once played and where men once fished, destruction engulfed the remaining lives in Kalamanda. The skies were already dark, touched by night’s veil, but the flames that roared within and around the village only added to the thick coat of darkness. mais 4.654 palavras

League Of Legends

Pt 1 eSports, The Growth Story

eSports definition:

eSports is the name given to the sport of competitive video gaming. It is a sport where each player’s actions are generated through an electronic system (Hamari & Sjoblom, 2017).

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Paragon Review

I started playing League of Legends just under a year ago more as a joke than anything else. MOBA is, as we all know, a dirty word, and playing with other people is a hassle at the best of times. mais 755 palavras


What Happens When We Think Games Are Childish

I have been playing games my entire life. I am a lover of video games, card games, board games, and role-playing games. I love the thrill of competition, the challenge of solving a hard puzzle, and spending time with my friends and family doing something fun. mais 660 palavras

Magic: The Gathering

Chapter 14: The Safest Secret

The Grand General’s carriage was twelve feet long. The ebony horses that dragged it to its destination were armored in gold but the weight of an entire Empire wouldn’t stop them during their task. mais 5.449 palavras

League Of Legends