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Big Gods anuncia equipe de LoL

Por Redação TEAMPLAY

A Big Gods definiu a sua equipe de League of Legends, que irá disputar o acesso para a Challenger Series – América do Norte… mais 92 palavras


LoL - Placement result may yield unexpected humor

The 2017 season for LoL has started, which means rank resets. Oddly enough, the new flex queue also got reset, after only being up for a few weeks. mais 225 palavras

League Of Legends

Riot divulga lista oficial dos times do CBLoL; brTT está na RED Canids

Nesta sexta-feira (09) a Riot Games divulgou os times e o regulamento oficial do Circuito Brasileiro de League of Legends 2017 e, dentre algumas mudanças, o que mais chamou a atenção foram as alterações de time de Felipe “ mais 357 palavras


DotA 2 and League of Legends Characters with Resemblance

Forget the hate for now, because today we’re not going to point the differences and debate which one of these two popular MOBA games is the best. mais 642 palavras

League Of Legends

Creating Champions in League of Legends: Breaking Rules

It was around 2012 that I took my first stab at creating a champion concept for League of Legends. Suffice to say, I’ve been working on it and others ever since. mais 739 palavras

League Of Legends

Why on Earth are you Laning?

The most important question you can ask is ‘Why’. Why anything? Why this? Why that? It’s kind of like that child that keeps saying “But Whyyyyyyy?” You can keep asking why until you properly understand something and can no longer ask ‘Why’. mais 2.612 palavras

League Of Legends