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Graves Montage

Graves can deal tons of damage, you know?
Check out Graves Montage:

League Of Legends

Pro Guide Kalista ADC S6

I: Pros and Cons with thisKalista Build


  • – Kiting and chasing very well
  • You can save your support with ultimate
  • Heavy for enemys to chase you!
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League Of Legends

The CDR Creep and Its Effect on the Game

With the “Midseason Magic” patch, cooldown reduction is at an all-time high. Nearly every champion in any given game (barring ADCs and most junglers) will hit the 40% cap without even trying. mais 491 palavras

Dragon Rework in League

Riot’s Newest Update

Previous Versions of Dragon

Photo Credit: League of Legends EU Boards

The Dragon in League of Legends has always been a significant objective to take and control, but the most recent version of Dragon has seen a slight decrease in importance. mais 788 palavras


How to Build Yasuo Season 6-ProGuide


  • High damage output
  • High outplay potential
  • Capable of carrying games easily
  • Wind Wall can block engaging abilities like Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow
  • High chase potential if there are minions nearby…
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League Of Legends

The Plague of the Shurima Update

Warning! This is probably a lot of griping and other stuff. Mostly some history about League and its lore. Feel free to not care about this particular entry unless you are interested in that kind of stuff. mais 611 palavras


LCS Set to Start in 2 Weeks

Photo Credit: SNS Gamers

The LCS Summer Splits for North America and Europe are set to start in just under 2 weeks with the top teams from those regions competing for the title of best Western team. mais 576 palavras