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A League of Legends team Is Starting By Taiwanese Pop Star, Jay Chou

Recent reports have stated that Jay Chou, mega famous Taiwanese pop sensation, has decided to start a League of Legends team. Under the name MRJ, the team hopes to compete in the Taiwanese region next split. mais 61 palavras


NUEL5 is Recruiting

After a strong showing in the ESL UK Premiership, claiming the title of 5th best team in the United Kingdom, Team NUEL5 has opened try outs for all positions in the team. mais 344 palavras

League Of Legends

A Huddersfield Fairy Tale or Second Time Lucky For Aston?

It’s nearly time for the final week of the League of Legends Championship this year, also the first with it under the new title of the GAME National Championship. mais 434 palavras

League Of Legends

3 Free Skins and Champions #DreadnightGaren, #FreeSkins, #LeagueOfLegends, #Lol, #RiotGirlTristana, #UnchainedAlistar

League of Legends Basics Guide Part 2: Welcome to Summoner's Rift


  1. Introduction

  2. Champions & Skins

  3. Items

  4. Lanes

  5. Minions

  6. Jungle & Neutral Monsters

  7. Turrets, Inhibitors & Nexus


Welcome to the part 2 of the basic guide. mais 1.687 palavras

League Of Legends

RiftTalk: A Look Into League of Legend's Preseason

With the end of League of Legends’ season five comes the preseason;
a time of limbo before the start of the next ranked-ladder year where Riot implements massive changes to the game in order to alter its play-style, feel, and win conditions. mais 585 palavras

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