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Star Guardian Jinx by Rikka Blurhound
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The Expansion of the Loot Crate

Remember back when you could just buy what you wanted? Yeah, I do too.

It was a short while ago in around 2009 that Team Fortress 2 introduced the concept of the loot crate. mais 650 palavras


LCK Offseason News

.-This blog is going to be about the most notable roster changes in the LCK this off-season. The LCK is the professional league of legends region in South Korea. mais 243 palavras

The MOBA Experiment, Part I: Awesomenauts

I’m not a particular fan of MOBA games. I’ve tried at different points in time: League of Legends, Dota 2, and Guardians of Middle-Earth, neither have really grabbed me. mais 1.084 palavras

Game Design

2017 NA LCS Power Rankings #2

Last Summer, Cloud 9 performed as expected in the LCS going 12-6 and finished 3rd in the standings. What’s surprising about this is that Summer Split was the first split where Hai was not a part of the Cloud 9 starting lineup. mais 372 palavras


ADC's in 2017

Season 7 of League of Legends is known to be the bane of Attack/Damage Carries (ADCs). In the last few months, players have taken notice how underpowered ADC’s are in this current season of LOL, and numerous amounts of people have tried coming up with new build paths to fix this problem. mais 191 palavras


Campus Series is back in Na

2017 is going to be new year for Na student clubs. There is 200  team from all over the North America and they will crush their enemies, try to get Championship title. mais 80 palavras

League Of Legends