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Hai Quest

I know, I know, it’s super corny and not very original. But then again, that feels fitting for a team whose biggest claim to fame is that they’re an old iteration of a fan favorite. mais 401 palavras


Gentleman Gnar finished!

I finished him! This really has to be my favourite cosplay so far – he was truly the most fun to make, and wear!

For the fang, I used a cheap fake nail painted gold and cut into shape. mais 164 palavras


Poor, dumb, and maybe corrupt

Some high quality posting from Gevlon going on right now related to his favorite tinfoil hat: everything is corrupt!

It starting with his theory that the only reason anyone works in the gaming industry is because they are corrupt and getting… mais 764 palavras

MMO Design

Cloud 9's Future

Despite their recent poor showing in week six, Cloud 9 looks to have upped their game and turned themselves around. Even following a thoroughly embarassing loss to Team Envy (don’t get me wrong, Envy played an excellent series. mais 970 palavras


Confusion in LCS standings

As foreign as it feels, we’ve now finished off the seventh week of the Summer Split, yet we still don’t have a clear impression of how the top teams really stack up. mais 748 palavras


Are Professional Picks Good For Ranked Ladder Play?

Picks From the World Stage

Professional picks do not always translate into strong ranked ladder picks. Champions with difficult mechanics tend to be more rewarding for players that can master them, but these champions are generally nerfed to a “balanced state” for pro play. mais 385 palavras

League Of Legends

League of Legends - Patch 7.14 - SoloQ Tier List

Season 7 – Patch 7.14

” What are the best champions to climb with “

Hey there guys, Mico here out with a new SoloQ tier list, This patch includes the new release of champion Kayn, our latest Jungler, I will be discussing a little about how he plays into this current meta, and other buffs and nerfs. mais 1.400 palavras

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