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LoL, a game of Cynics vs Dreamers

CLG’s recent NA LCS success could easily be made into a movie. Years of abuse, underperformance and mediocrity washed away by a sudden burst of wonderful and stunning form, culminating in a blow-out, we-have-arrived landmark victory over their oldest rivals, TSM. mais 977 palavras

League Of Legends

League of Legends Rampage 2015

I wanted to write a blog about Rampage 2015 similar to last year’s. However, I forgot to bring my camera to the event and my phone’s camera is not a very good substitute for taking photos in low lighting :( I’ll try to describe my experience as much as I can without the support of photos. mais 1.241 palavras

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LCS 2015 Summer Finals: What Happened & Why

In one of the most interesting splits for NA and EU LCS we have quite a bit to talk about the finals. Let’s starts with the EU LCS then shift to NA. mais 656 palavras