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League of Legends Playoff Bracket Predictions: Spring 2018

Since the regular split of the North American and European regions ends after this weekend’s games, instead of my regular game predictions I’m going to predict how the playoff bracket will look after this weekend. mais 1.127 palavras


EU LCS Week Eight Recap


The past couple weeks I have been following the professional League of Legends leagues. I would say I started to watch at the right time. mais 456 palavras



SATURDAY, MARCH 17, 2018 – DAY 1


Head to head records

100Thieves with three straight victories in their back, they seem ready to put up a fight today. mais 1.075 palavras

League Of Legends

Hello, love.

Thanks for joining me!

I’m glad to see more and more people are looking at Agony’s Embrace as a viable champion in the jungle, even seeing light in professional play. mais 477 palavras


The final's dream

Going into the final week, TSM are looking to take a 2-0 week to give them hope of a 11th straight NA LCS final appearance and maybe even a 7th NA LCS split trophy. mais 309 palavras

League Of Legends

Kai'Sa Releaseweek Recap.

With the hyperscaling-hybrid-carry playstyle, Kai’Sa fills a very fresh and modern role.  With spells evolving into upgraded states depending on how much added attack damage, ability power, and attack speed you have. mais 1.252 palavras

League Of Legends

[Eng] - #1 San Francisco - September 2016

As I am starting this new series, I feel excited to share the memories of this beautiful trip with you but I also stand confused. It’s been an year and an half since I have visited USA and I don’t know where to start. mais 1.257 palavras