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Ashe Gameplay Mechanics (ADC)

Hey everyone! I’m here bringing you the first run of many to come of different videos covering various champions gameplay mechanics for all different roles! This being the first one, I do apologize in advance for the semi lacking audio quality, as I was still tweaking the settings upon its recording. mais 37 palavras


5 Great Fan Made Music Videos (Based on Video Games)

Sure, it’s pretty awesome when a new game trailer comes out. Especially when it’s 100% hard beats and gun-fighting, demon-slaying, liver-exploding asskickery. Every Borderlands trailer has contained twice as much mad road-ragin’ rampage as a Mad Max movie. mais 393 palavras

In Poor Taste

The Most Annoying Moments in LoL

Every game has moments where you think “this is the time I break my keyboard”, these are some of those moments in League of Legends: mais 286 palavras

So Jokes. Wow!

Types of League of Legends Summoners

Having played League of Legends for quite some time now, I think I can safely assume that I have interacted with pretty much all types of fellow summoners, so let’s break it down!  mais 610 palavras

So Jokes. Wow!

Identifying Toxic Behavior and Its Impacts on Retention

Shores et al. (2014) developed toxic index to measure toxicity level in League of Legends. This index is used to identify, and predict factors that can cause deviant behaviors. mais 1.016 palavras

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