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6.21 Patch Notes Review

Welcome to the 6.21 Patch Notes Review! It will be here that we discuss the upcoming patch and how it will affect the current meta. This will be the last patch before the big Preseason Update. mais 753 palavras

League Of Legends

Get Top Ranked Accounts Specially For You At EpicNPC.COM

At EpicNPC, we are specialized in providing an incredible platform that allows you to buy, sell, and trade various gaming accounts.  Most of the top ranked accounts have are being owned by the top active members on the platform. mais 222 palavras

League Of Legends

Welcome to Summoner's Rift

We sat in seats at the historic Chicago theater; the sound of the crowd swelled up, incongruous with the stately golden pillars that stretched up to the ornately painted ceiling.   mais 769 palavras


Cushions in gaming

With preseason here in League of Legends it’s a whole fiesta of randomness and fun!

The assassin update seems a little strange to me however… mais 480 palavras

League Of Legends

Just a Single Kiss (LoL Fanfic)

I stared at her empty seat and sighed. She was skipping school—again. For the fifth time this week. I hadn’t seen her since our row on Sunday, and by now, I was pretty worried. mais 794 palavras


Let's Have Some Fun, League Lovers: Worlds Semifinal Viewing Party!

By: Sarah Elizabeth

This reporter has got a treat for you, my League of Legends lovers! This Saturday on October 22nd there will be a Worlds Semifinal Viewing Party at The Landing’s Chicago Pizza. mais 580 palavras

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MOBA Learning Curves

Over the past few years games such as League of Legends , Dota 2, and Heroes of the Storm have captured the gaming community the genre known as… mais 238 palavras

League Of Legends