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An Interview With Cosplayer Shinya Nightingale

Hi Readers

It’s time for another cosplay interview, this time we meet Shinya Nightingale! Shinya Nightingale first caught my attention with her awesome anime cosplays! mais 549 palavras


eSports as Games: MOBAs, Overwatch, and Rocket League

Hey guys! My Gameday posts will be going on from now on, but I will link them here. This week’s post is on evaluating eSports as regular video games! mais 10 palavras

Video Games

Secret Agent Miss Fortune

The Bounty Hunter, my marksman of choice back when I was active in the League of Legends scene. :D I don’t even play anymore due to my increasingly busy schedule, but this cosplay is to bring the dreams of my past self to life. mais 168 palavras


Crushed Dreams and Broken Hearts: Phoneix1´s upset versus TSM

If you have been following the NA LCS recently (particularly on saturday), you may have been the witness of a huge upset in the NA LCS. mais 463 palavras

League Of Legends

Pre-Worlds Early Game Update: The Effect on Pro Play

Pre-Worlds Early Game Update: The Effect on Pro Play

Riot has recently announced they will be making the last big patch before worlds, as they want teams to qualify on the same meta that will be played on worlds. mais 789 palavras

League Of Legends

I just want to write about PhoenixWon

I’ve been wanting to write about P1 all split long. I was kind of holding out hoping I could get interviews with the team but it’s not looking hopeful at this time. mais 282 palavras

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