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eSports Weekend Calendar: March 6 - 8, 2015

There aren’t a lot of big matches in this week’s eSports Weekend Calendar. There is the finals of the Heroes of the Storm Big League on Saturday with the semifinals on Friday. mais 293 palavras


League is Life LoL Review

Been putting this one off for as long as I could but I think its time. Hello everyone, My name is Riley and im addicted to League of Legends. mais 676 palavras


Riot Reveals Newest League of Legends Champion: Bard

Developer Riot Games has lifted the curtains, allowing us to meet their newest League of Legends champion, Bard, the Wandering Caretaker – a celestial vagabond, manifesting whenever the universal equilibrium is disturbed by others. mais 127 palavras

Bit Trauma

Champion & Skin Sale 06.03 - 09.03

Skin Sales:

Reaper Hecarim – 487 RP

Nightraven Fiora – 375 RP

Undertaker Yorick – 260 RP

Champion Sales:

Vel’Koz – 487 RP

Ahri – 440 RP

Sion – 292 RP


Warwick the relentless (part 2)

before you start, a word with the writer:
I wanted the entire part of Soraka to be the focus of this part, but I also wanted you to follow Warwick in one of these hunts. mais 1.620 palavras

League Of Legends

DJ Sona Series: Games 1-10 of 100

(Note: My first League of Legends post ever! Yay!)

A few months ago rumors of the next Mythical skin started circulating and Riot could not have picked a better champion for it. mais 344 palavras


Week 7 Fantasy LCS Positional Rankings and Match-up Analysis

Rankings for the week factors in prior performance, strength of schedule, match-ups, and also arbitrary inclinations. Use as a guide when setting your lineups. Good luck!  mais 1.274 palavras
League Of Legends