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New Doran's Shield vs Doran's Blade

Thanks to its rework, now Doran’s Shield gives a third option for Adc in choosing what starting item they could buy.

Let’s take a look to Doran’s Shield current stats. mais 417 palavras


10 αποκλεισμοί στα κανονικά παιχνίδια - σύντομα


Από την ενημέρωση 7.11, στη φάση των αποκλεισμών για όλες τις λειτουργίες Draft στο Φαράγγι των Επικαλεστών, κάθε ομάδα θα μπορεί να κάνει πέντε αποκλεισμούς, αντί για τρεις. mais 8 palavras

Doublelift Returns to TSM, Wildturtle to FlyQuest

Photo Credit: Inven Global

Yesterday, it was officially announced that Doublelift would be returning to TSM and playing with them in the Summer Split. Originally the TSM planned to have a 6 man roster with Doublelift and Wildturtle sharing the ADC role. mais 394 palavras


eSports - The ROI of Investing in a Team

As part of our new coverage of eSports, I want to touch on a top-level concern for people considering an investment in eSports. The growth of eSports has attracted considerable investment attention.  mais 624 palavras


Calgary's Champions: 5 Tips for Your Last Few Days to Prepare

Please note: there have been changes to the May 27th tournament including location and start time. Please CLICK HERE for the most up-to-date details.

With the Spring Open fully registered with players, we are very much in the final stretch towards this important tournament. mais 605 palavras


SKT are MSI Champions

Photo Credit: Youtube

When the dust settled this past Sunday, SKT once again stood victorious on the international stage with another MSI trophy to add to their already bulging trophy case. mais 382 palavras