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UZI: Legacy Unlocked

With the conclusion of the 2018 Mid Season Invitational, we have a new international powerhouse in the form of the newly crowned champions, Royal Never Give Up. mais 583 palavras


8.10 Jungle Paths/Strategies

The new jungle changes makes it clear that riot wants junglers to fight each other more and gank lanes less. To do this, they made scuttle crab a must get camp in order to level up, get a gold lead, and gain vision control on the two jungle objectives. mais 515 palavras


League of Legends Match Predictions

This is a little side project I have been working on for the last couple of months. Given the popularity of League of Legends as an eSport, I wanted to see if I can use some machine learning models to predict matches between professional teams. mais 2.040 palavras


Royal Never Give Up broke Korea’s international dominance, beating King Zone Dragon X to be crowned MSI 2018 champions.

The Chinese team broke the 1106-day long streak of Korean best of 5 victories in a dramatic 3-1 series win. mais 339 palavras


PressXToJason's Pressing Issues #2: Midseason 8 State of Support

Season 8 has seen several sets of sweeping changes to roles and positions, whether in terms of itemization, runes, mechanics, or, in terms of jungle,  all of the above and more. mais 1.450 palavras

League Of Legends

The Flash Wolves could Finally End a Dynasty

        Throughout the long-storied history of League of Legends, Korea has dominated every aspect of the game. From success at international tournaments, to infiltrating other regions with top talent, Korea has led the way for quite some time. mais 666 palavras

League Of Legends

MSI Playoffs Kick Off

Photo Credit: Riot Games

This week brings an exciting round of games for League of Legends as the semifinals and finals for MSI 2018 kick off. mais 366 palavras