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2017 Oct 25 ~ Nov 15

“Live in the country: cheap cost of living, few good jobs.”Live in the country: cheap cost of living, few good jobs.

Live in the city: expensive cost of living, better jobs. mais 5.992 palavras

LoL Top Tier List Update

Greetings readers! LoL Top Tier List got a full update. I’ll be adding Rune pictures for specific champions and types very soon. Stay tuned!

Happy Gaming~


MOBAs and brains: A link between skill and intelligence

We recently released an article documenting a link between between young people’s ability to perform well in DotA2 and League of Legends and intelligence. Essentially these games can act like IQ tests. mais 564 palavras

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Artists I Discovered Through Video Games

The idea for this post came to me as I was listening to an old Spotify playlist late one night. It was full of songs and artists that I both liked and that I had discovered through various different video games over the years. mais 91 palavras

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Black Friday outlet

Hello everyone!

Has been a while I know but lately been busy making some updates for my etsy shop with some unique listings that are now available… mais 223 palavras


DLCs, Micropagos y el infame Pay2Win

Me apetecía comentar un poco al respecto de una noticia que ya escuché en su día pero que hoy ha vuelto a llegar a mis oídos: Star Wars Battlefront 2 será Pay2Win. mais 1.387 palavras