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Tales from the League: Exiles


Sunlight inched over the rooftops, giving light to the desolate streets of Bilgewater. People moved through the streets at either a drunken shamble or purposefully march. mais 2.647 palavras


You horrible, horrible human being

I’ve just finished playing Lol. It was a horrible game and I really wasn’t at my best. I’ve had a bad day. You know when there are some days when you can’t get absolutely nothing right? mais 562 palavras


Burnout & Tilt

Today I want to talk about burnout and tilt in games. I’m going to referencing League of Legends in this post, but I’m aware the terms are not exclusive to LoL. mais 333 palavras


Embrace gaming culture

Thirty-two million people tuned in to watch SK Telecom T1 issue the obligatory “good luck have fun” before obliterating Royal Club’s Nexus in the 2013 League of Legends World Championships. mais 900 palavras

The Justice

LoL Champion Concept - Zha'Akûr - Master of the Void

This is a champion concept for League of Legends. This will be presented in a very rough state, and is by no means actually viable to create a champion from. mais 1.062 palavras