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Alphabe Thursday ... N is for Nosso Brazil

‘Nosso Brasil tão feliz

De minério, fauna e flora

A cultura vive anônima

Só o estrangeiro explora

Brasileiro alienado

Só quer o que vem de fora’ mais 86 palavras


Alphabe Thursday ... F for Feliz and the happy gift of harmony

My Brazilian dictionary continues to delight ; especially as I can now start to count the days before I go!

Feliz quem se satisfaz

Com o dom da harmonia… mais 65 palavras


Alphabe Thursday ... D is for Dicionário Brasileiro de literatura de Cordel and Deus.

From my little book some wise words about the god who intercedes the poet’s thoughts and gives him inspiration.  This man in my opinion looks a bit of a wide boy I would not trust him quite so much. mais 96 palavras


Alphabe Thursday ... C is for Cordel

I have a little collection cordels and looking forward to finding some more.  Cordel literature from the Portuguese, literatura de cordel, means  ‘string literature.’ So called because they are displayed on strings with pegs. mais 43 palavras


A snapshot from my library ...

From my library again, a book called Vertentes e evolução da literatura de cordel  Aspects and evolution of string literature by Gonçalo Ferreira da Silva.  I developed a love for these books when I first went to Brazil and having learned about  Chapbooks in our library here at Reading.   mais 91 palavras


Snapshot from my library ...

Again I am away from the University Library and resort to my own library this time my Alphabet books.  This one holds  a special place not only because it is a gift from Rio; but because it celebrates some of the things I hold dear, creatively. mais 79 palavras


Washington, DC, USA: Literatura de Cordel event

Literatura de Cordel:
Continuity and Change in Brazilian Popular Literature

Symposium: September 26-27, 2011
Thomas Jefferson Building, Room 119
10 First Street, SE
Washington, DC…
mais 263 palavras