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A man gets hired for his first summer internship to do cost analysis, but he gets there and no one talks to him at all. No one tells him what to do or how to start working. mais 372 palavras

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New Stand Up Clip Performance from The Tempe Improv in Tempe Arizona

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Something about owning a blacked out Range Rover makes people into idiots


It looks like someone tried an insane stunt in a residential neighborhood and ended up rolling this Range Rover on its top. Why do this? mais 85 palavras


Angry manhole cover attacks innocent car out of nowhere

What did this poor little car do to that manhole cover? Clearly, the cover was mad at something, and felt a need to blow off a little steam. mais 64 palavras


Cleetus McFarland attempts the elusive cruise control burnout

Sometimes you just need to do a burnout, and what better time than just before your brother’s graduation when you’re putting around California in a Dale Earnhardt inspired minivan? mais 94 palavras


Clint Bowyer's son loves to talk about his favorite NASCAR driver, it's just not who you think

Kids say the darnedest things, huh?

Take Cash Bowyer, the absolutely adorable 2 1/2-year-old son of racer Clint Bowyer, He loves talking about his favorite NASCAR driver — it’s just not who you think. mais 178 palavras


A driver ruined his Land Rover LR4 trying to get the perfect photo

NBC Philadelphia reports that a poor Land Rover was the victim of a photo shoot gone wrong on the Jersey Shore. The owner drove out onto the sand to get that perfect shot but got stuck. mais 271 palavras