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To various doses of stupidity. I know better, yet keep dabbling. It’s like an addiction, and I can’t break free of the madness. I can’t let go…. mais 503 palavras

Meme Spotlight: Overly Manly Man

The next installment of my Meme Spotlights is one of my absolute favorites: Overly Manly Man!

Tequila the cat... she's out to get me

So my cat is obviously the most craziest, adorable, energetic, strange feline I have ever met… I love her. I woke up this morning to find her sitting on my chest, starring down at me with her enormous blue eyes… she was watching me sleep? mais 46 palavras


Meme Spotlight: No Bullshit Business Baby

If there’s one thing that people know I can’t get enough of, it’s memes! Rather than flood Facebook and Instagram feeds with memes, I thought I’d just do a spotlight on some of my favorite memes. mais 21 palavras

The Art of 'Trumping'

“He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.” – Future U.S. President, Emperor, and Dark Overlord Donald Trump…

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Horny British MPs Tried To Watch Porn In Parliament Over 247,000 Times Last Year

Pornography websites are banned from Parliament and its associated governmental buildings, but that didn’t stop MPs and their staffs from trying to access the risqué sites during business hours. mais 139 palavras