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Watch "Columbia SC Horrific Flooding, I Saved My Totino's PIZZA during the flood" on YouTube


So we had a horrific flood not too long back here in South Carolina. This video went viral. It still makes me crack up!!! mais 12 palavras

*Lesbian Girlfriend Debates*

Hey lovelies!!!! So today I asked my girlfriend to go to the corner store and buy me some boiled peanuts. This turns into a debate that she says I can’t say boiled peanuts right and I think she can’t hear! mais 56 palavras

This is why a popular NASCAR personality now has a racing legend's face on his inner thigh

The man is known as Nascarcasm. A man from Indianapolis that runs a popular social media account where he cracks-wise about anything and everything NASCAR. He occasionally does work for that is nearly always a riot. mais 250 palavras


If this car repair shop is real, run screaming

If your mechanic says any of these things, it’s time to get a new mechanic. Seriously, if you hear the words “blinker fluid” you need to run with all the swiftness of a rushing wind. mais 48 palavras


This is not how to ride a scooter, but it is a way to fall off one

Are you silly? He’s still going to send it. Just because this is all the way overseas doesn’t mean that the Enticer spirit is any weaker than up in the great white north. mais 53 palavras


Shirtless guy brawls with two dudes in road rage at a stoplight

A road rage incident in Australia turned ugly when three men left their vehicles at a red light to engage in fisticuffs.

One man–shirtless for reasons unknown–can be seen arguing with two other motorists, before one of the men swings at the shirtless fellow. mais 78 palavras


Ten of the wackiest forms of racing

What kind of racing do you like? Maybe you enjoy a little NASCAR, or maybe some Formula One or even Top Fuel drag racing. Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but there are some folks out there that need just a little more, and their definition of more is quite insane. mais 53 palavras