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I am all about stories where the hero and villain know each other very well and were once friends, but I could deal with it being used another way.

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soccermom of the inquisition

with extra sovereigns you can get the limited edition: 

Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Seinfeld (King Kunta Lyrics Over the Seinfeld Track)

The Blackest rap album ever meets the Whitest tv show…ever. Ebony and Ivory really do make perfect harmony.


the 100 meme:    Things that should have happened. 
→   Raven found a camera in the dropship, now she won’t stop. And Clarke is going crazy.

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Hot Carl

>be grade 10 mid year
>Uncle is the school principle
>1 of my home room teachers doesn’t like that
>thinks I get away with things too easy…

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