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Where's the exit door from this infatuation?

This is the first time I’ve been infatuated with someone, because, I’ve only dated once, and been only in one relationship.

Anyways, I’ve been trying to figure out why I am so into him, when I barely even know him – thus, infatuation. mais 212 palavras

Scholars contradicting themselves

Ok, so apparently other than the fact Muslim men only use their subhuman views of women to prevent them from marrying men from other Abrahamic religion sects due to “obedience” (ahem, any obedience other than to Allah is called idoltary, paganism or shirk, aka the biggest sin you can ever do and the definite sin that’ll land you in hell without repentance), the other bs argument muslim (obv male) scholars like to use is “children follow the religion of the father”. mais 377 palavras



Joseph sits at a corner of Starbucks, drinking green tea frappe while watching his favourite film Batman: The Dark Knight. Despite it being directed Christopher Nolan (he hates him because he isn’t good looking according to him), he enjoys the film. mais 34 palavras