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During my trip I caught some interesting candid moments.

Joseph thought he was slick cleaning his sandy shoe with a foot stool in an empty aisle at the dollar store. mais 51 palavras

A Sticky Situation

As we drove out the parking lot of a nightclub, we saw a group of people standing around a parked van in a near-empty lot. I looked closer and noticed a girl standing on the roof of the truck with something shiny in her hands. mais 63 palavras


Vlogger bro explains how he can afford to daily drive an Enzo

Blaze from Car Bros is back with the RARI!

BlazinWRX_420 gives a rare behind the scenes glimpse into his daily life and, of course, his daily driver, a completely original and not-at-all-fake Ferrari Enzo.  mais 158 palavras


The oldest prank in the book hilariously claims another victim

Another take on a classic. With his horn connected to his brakes, this guy has no choice but to annoy himself and everyone at the light while his horn blares anytime he needs to slow down. mais 89 palavras


A North Carolina Priest is in hot water for his actions during a Florida Turnpike incident

Alright, Florida Man, it’s been a while since we last spoke, but it’s good to see that your staying active and keeping yourself involved in the community. mais 242 palavras


Cats- why I hate them?

There have been thousands of posts on cats and here I am posting my opinion..
Cats are mean! I have seen cats tormenting smaller insects/animals instead of killing them directly. mais 426 palavras