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really !!!

After getting my haircut I always stop at the Dollar Tree next door. This is the first time I’ve been in since the shopping plaza was remodeled last month. mais 162 palavras

Useless But Practical Information

The 24 Best Verses For A Potential #TrumpBible

Donald Trump was asked last week about what his favorite Bible verse was from the Christian scripture. He declined to answer the question, but in response, the Twitterverse decided to brainstorm some potential verses for a Donald Trump Bible. mais 720 palavras

Cow Gets Its Head Stuck In A Chair And The World Responds With The Worst Puns Ever

A Northamptonshire cow managed to get itself in a bit of trouble this week when it started messing around with a common garden chair. A local fire department was dispatched to help the poor creature out, but it turns out that the cow had already managed to free itself. mais 203 palavras