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Losing My Mind

I don’t know why but these days I have been out of my place.

Things aren’t usual for me anymore.

I have been elected as one of the officer for 2016-2017 Band with a title “HISTORIAN”. mais 359 palavras

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The Hardest Job in the World

So far nobody had compared me to doormats (only female genitalia), but I wouldn’t be surprised to find a distant relative or two that bore a resemblance (to doormats I mean, although I’m not necessarily discounting female genitalia); after all, I was something of a diminutive Atlas… mais 764 palavras

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Late Night Thoughts

February 18, 2016 2:06 AM

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Youre just like pizza

I dont know why the fuck everybody likes you

Random Notes On My Phone


Before I had a chance to publish my most recent blurb, my daughter decided to tag me in a post on Facebook.

I don’t usually unlock my Facebook privacy gates for everyone to see what people are posting on my profile and tagging me in, but the following video was worth changing every setting from… mais 202 palavras


What To Actually Expect From Going Out With Your Bootcamp Instructor

“Thank you!” he yelled to me. I was on the floor, the sweat and mascara still partially blinding my right eyeball as I laid on my side, rolling the outside of my leg on a foam contraption like a imminently dead fish. mais 1.079 palavras