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A lecturer walked into a lecture room and announced there would be an emergency test; and went straight to the board to write the instructions as: mais 142 palavras



u know in inquisition how warden alistair mentions the warden was searching for the cure to the calling? now im picturing them like eating dinner together and she just fucking flips the table “THE DOG” “…WHY ARE WE SHOUTING WHAT DOG?” “THE DOG AT OSTAGAR?” “BARKSPAWN?” the dog hears his name and comes up “HE HAD THE TAINT” “he—wait what?” “HE HAD THE TAINT REMEMBER I CURED HIM?” “YOU CURED THE TAINT YEARS AGO AND YOU DIDN’T TELL ANYONE???” “I FORGOT. I WAS KIND OF BUSY”

You know you Black if...

1. Your grandma has a front room full of furniture covered in plastic… that no one can sit on.
2. When something breaks you use tape or super glue. mais 230 palavras


A sad love story (read to the end, I actually laughed at myself)

I am convinced I will be alone forever. Here is why.

I don’t like forced relationships, going on dates scares me. You’re both there for a reason, you both have some sort of an agenda. mais 559 palavras

4 Things Ugly Selfies will cause

1. You will attract ugly people. Ugly attractions lead to ugly relationships. Ugly relationships lead to ugly marriages. And, ugly marriages lead to ugly children. Ugly children can’t continue your legacy. mais 165 palavras

Autocorrect... is the devil

Autocorrect is out here trying to break up happy homes and relationships. It’ll have you single, sleeping on your parent’s couch, and lonely. The tool was designed to help in certain circumstances however; it’s playing for the other team. mais 317 palavras