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The Close Call Day

Okay, rewind a bit, Ally!

Yeah, so, most of you wouldn’t know this; but Red Ain’t Blushin’ was, at first, The Left Phalange…taken from… mais 277 palavras


Dick Chat

There are no mistakes in art. Except when it’s stiff, and stale, and manufactured as fuck. Only stiff thing I want to see is a dick, or a freshly ironed business shirt. mais 1.075 palavras

O.K., Here's The Story ---

“All I have to do is knock that darned lamp over into this bucket of kerosene and once I collect the insurance on what is left of this place, I will be on easy street for quite some time. mais 23 palavras

Random Thoughts



It is morning in your voice, I don’t like the way the otherside looks,
the desert has taken All of it.
I build myself big enough so you can see me from a moon, at least the outer layer… mais 176 palavras




It’s me, the one and only: P I S T A C H I O *loud boom followed by confetti and inflatable fruit*. mais 247 palavras