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Dad Joke of the Day!

This is just GOLD!

What does an annoyed pepper do?

It gets Jalapeño face!



Dad Joke of the Day!

Lol this is so stupid it’s good.

I reread like three times every time it became funnier and funnier


Mason King

Hey wassup I’m Mason and I play guitar and have diabetes.

Give me clout and follow my Instagram @MsnKng

My mother wouldn't buy the extra bag of Mr. Chips

I am standing in front of all the goodies in the world

you could possibly squeeze on an eight feet steel grocery shelf.

It is bursting with cheese curls, barbecue-flavored nachos and chips. mais 333 palavras


Dad Joke of the Day

This had me in tears lol.

Why do chicken coops only have 2 doors?  Because if they had 4, they would be chicken sedans!