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The joys of crash dieting

I am a man that has been dieting for quite a long time. I know this sounds like an oxymoron, but, at the end of the day, the wonders of modern western civilization allow for such non-sense to exist. mais 599 palavras

Stupid Diets That May Actually Work

*Creepers of the Internet via Social Media*

So we all have recieved strange messages and/or pics via social media that leaves us sitting there thinking “Wtf?!”

One extra special day on three different social medias. mais 97 palavras

i was tricked into changing for the worse

and maybe next year for my birthday we can have a candle for every unmentioned (unnoticed) suicide attempt and my family can blow them out with frowns on their faces… mais 24 palavras

Patrolman gets a terrifying surprise popping the hood of a family's disabled car

If you ever find yourself having car trouble in New South Wales, Australia, don’t be a hero. Sure, you can fix anything, and it is probably just a dead battery, but as one family found out, it could be something much, much worse. mais 110 palavras


Life is hard when you're pretty...*sigh*

While all the other girls have put away their Halloween costumes, Babs here has decided to keep the look going.

Red and General Disarray came by to pay their respects and she isn’t having it. mais 201 palavras


Keep Danica Patrick away from your self-driving shuttles

A self driving bus in Las Vegas was celebrating its launch when it got a rude welcome to the real world in the form of a semi truck. mais 325 palavras


*~Pranking People With Facebook:Halloween Version😂~*

Hey guys! I know I shared the first video of this prank so I thought I would share the halloween version. I hope you enjoy lovelies!