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The "Puntstar"

Lol! Haha! Hehe! LMAO!

I can’t stop. The man is so funny! He has me in splits.

I watch his videos when I am low and it is the best therapy. mais 75 palavras

Carlton Teaches Snoop Dogg His Carlton Dance [LMAO]

Alfonso Ribeiro AKA Carlton from the Fresh Prince, taught Snoop Dogg his Carlton dance.  Do you know how to do the Carlton dance?

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Animation gif

Hello. This is both a hilarious and a funny gif… But it seems to be pretty difficult to call a taxi. LoL


Dracul Van Helsing

My Friend and fellow Blogoteer, Christopher Milner – AKA Dracul Van Helsing has set up a >Go Fund Me account< in hopes of making some additional money for living expenses while he concentrates on finding a job and working on his Vampire Novels. mais 581 palavras

Hyperion Sturm

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it has to be said because sometimes, letting go is easier than holding on. my hands are tired and so are yours. the barbed wire we’ve been latching on for so long is already drenched with the blood of our hands, the proof of how much we’ve struggled to work things out between us. mais 388 palavras