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Rick Perry Says That He Had Tons Of Fun With Senator Al Franken 'On His Couch'

There was a gigantic LOL moment in the Capitol today as Energy Secretary-designee Rick Perry once again said something weird.

Senator Al Franken began his questioning by asking if Rick Perry “enjoyed” meeting him. mais 150 palavras

Side by Side Trailers Prove that Furious 7 and Little Rascals Are the Same Movie

OK, so maybe there’s some clever editing going on here but you can’t say you don’t enjoy the tricks up this team’s sleeve here. The people over at CineFix love to mash together two movie trailers and make them appear more similar in style or tone than you’d ever think they really were. mais 17 palavras


How This Woman Reacted To Her Tinder Match Cancelling Their Date Is Hilariously Nuts

In general, Tinder just kind of sucks. Everybody is there for different reasons, and tons of people are there just to play games. Which is cool, but it makes it hard to track down fun people who are after the same thing you are — be that dating, or just casual sex. mais 221 palavras

When You Hook a Duck and Goose Call Up to Your Turbo The Results Are Hilarious

Some people love to add crazy after market, cheap effects to their exhaust to try and simulate the sound of a real turbo or some fake added muscle. mais 25 palavras


Dad Pranks Clueless Daughter After She Drops Car Off For Oil Change

A father’s epic prank on his clueless daughter has gone viral and it’s too funny to miss. After she drops her car off with a mechanic for a simple oil change, dad teams up with a radio show posing as the mechanic to see how much they can get away with. mais 34 palavras


The Best Collection of Runaway Fails

We’ve all seen it before and it’s one of the funniest things on the planet! You know what I’m talking about, when someone loses so much control of their ride that it just keeps on driving off without them. mais 57 palavras