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This Wife Kept Getting Texts Looking For Hookers, So Her Husband Decides To Start Responding

There is nothing more annoying that someone who calls you with the wrong number. And like, mistakes happen and we all screw up dialing a phone number every now and then. mais 118 palavras

[VIDEO] Someone is Still Driving This Completely Demolished Toyota

Most of us out there believe in driving a car into the ground. You try to get every single mile out of your daily before getting rid of it and moving on but this guy takes it to a whole new level. mais 10 palavras


Ex-Boyfriend Asks Girl For Date Money Back After Cheating On Her, And What She Does Is EPIC

A British girl by the name of Harriet recently broke up with her ex-boyfriend Dan after discovering that he was cheating on her with multiple different women. mais 171 palavras

[VIDEO] Vice President Biden Loves Doing Burnouts In His Corvette Stingray

Presidents and Vice Presidents are not allowed to drive themselves around not only for the course of their term, but for several years after they’ve left office. mais 55 palavras


[VIDEO] The Perfect Passive Aggressive Revenge Against a Jack Ass Driveway Blocking, Double Parker

One man has apparently had enough of people constantly double parking in his street to run in to a coffee shop around the corner. If that wasn’t bad enough, his driveway is unfortunately placed in a way that makes it very susceptible to being blocked from said cars constantly parking in the street for their coffee. mais 28 palavras


[VIDEO] Two Guys Pulled Over For Police Chase Absolutely Lose Their Minds

While police chases are usually the result of dangerous criminals recklessly endangering the driving public by fleeing justice, one cannot deny they are pretty damn cool to watch if they happen while you’re on the road. mais 63 palavras