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Funny Honey!

I couldn’t help but to laugh after clicking on this link! This series of photos had me in Stitches B****es! It’s titled

If the guy who named walkies talkies named other items.

Just check out the site!

Dear Todd - Texting Uback w iphone: SWHSE (sorry, we hired someone else)

Out from a dark gray hoodie, a pink-flushed face appears. It’s Todd’s. He’s ready to review his job application with Mr. Deale, the store manager, clad in a vivid red polo. mais 627 palavras

The Daily Thought

Black Friday Shopper Snatches Item From Child: You're Scaring Me

November 27, a viral video of a woman snatching a vegetable steamer out of a child’s arms has to be one of the saddest moments in Black Friday history. mais 119 palavras

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Не вижу препятствий

 Lukas Graham – 7 Years  

Я не вижу препятствий. Мне всегда казалось, что добиться желаемого можно в любом случае. Стоит лишь только захотеть. Я не понимаю людей. Не могу понять, почему люди возводят стены и сжигают мосты. Я просто не могу принять тот факт, что люди сами себе враги. Что люди боятся провала и успеха одновременно. Что боятся обжечься, но с удовольствием играют с огнем. Что не боятся обжечься, но обходят пламя стороной.


Internet Slang Vs Emotions

You are with a bunch of your craziest friends. Each of you are cracking jokes after jokes and you all are roaring with laughter. Some of them are clutching their stomach, someone is hitting his neighbor hard while laughing and another is on the floor. mais 738 palavras

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43 Sassy Comebacks To Your Family's Annoying Questions This Thanksgiving Dinner


"Let the children get a plate first." "I'm a child of God." #ThanksgivingClapBack

— Jackée Harry (@JackeeHarry) November 25, 2015


uncle: "when are you gonna get a job" me: "when are you gonna get your hairline back"

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This Tumblr Is Making Fun Of Black Friday By Posting These Hilarious Fake Sale Posters All Around Target Stores

An hilarious Tumblr account by the name “Obvious Plant” decided to have a little fun with some Black Friday shoppers.

They posted these hilarious fake “sale” posters on his local Target store’s bulletin board. mais 105 palavras