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What College Taught Me.

I graduated from college earning a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Film/Media Studies. Some people may see this degree as rather pointless, because it is a rough field to break into, and you can’t really get to the top of the entertainment, or media field without knowing someone who can get you there. mais 301 palavras

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Teen grounded after drifting with mom and dad in the car

While there’s no way to prove if this video is real or fake, the concept is absolutely hilarious! A teen driver that’s watched one too many Vin Diesel movies is out for a drive with mom and dad in tow. mais 36 palavras


Helicopter lost in Kazakhstan lands in road, asks truck driver for directions

Getting lost is never fun, especially on a long road trip, and no one likes having to stop and ask for directions. Fortunately modern GPS systems have made this antiquated ritual a thing of the past, unless you’re flying a gunship through Kazakhstan apparently. mais 63 palavras


New trending GIF on Giphy

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"Trust me, I'm a mechanical engineer" and other car repair fails

If you are or somebody you know is a mechanic, you’ve probably heard and seen a lot of stuff. But some of these will still give you a chuckle because… What?! mais 31 palavras


GTR with 1,074 horsepower nearly runs right off the dyno

Here’s a good reason to exercise caution around a Dyno. Luckily for everybody, it caught the slip like it’s supposed to and nothing hit the fan as it were. mais 38 palavras