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Year 2014. This triumphal arch-type monument overlooking the Tagus River is dedicated to the re-construction’s achievement of Lisbon City after the Earthquake of 1755. The female allegory of Glory is crowning the Genius “the knowledge of the events shall pass through generations” (free translation from the latin above).



running water

Year 2007 – “The cultivation of literary pursuits forms the basis of all sciences, and in their perfection consist the reputation and prosperity of kingdoms.” mais 233 palavras


Somos Campeões

Benfica, Lisbon’s beloved futbal team, won the 33rd Portuguese Cup and the town went CRAZY. We went to Marque de Pompal and found this…

If I ever find the clip of me on Portuguese TV News I’ll post it here.

Parque Eduardo VII, Lisboa

Vista para o Marquês de Pombal, Lisboa, 2012

A crise do sistema colonial

Motivos: Nas últimas décadas do século XVIII liberalismo ilustrado tornava-se crescente com o abandono dos princípios mercantilistas. Ocorreu a independência das colônias inglesas na América, a Revolução Francesa e a Revolução Industrial na Inglaterra. mais 340 palavras