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Mary Kay Beauty & Breakfast event on October 20th at the Oyster Point Hotel

Join us for a relaxing morning at the beautiful Oyster Pointe Hotel!

Enjoy some girlfriend time while you relax and are treated to a Shea Butter hand and lip treatment, an anti-aging skin pampering treatment, hot towels and relaxation exercises!

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New Jersey

What's in my Makeup Collection?

It’s no secret,  I love makeup.

I love trying new brands,  looks and styles.  I love being able to sit down at my makeup mirror and just practise putting it all on and seeing how much better I get each time.  mais 698 palavras

Cross Dressing

Mary Kay Matte Lipstick Review

Every Holiday season Mary Kay puts out a new line of products to celebrate and this year is no different. I love the all but I’d like to highlight one thing in particular, a line of four bright and bold matte lipstick colors. mais 514 palavras


Apa itu jeragat?
Jeragat adalah tompok yang lebih gelap di kulit kita. Selalunya jeragat terdapat di kawasan yang terdedah kepada sinaran matahari. Oleh kerana warnanya yang lebih gelap, ia menyebabkan warna kulit kelihatan tidak sekata. mais 283 palavras


Not How I Thought It Would Be

Life doesn’t always go the way we expect it to. I’ve known that for years yet for some reason it’s like I can’t stop trying to control what’s beyond my control. mais 280 palavras


I Feel Pretty

I recently watched the movie I Feel Pretty. Part of me was reluctant because I am not a huge fan of the main character and what she stands for, but my friends that had seen it assured me it was cute and worth watching. mais 535 palavras


More than High Heels and Lipstick

*Written 2016

Pink Cadillacs, high heels and lipstick are probably what you think of when you hear “Mary Kay.” While you aren’t far off, there’s much more to this business than just the makeup. mais 912 palavras

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