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Facebook MaryKay Party!

I am hosting my 1st Mary Kay Party tomorrow, its all online @ or simply copy and paste the link at the top into your search engine! mais 10 palavras


Why I'm a blogger!

I decided to start a blog for multiple reasons number 1 is I’m on a roller coaster ride called life and my thoughts are all over the place and writing is helping me sort things out! mais 232 palavras


Cleanser Mary Kay

Mary Kay ada banyak cleanser!
Ya Mary Kay memang ada banyak cleanser!😍

Dalam gambar ni ada 4 saja tapi sebenarnya ada 9 total cleanser!
Tapi kenapa ya? mais 302 palavras


Thankful for your friendship!

I’m feeling so incredibly blessed to have many of my clients as more than just that, your friends! I have been swept away at how many prayers have been said and how many meals have been offered! mais 295 palavras


Play With Me

Yesterday I heard that one of the things priests hear the most when listening to deathbed confessions is that people wish they would have paid more attention to their kids. mais 541 palavras


More to come!

After months of not feeling well and searching for a diagnosis my neurologist found an aneurysm in my brain. I’m taking some time off work, for real this time! mais 339 palavras


First blog post

I’m super excited about this blog, I want to keep in touch with all of my clients and friends so this will be where all my thoughts and businesses meet in one place!