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Face Serums | What are they & How to use them?

My friend and Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, Regina Hill is here to discuss various face serums offered through Mary Kay. Serums are a great tool for targeting specific skincare concerns, like wrinkles, etc. mais 531 palavras

Fit 29

Thanking Mary Kay

I love makeup. There, I said it. I love it! I love contouring and highlighting. I love liners and mascaras. I love creating a smoky eye. mais 829 palavras

Life Lessons

Neutral Fall Makeup Look

Y’all, Fall is around the corner and I am freaking out!

We’ve been under 100° all week long and are supposed to drop below 90° by Friday! mais 322 palavras


Welcome my Blog.

Its great to have you here on my MarykayKay Blog, I will be sharing our Mary Kay products and also the business opportunity with you. As a Director of this company I have learnt a lot while running this business and its my aim to help you run a successful Mary Kay business like me. mais 67 palavras

Success With Kay

So today I had a facial booked at my house.  It got rescheduled for next week, but that happens.  My set up was so cute though I had to share it! mais 142 palavras

Mary Kay. To Sell or Not To Sell?

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had an amazing week and weekend! There are so many things coming up this next week and I am beyond excited for it! mais 645 palavras


Big Steps

Have you seen that app called Message from God? It links to the website That thing is uncanny on picking advice that is exactly what you need to hear! mais 743 palavras