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Top 5 Sunscreen Must-Haves This Red Hot Summer

Tired of acquiring irritating and stinging sunburns every summer beach getaways? Summer again is here and it’s the best time to invest for the best sunscreen products that will totally protect your skin from harmful UV rays and basically to protect your skin from annoying sunburns. mais 538 palavras


What's in My Makeup Bag?

I am definitely one of those women who likes makeup! I can be fairly adventurous with it too– i.e. trying new trends, styles, and colors. It is like an outfit that you can change based on your mood. mais 812 palavras


Mary Kay Night

I attended a Bridal Expo a couple of months ago and won a Mary Kay party with a gift card credit in one of the raffles. mais 380 palavras


Sexta-feira é dia de passear! Não importa se você vai para uma festa de arromba com as suas melhores amigas, no show da sua banda favorita, sair para jantar com os seus país ou namorado. mais 444 palavras


Tea With Me (002)

Currently Drinking: Ultimate Green Tea from Zhena’s Gypsy Tea

This has felt like the longest week ever… Has it really only been a week since I wrote my first “Tea With Me” update?  mais 502 palavras

Tea With Me

Prayer, Overcoming Unseen Doubt

Yesterday, I read a passage on prayer in Luke 11. I had heard it so many times before, and I wanted to gleam something new from it that I hadn’t before. mais 477 palavras


Anti-aging products

Let’s preface this post by saying that I’m not an expert on skincare – my opinions are just my anecdotal, personal experience.  I also don’t battle with too many skin concerns in terms of deep wrinkles or loss of firmness – I would say that I’m in more of a preventative and maintenance mode. mais 1.006 palavras