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Minha vida Mary Kay

Escrevi este post para responder a várias pessoas que perguntaram sobre como cheguei até Mary Kay, como foi o processo de me tornar Diretora Independente de Vendas da empresa. mais 458 palavras

Beth Alves

Mary Kay Sun Protector SPF35/PA+++

Mary Kay is well-known with their anti-aging series – TimeWise!!! Besides that, Mary Kay also have a wide range of Sun Protection products too. Check this product out here:- mais 113 palavras


Minimize Your Pores With Mary Kay

Are you phobia looking at the mirror? The pores on the skin are visibly clear and can’t be covered up even with BB cream or foundation? mais 340 palavras


What´s In My Makeup Bag

“I should start packing” said no one ever. A rather nervous knock on the door from my sister, a quick chat about whether we should really bring heels or not makes everything clear: maybe shoving it all in the suitcase isn´t a bad idea after all.. mais 110 palavras

The Make Up

Is Mary Kay cruelty-free?

Is @MaryKay cruelty free? I'm reading that it is on one site and that's it's not on other. 😭

— Pamela(Bobbles) (@batmanmhs2011) February 29, 2016…

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Mary Kay Loofah Cleanser & Nourishing Lotion

Hello, everyone! Today, I would like to review Mary Kay Body Pampering Perfection set. This Lotus and Bamboo Care Collection is light fragrant with it ingredients and do not leave skin dryness. mais 267 palavras


Colouring Me Beautiful

Following my #NoMakeUp Challenge, it’s been 22 days without an ounce of makeup, no powder and accordingly, no eyebrows. So I think it’s fitting to tell you a bit about me and make up. mais 502 palavras