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Spoil Me Sunday: I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Hey, y’all!

I’m a total boss at skincare when it comes to my face. Below the neck I’m not nearly as disciplined. (Hey, no one’s perfect.) It’s hard with my hands and feet because doing aerial silks, I need them to have traction, but at the same time, a girl wants to be able to wear strappy heels and sandals without feeling self-conscious, and no one actually  mais 435 palavras



The shape and appearance of an individual is a science and an art of developing strong primary impressive. In the first 30 seconds, people make conclusions about what gold makeup says about you based on what they hear, sense and perceive. mais 137 palavras


October Favorite Five

I have had so many favorite things this past month! However, a lot of it was skin care and I didn’t want to overwhelm this blog post with all skin care. mais 560 palavras

Favorite Five

My Fall Makeup Favorites

When I rebranded my blog last month I wanted to do more beauty related blogs. I didn’t go into detail here about my rebranding, but I did on my instagram → @thecassiepost_ ← mais 327 palavras

Fall 2018

Clear Pores & Soft Lips

Are you looking to clear your pores & your complexion to be brighter?😍
Do your hands and lips always crack and chap in the winter? 🙃 mais 19 palavras


A new adventure

This week I embarked on an adventure that I didn’t know I would ever be on. Actually, if you had asked me even a month ago I would have laughed my ass off. mais 288 palavras