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Why #MyMKLife works!

First I want to welcome you! Weather your 7 or 70 we have something really awesome for you! That’s what’s so exciting!!! How old you are is your business, but how old you look is mine!!! mais 523 palavras


Little Known Help Zone Mary Kay Fundraiser

Little Known Help Zone is partnering with Nina Jenkins to raise money through Mary Kay Shopping! Shop at this link and mention Little Known Help Zone when checking out to have 15% of the proceeds donated to LKHZ! mais 6 palavras

My Community

Work From Home

We all want to have steady incomes, but why do we work ourselves to death daily? I will never understand why we work until our lives come crashing down. mais 237 palavras

Mary Kay

Makeup Transformations are Good for the Soul Sometimes!

One thing I love about Mary Kay and working out is the transformation people see.

Mary Kay offers a physical and temporary transformation with their Makeup and a permanent transformation with their skin care lines. mais 83 palavras

Mary Kay

Finally a Clear Canvas

Let me start this story off from the beginning… I had always had great skin. When I started college, a random woman approached me and asked, “What do you use on your skin?” And I told her (which I could not tell you what it is today). mais 624 palavras


Suburban Mompera, A Retrospective

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam pretium porttitor facilisis. Nulla suscipit pellentesque ex quis finibus. Proin suscipit id magna et consequat. In mi tellus, eleifend ut justo sed, dictum molestie ex. mais 171 palavras