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Hot Wheels - Max Steel Turbo Racer

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Hot Wheels

Day 1

Literally everyone around me thinks I’m straight. No wonder gay people end up being such good actors, they wear a mask 24/7 during their closeted years. mais 109 palavras

Max Steel, Area 51 Worker ~ Steven D Kelley Show

Captain Max Steel being interviewed in his first ever show January 2nd 2014 with Steven D Kelley on Revolution Radio. Max worked at Area51 and for the CIA as a remote viewer. mais 165 palavras


NC Film Office Mid-Year Report: $268 Million, 19,000 Jobs In 2014

The North Carolina Film Office released a mid-year financial report today, which estimates another banner year for the state’s film industry, with in-state spending by productions at over $268 million. mais 264 palavras


Wilmington, North Carolina goes to Comic-Con

The buzz has begun and the party has started. It’s time for San Diego Comic-Con 2014 (SDCC). We have three productions representing Wilmington, North Carolina (or as we like to call it, “Wilmywood”): TV shows  mais 688 palavras

Coffee Time News 21/07/14


Last week we talked briefly about Max Steel, another toy/movie tie in, well today we have a few new images as well as a synopsis, … mais 208 palavras

Coffee Time News