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Not Mutually Exclusive - One-Liner Wednesday

Just because you don’t trust someone doesn’t mean you don’t care about them.

Something I realized while watching a show with my niece.

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Into the Unknown: Part II

Into the Unknown

Part II: Brattiness

When I arrived at the joint mechanic and doctor’s office, Charlie was in the shared waiting room for the mechanic and doctor, fiddling around with her phone and her skateboard propped against the nearby wall.. mais 1.449 palavras

Caroline Campbell

Max Steel Review

It’s time for a superhero film that isn’t a part of the main DC or Marvel comics line. It takes some cues from the classic Spider-Man origin story and the Power Rangers series. mais 1.600 palavras


Why clichés are important to film (when used right)

Before you shoot me for saying this, please read this article so you can understand my reasoning behind it. And I know that I’ve written in  mais 1.312 palavras


Preview Film: Max Steel (2016)

Sejak dirilis oleh Mattel, yang juga merupakan produsen dari boneka Barbie, pada tahun 1997, Max Steel langsung menjadi salah satu action figure paling populer dan paling laris di dunia. mais 471 palavras