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Senator Elizabeth Warren Chastises Jeff Bezos For His Space Trip While Criticizing The Internal Revenue Service.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) chastised Amazon founder Jeff Bezos for taking a high-flying trip to space last week after evading taxes and leaving struggling Americans to foot the bill for the nat… Read Full News… mais 8 palavras


George Foreman Offers The Strangest View On Protesting Olympians To Hannity

On Tuesday, George Foreman perplexed people by criticizing Olympic athletes who take political stands.

During an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, the boxing legend appeared to link the ra… Read Full News… mais 8 palavras


CNN's Lemon Calls For End of Americans Constitutional Rights: Says Unvaccinated Should Not Be Allowed in Supermarkets, Ball Games, or Allowed to Work

CNN anchor Don Lemon on his Monday broadcast of “Don Lemon Tonight” called on the unvaccinated to be banned from grocery stores, ball games, and offices. mais 175 palavras


A Deadly Coral Disease In The Caribbean Has Been Linked To Ship Waste.

Researchers have linked a deadly coral disease in the Caribbean to ship wastewater in the most recent heartbreaking environmental wounding.

The blight, which first appeared on Florida’s reefs in 20… Read Full News… mais 8 palavras


Roles & Plan


1. Director (creating story & directing the other crews)  – Sharon

2. Technical (setting up equipments & cameraman) – Kathlyn

3. Creative (costume & set design, all the creative parts)  – Audrey… mais 181 palavras

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No News is Good News

Yesterday, I saw a snake on my path, it was clearly non-poisonous, but it wiggled it’s tail like a rattlesnake, which caught my eye. I paused and watched it, when something dropped from its mouth. mais 310 palavras

Julian Samson: You can’t trust politicians or social media.

I stay out of politics but I do know you can’t trust politicians or social media.

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