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The Real 'Citizen Kane' -- W.H. Hearst -- and The Yellow Journalism He Spread

William Randolph Hearst Sr. (1863-1961) was an American businessman, newspaper publisher, and politician known for developing the nation’s largest newspaper chain and media company, Hearst Communications. mais 296 palavras


Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane one Story at a Time

Recently, I decided that I needed to create an online portfolio to feature some highlights of my journalistic career.

Okay, so I actually decided years ago that I should upgrade my file system from retaining photocopies of articles I’d written in three-ring binders, to displaying them in an online portfolio, but recently I made the decision to stop procrastinating and finally get it done. mais 1.265 palavras


CNN President Jeff Zucker Says Chris Cuomo 'Deserved Termination' and Won't be Paid Severance

CNN president Jeff Zucker told the network’s staffers on Tuesday morning that former host Chris Cuomo “deserved termination” and won’t be paid any severance, according to reports. mais 148 palavras


Disrupting Traditional Journalism: What I have learned about being a successful digital media journalist

Young Lady at the Writing Desk by Auguste de La Brely. Source:

1. Explore original approaches

  • Although traditional news organizations were successful for centuries, their time is almost gone, with new, inventive companies like BuzzFeed gradually taking their place and stealing their readership.
  • mais 527 palavras
Creative Writing

NBC News Hires Yamiche Alcindor as Washington Correspondent

Yamiche Alcindor has been hired by NBC News as a Washington correspondent, The Hill has confirmed. mais 150 palavras