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No-Ball Philosophy.

I don’t know what happened to me, i grew up to have a particular dislike of participating in any kind of sport, just like that. Well, i watch football when i can or when i have little else to do, days when the Missus has nothing entertaining to watch on Telly and i just flip to Super Sport and land on an EPL game. mais 1.093 palavras


Messi Berfoto Dengan Mantan Pemain NBA, Perbedaan Yang Sangat Jauh!

Messi Berfoto Dengan Mantan Pemain NBA, Perbedaan Yang Sangat Jauh! - Scuad Timnas Argentina menyempatkan diri melihat laga pertandingan basket Amerika Serikat NBA, saat sebelum melakukan pertandingan persahabatan. mais 197 palavras

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Messi: The best of all time?

So when can we say he’s the best player of all time?

How about now?

There was a moment in April 2007, amid the ongoing debate over how close Messi was to the playing level of Maradona, when something brilliant happened. mais 1.768 palavras


Begitu Susahnya Hentikan Messi, 4 Pemain Eibar Kewalahan

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Siapa sih yang masih meragukan skill dribble Messi? Bayangkan saja, seakan-akan kakinya memiliki daya magnet terhadap bola, jadi setiap kali dia menggiring bola, maka akan sangat susah untuk merebut bola itu kecuali dengan cara yang cukup keras. mais 68 palavras


The Economist proves that Lionel Messi’s goals are more valuable than Cristiano Ronaldo’s!!!

Even though we know that Lionel Messi is the best player in the world (and of all time), for some reason there is still a daily debate held on the internet as to whether Cristiano Ronaldo actually deserves this title. mais 410 palavras

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¿Resultadistas o Completos?

En los últimos días he oído hablar de fútbol resultadista, de que el Barça ha jugado un fútbol rácano superado por un Madrid con mas juego que los blaugranas. mais 481 palavras

Argentina Worried About Lionel Messi

Argentina might end up losing Lionel Messi for a few games, as concerns for his health continues to grow.