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Want to know what's hard?

Being an adult is hard.
Having your heart broken is hard.
Having to go back to the place where your heart was broken & face the man who did it – nearly impossible. mais 643 palavras

[PHOTOS] Phaedra Parks Caught With Mr.Chocolate?

One of the hottest topics on this season of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta is the alleged affair between Phaedra Parks and Mr.Chocolate, and now it seems that there might be pictures proving that he is real. mais 75 palavras

The Real Housewives

Kenya Moore Says Phaedra Cheated On Apollo Before His Legal Issues!

Kenya Moore is not backing down!

Earlier this week, we reported that during an interview, Kenya said that Mr. Chocolate does exist….And now, she is revealing more details! mais 219 palavras

The Real Housewives

[VIDEO] Phaedra Parks Says She Will Always Love Apollo!

Phaedra Parks stopped by Access Hollywood Live, where she talked about the alleged affair with Mr. Chocolate mais 24 palavras

The Real Housewives

Phaedra Parks DENIES Cheating Allegations!

As seen in The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 trailer, Phaedra Parks is accused of having an affair with some guy named Chocolate and now, the southern belle is denying the allegations. mais 91 palavras

The Real Housewives

Chocolate Molten Cake

Chocolate Molten cake is an intense dessert.  Chocolate and cakey on the outside, hot, smooth and even more chocolatey on the inside.  You can buy it at a restaurant or make your own.   mais 277 palavras