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Effect of Coronavirus on Technology

The Coronavirus outbreak is causing a huge impact too many people around the globe, not least the people who have sadly lost their lives because of this new virus. mais 595 palavras



There are some, that I cannot describe;
and then, there are some, I want to be described.


Do Not Drink Poison

When I began to navigate Alice’s Adventure into #Muchness, the message that kept coming to mind meant something very different. Now, three weeks into the COVID-19 Quarantine where my daily status is to Stay Home and Shelter, Poison is wearing a very different costume. mais 1.148 palavras


to live in the now

Ha Jin and Jung Hoon learn more about each other, and damn if anyone else is caught trash-talking about the other party because they totally have each other’s backs. mais 904 palavras


Manila Quarantine - Day 19

Day 19 of the Luzon-wide lockdown

Comparisons and scaling:

We’re almost at the end of the third week of quarantine here in my country. I’m also about to run out of coffee. mais 835 palavras


Living a Purposeful Life

Have you ever been in that state where you are obviously exhausted, eyes starting to feel a bit dreary but your mind is still racing all kinds of thoughts, it’s as if it’s going through hyperspeed, however that feels. mais 623 palavras


Rebel Yell 100 vs Evan Williams BIB

I get in questions quite frequently.

Today’s was “What would you choose if you had to pick between Rebel Yell 100 and Evan Williams bottled in bond?” mais 68 palavras