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ONE OK ROCK AMBITIONS TOUR 2018 (THOUGHTS #4) Operation: Save up!

I am listening to “Always Coming Back to You” by ONE OK ROCK live in Nagisaen as I write this. The feels OMG XD. I need them to sing this in January. mais 327 palavras

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One Ok Rock Ambitions Tour 2018 (Thoughts #3) Ticket Selling

OCTOBER 14, 2017. The day. The much awaited date. The moment of whether we get to bask in the awesomeness and sweat of Taka, Toru, Ryota, and Tomoya or not! mais 228 palavras

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Linkin Park Officially Cancel Tokyo Tour Dates

This should’ve been a straightforward announcement but Linkin Park has now officially announced that they’ve cancelled their Japanese Tour.

The dates were scheduled dot take place next month with One Ok Rock as their support. mais 102 palavras


One Ok Rock Ambitions Tour 2018 (Thoughts #2) RIP Piggy Banks

Rest in peace piggy banks. See you again folded bills in book pages. Till next time scattered coins around the room. And hello dream come true for the second time around! mais 109 palavras

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One Ok Rock Ambitions Tour 2018 (Thoughts #1) Announcement

Okaaaaaaay. I was happily scrolling through the One Ok Rock fanpage one bright sunny day when all just dimmed. Thunders were raging. My eyes were wider than saucers. mais 407 palavras

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ONE OK ROCK to perform in Singapore Indoor Stadium in 2018!

ONE OK ROCK Southeast Asian fans, have you been waiting for them to return to the region? Rejoice, because the band is set to return to… mais 365 palavras



Whenever I find myself in a constant struggle to fight off the emptiness inside, I would turn to music. Those words I can’t seemed to fathom, emotions I can’t seemed to express and thoughts I am having difficulty to control are all suddenly in check. mais 392 palavras