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Nobody's Home – ONE OK ROCK

Nobody’s Home – ONE OK ROCK

lyrics&music: Taka
Album: Niche Syndrome (2010) mais 483 palavras


It fLickers, fLickers

PLease aLLow me to sink one more time, but I swear I wiLL not drown.

Potion For The Soul

Familiar Faces Present In the New Charli XCX Video

Hmmm…. There’s certainly a few familiar faces in this video. This is Charli XCX’s new music video for her track Boys and it features faces from the rock genre; namely Oli Skyes of Bring Me The Horizon, Bendon Urie from Panic At The Disco, Frank Carter as he bears all his tattoo’s and Taka from One Ok Rock. mais 9 palavras


On Repeat; Taking Off by ONE OK ROCK

“Everything I love is slowly killing me” 

This MV gave me chills. The band’s stage presence and the cinematography was just astounding.


'yes, I am'

This is a short drabble I wrote last year on my birthday on my old blog. I think I might start porting some of these over because I really like them. mais 199 palavras



One Ok Rock is a punk rock, rock or j-rock group from Japan formed by four members: Taka who is the singer, Toru who is the guitarist, Ryota who is the bassist and Tomoya who is the drummer. mais 220 palavras


[One Ok Rock] Good Goodbye

Till death do us apart

If death were to be all that bad

At least it took away

All the bitterness you made

‘cause it doesn’t matter anymore… mais 8 palavras