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A Punished Angel

I can’t believe I was able to find this work of mine. I made this along tine ago on 2006 or 2007 I am not sure when exactly. mais 216 palavras


I wanted to do something for me, and I wanted to practice side views, pff.

This feels like something of an anomaly in terms of the whole Pokemon OC x canon character thing, because these two aren’t very… romantic? mais 90 palavras


Let it Settle In|26 May 2015|Papercut Art

I am letting things settle in today. New ideas need time to get used to their new surroundings. I need some time to get used to a few things. mais 212 palavras

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Lady in Lilac.

As the lady runs through the forest in lilac long dress, two people are falling from the sky. As they descend, time rewinds from when they are near their deathbed to healthy young couples. mais 61 palavras



Maybe you ruin yourself for people who would have destroyed you anyway.
You create your own Nirvana, but let weeds and cacti grow in the depths of the gardens. mais 33 palavras

Creative Writing

When We're Far Away

A sigh is the language of earnest love,

A moment lost,

Two lives unfurled.

Eyes turned toward a hopeful horizon,

We wonder what the future holds, mais 65 palavras



She can hear voices;

voices that she alone hears;

voices that tell her all wonderful things and chaos;

voices that became her closest friend and her closest