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Chapter 25 - The Conclusion of the Mage's Maiden Battle

“You’re not escaping!”

An deadly whip from Dreaded Elipson, also known as the Dragon God’s axe, extended through the skies. Simonn unleashed a relentless flurry of slashes and using his ominous see through scarlet knife to pry apart Gwen’s defensive feathers. mais 5.443 palavras


THE LADY JANIES BOOK TAG // We made a tag and I am screaming!

So, My Plain Jane is coming out on the 26th and I am screaming. I have been wanting to make more original content lately and I’ve wanted to create more posts that I can properly share with you guys and then Rebecca came into my life like a shining bookish angel. mais 811 palavras

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If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original. —Ken Robinson

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Left Unadvised

This is a poem wrote because I was bored. As always: I am not a poet. I just like putting words down on paper and this is an easy medium in which to do that. mais 237 palavras


Last Day by Cortney Joseph

I’ve been confined to small spaces and four walls for as long as I can remember. Trapped, struggling to free myself as I navigate my way through what are supposed to be some of the best moments of my life. mais 2.615 palavras

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