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26 Minutes

It was …


Lying on bed, reflecting on yesterday’s events.


Not what happened physically.


The images that flashed,

The thoughts that came churning in after that… mais 409 palavras


Start of a new idea - As of yet untitled...

A whisper, silent and quick, the breeze blowing, blissful in the steaming heat of the under-city. As the breeze rushed past him the stench of sewage became entwined with the image of the dancing dust, rising and falling with the air that carried it. mais 447 palavras


The true content of America's character...

I’m Jewish.  I make no bones about it, I make no apology for it.  My mother was a Sabra – someone born in the Holy Land – as was her mother.  mais 1.087 palavras

The Visitor, Part II

I couldn’t leave without an answer. My legs wouldn’t let me. You might know the feeling; It’s like butterflies, but so strong that your body won’t let your mind override it. mais 1.642 palavras

Creative Writing

Lunar observatory finished

In the end, i think I fucked up by putting the “Do Not Lean On The Glass” sticker LOL


220. My need

220. My need

For me I love having your hand next to me. Close enough where I can take it, and far enough where it lets me live free. mais 87 palavras


219. In my dreams

219. In my dreams

Perhaps one of the best things that can be, is a vision of what you want me to do and be, given to me directly in my dreams. mais 75 palavras