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The Joys of Civic Duty

Lemme get uhhh dozen talking heads with a side of fries,

Pointing-screaming-yelling telling off all the other guys-

-something Wise, like the owl on the blue bag-of-chips, mais 124 palavras



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Soon they would thereby become Truths valid to walk back. mais 1.118 palavras



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[P@D] iblank2apples - Baby Carrots | Electro House

A fine example of what I call the “P@D effect”, this crazy banger from iblank2apples blows away with such a rich sounscape, and a surprising progression that showcases such creativity and refined sound design in pure iblank2apples style. mais 49 palavras

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Detective Hildegard Case Files- The Shambling Corpses part eight

Hilde found no sign that Bianca had visited Benjamin. Ben didn’t recognise her description and both his children were fine. It was a relief, but she didn’t know what to expect from her. mais 956 palavras


OMF V7C46 Maybe We Can Agree on Some Things

Jing Yi bit his lower lip and chastised himself. What was he thinking? Never mind that this person was his previous life’s self, he was also the person that meant the most to Qiu Ling. mais 1.062 palavras


Cold Comfort: Chapter 1

I pulled up to the building with just a few minutes to spare before the meeting. The cold had settled into Hartland something fierce. Not usually this cold in Arkansas until say February, but it has reached the point where I see some of the usual people outside and wonder if its breath or smoke coming from their mouths. mais 1.077 palavras

Chapter 1