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Love Will Tear Us Apart.

The Future of….Separation
– by Pip Wilson, Founder, Amicable

You’re in your early 40’s, it’s June 2016 and your marriage is falling apart.

The pressure of work and kids and the passing have time have meant you have drifted apart and after months of pain you have both agreed it’s over. mais 583 palavras


World Shut Your Mouth.

Technology has democratised written expression, but, writes Monticello LLP’s James Lumley, the rise of “content marketing” means that we are all in danger of being engulfed by a tsunami of shit. mais 620 palavras


On language, and love, and everything else...

Recently I’ve been thinking about how reductive and destructive language is.

I love words, I love poetry, and I love listening to people reason their thoughts – but everything we experience, do, and think is fettered by the limitations of our language. mais 662 palavras



I thought this moment would be more devastating,

Perhaps I’m pleasantly numb with reality bound to catch up,

Possibly we have done this song and dance for far too long that the novelty has faded, mais 25 palavras