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Mane In Green - My Little Happiness |Orchestral

What a wonderfull Pinkie Pie song. Truly Motivational, Happy, Endearing and
Graceful. Although little, it is a wonderfull piece of Happiness that is bringing people Together. mais 63 palavras

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Rang Badlti Zindagi.

Abhi toh sapne dekhna shuru hi kiya tha,

Ki usne neend se jaga diya.

Abhi toh udne ko paankh sirf khole hi the,

Ki usne dhamm se zameen par gira diya. mais 93 palavras


Introducing: Dismas

Dismas is the character I’m playing in a friend’s Vampire game. He’s a Cappadocian necromancer, dressed in fine quality robes and covering his skin in bandages to hide his disturbing appearance. mais 152 palavras


2017 News Headlines

Information is a cheap buffet,

grease drenched morsels

for my silver spoon.

I consume and return

for a sugar fix,

this week’s special :

boys like chocolate cake… mais 75 palavras


Flyghtning - Young Pegasus | Techno / Electronic

Flyghtning at it again people, back at it again with the good stuff :) Lovely Techno vibes together with a nice beat. The flow feels good, the Passion behind the mix-up is very well done and definitly felt. mais 55 palavras

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New trailer for Blade Runner 2049 is pretty dang alluring


At last, we’ve gotten a good look at the cast and plot of Blade Runner 2049, the sequel we never knew we wanted to Ridley Scott’s iconic cyberpunk thriller. mais 489 palavras