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The best £10 I ever spent. 

I never thought I’d find something in London that I like better than a Fortnum and Mason cupcake. (Especially when it’s being served by James – who was the exact kind of splendid fellow who makes me proud to be English.) But yesterday, while roaming around Covent Garden in London, I found it. mais 606 palavras


マリーゴールド ~ Primary

So many liberal translations ahead. Not all of them are pointed out in the notes because I’m lazy, but if someone wants an explanation about my interpretation, feel free to leave a comment~ mais 348 palavras


You don’t really have to hide from me, I won’t bother you anymore

I am not some sealant which will try to fix your broken holes… mais 32 palavras


Worst Case Parade

no matter how many times you tell yourself “everything is ok”
the unsettling edges of overthinking parade
and with every worst-case scenario, your breath has run away


Zorn Palette Fruit

My first experiment on painting a subject in oil using the very limited Zorn palette. I used cad red for my red, ivory black, titanium white and yellow ochre.   mais 41 palavras