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It is a dangerous time,

Youthful bliss and ignorance,

Refuses to hear the chime,

Heart surrendered to indifference.


Tones & Colours

Tones and colours,


Each one wonders,

And agonises.


The Moon

The moon, masquerading as an ashtray.

Vices always have their wicked way.


One and Only

Joyce was tired of a lot of things. Tired of work, her mother, the neighbors’ incessant parties, of life in general. But the one thing she was most tired of was Frank. mais 717 palavras


Alone [Lyrics]

I’ll have my say
Do you love me
Do you love me
I’ll be ok
When you put your things away
And I say hey… mais 187 palavras


Segments of Life - The Future Must Be Met | Trancecore

Segements of Life’s music always gets me hyped. Their style involves a hard rock/metal sound with lots of electronic elements implemented into it; they dubbed it “Trancecore”. mais 12 palavras

Solo Post

To: the guy who cat-called me,

Does it make you feel big, like a skyscraper—so tall,

to call out to random women

on these dirty, city, streets?

You say, “Hey baby, won’t you back that ass up?” mais 213 palavras