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Refractions: The Sobering Nights

To those nights.

The Sobering Nights

I. Stop

That’s Problematic

These things often are

But all for love!

What else for?

They played bagpipes today…

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Large Vintage Picnic Basket

Great vintage find by BeggarsBanquet (26.00 USD)

Refractions: Homeward Bound


On the late night bus

a stranger closes her eyes,

her face turned towards me

Undignified Hearse

Hugging the urn close.

cars climb up through mountain mist

and the windows weep

Acoustic video upload for the week of Fri.Apr.24.2015

When I wrote this song, I didn’t even realize that it was depression awareness week but I had a nice “woah… well then” moment when I found out on Tuesday. mais 79 palavras



How can it be fair?
When they breathe fire
While I breathe air

How can it be true?
That they are happy
While I am blue… mais 59 palavras


"Shattered." Chapter Four - First Draft.

Beaten and broken she lay on the ground, unable to move, unable to breathe. Alexis Grant was in a rather shitty predicament, her family thought she was crazy because a waiting room got trashed when they went to visit her little sister in the waiting room. mais 3.083 palavras