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Scarred minds

A blank page before my eyes

And the words getting inked

Like a bullet from the chamber of my mind

Seeking the target from my eyes… mais 24 palavras



You once asked

why I followed you,

kept with you at all.

I said I knew it was right.

This is how I knew then: mais 61 palavras


How you can buy my Arts & Clicks in Indian Currency

I have an online store at Etsy. I call this store my Arts&Clicks Store. At this store, I sell my Art and my Photography. mais 501 palavras


Can't alone

We can’t go it alone

Without you, there’d be no me

As I look back on this week, and how I feel as though I set out to conquer somethings (by myself), I realize how much I relied on you every step of the way. mais 127 palavras


Fight for the tide 

Fight for the tide

Sometimes we’re so deep in the oceans of our thoughts and we can’t tell that our feet are still on the shore. mais 98 palavras




As you crest this hill,

no need to look backwards.

What good will “what’s behind”

do you, when in front of you is

the only thing that matters. mais 69 palavras


Sonic Rainboom - The Fuck-Up (feat. Francis Vace) | Industrial Pop

Sonic Rainboom teams up with the vocal talents of Francis Vace to deliver a powerful piece of music about the deep inner feelings of Trixie. In fact, in the description of the track SR goes into quite deep detail about his feelings behind Trixie’s behaviour. mais 26 palavras

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