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We've Got.....Five Years.

Well, it’s four actually. But what’s a year between friends? mais 105 palavras


"Cafe Malaga" work in progress

Still  a ways to go on this piece but a good start. Hopefully get some more done this week before taking off to sunnier climes to escape the snow and ice for a bit.


Fine Art


“Fire every nuclear missile we have at it.”

A lot of silo around the word opened and fired their missiles. The missiles quickly reached their target, a big meteoroid. mais 295 palavras


If summers are love and gold and silk, Then winters are frozen into focus, wrapped in sheepskin, and steely gray.



I met his gaze but half way through
I could not hold it
So strong, so powerful

It was warm
It made me feel better… mais 16 palavras


Reunion (Part 2)

Although he was the elder brother and the only sibling, Mukundo did not have much to do at the wedding. His maashima was in-charge of the arrangements. mais 726 palavras


Reunion (Part 1)

She was twirling around with her dupatta flying high. When she let it go, it flew straight to him and draped itself over him. He slipped it off his face. mais 983 palavras