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Nicolas Dominique - EquelCity 17: Tale of the Broken City | Ambient

I think someone’s been playing a lot of Half-Life 2… Nicolas here delves into his speciality ambient style with a cross between music and fanfiction. This 9-minute track is accompanied by a short story in the description describing each movement of the song.

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Free Hand # 102 (Body, Soul, Gravity, World)

The body that pulls us down

gravity and bones

keeping the soul fixed

on this decaying, pollution

blue ball world.

Thank you for reading my writing! mais 10 palavras

Alina Happy Hansen

The Last Draconian 23: Betrayal

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Liys and Lyon gathered all of the outpost’s troops. They were wearing full armour and brandishing their weapons. There were twenty in all, not including the Prince, Lyon or Larick. mais 758 palavras