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W I S H I W A S earns big-name potential with new release, Crossfire feat. Kurtis Wade

These days few can take on the seemingly impossible feat of making house music exciting.  For many of us, the very idea of 128bpm is enough to hit the skip button.   mais 145 palavras



Here’s a commissioned piece of lilies, haven’t done flowers for a looong time!
colored pencil


Be yourself : Dare to be beautiful, perfection

You do that

Smile like you’re off your rockers

Dare to show your glowing face

In the darkest of places

Filled with artificial lights and beings… mais 197 palavras


Opportunity Cost: Part 1 Deadline (Story)

The dull sound of polished wood scraping past each other echoes through the house.

“Where is it? Damn it.” Neith pushes the drawer shut with his hips as he stumbles out his bedroom door. mais 752 palavras



There are these small things we say to people without thinking. Small things that damage them forever.


A very creative Etsy Shop

This is probably one of the best and creative, original design studios. Now they’re on Etsy:


The Journey of Byron Kiers:Chapter Fifteen: Finality

Byron didn’t wake for three days,the hospital had pulled him back from the brink of death twice in the operating room..He was listed as  stable by the hospital even so the police had armed guard at his door and he was handcuffed to the bed.they were taking no chances with him. mais 1.257 palavras