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And everyone who ever made fun of her

For the being weird one,

Got stunned by her beauty

At the farewell party

-Unnati Madan mais 27 palavras


Episode 3.2 - "Ace"?


Isn’t James Morrison, your–

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U.S. Blogging Event Details

Chicago Prime Italian

Hi everyone. First of all, I want to say thank you so much for your patience and support! I’m excited to say we finally have a location for the first U.S. mais 274 palavras


vickgoodwin republicou isto em The Page Turner e comentou:

Anyone else tempted to attend? This sounds like a wonderful event in August!

Yeah, ME, asshole

I stopped picking up
after you and saw who came
first, before you. Me.

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A lesson learned in kindness (a poem)


A lesson learned in kindness

Evil is done in blindness

One can not make a blind person see- one can only guide them

Do not retaliate with hate for the student; only hate the evil that they may have done… mais 58 palavras

come as YOU are

Hey y’all. Okay so long time no talk. I know, I know. Tsk Tsk. I’ve been busy. To briefly catch y’all up over the past three months I have traveled to mid-Florida three times for speech competions and leisure, said goodbye to my 15 year old pup as she left for heaven, sorta kinda not really sprained my ankle, finished out a soccer season on an all guys team and basically have been swarmed with school. mais 526 palavras

Relax and just be

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

~Oscar Wilde

“When we are at peace with our own nature we never need to pretend to be more or less than we are. mais 112 palavras