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Evocation of Hera

Queen, from whom Sovereignty cascades, like water falling from a mountaintop; You who are Most Fair among Goddesses, and supremely regal in Your bearing! You who rule, equal to the King in all ways; Triple-formed Hera, lovely in all aspects, hear our call! mais 255 palavras


The FCC won’t release emails behind the planning of Ajit Pai’s Harlem Shake video


The Federal Communications Commission won’t release the emails about chairman Ajit Pai’s widely disliked “Harlem Shake” video, even though there’s a Freedom of Information Act request out for those emails, as spotted by… mais 290 palavras


Mar 29

Vi seriado.

Visitei o Tiago, jogamos board games com o Buba.

Joguei Overwatch.

Fui jantar com a família.


Mar 25

Almocei com os pais.

Joguei Night in the Woods, SCP, Overwatch.

Vi Dota 2 e Overwatch.

Fui no Mada e vi as Alines, Naillê. Bebi.

Dota 2

Ajit Pai says net neutrality was the top threat to broadband deployment


Net neutrality is the number-one reason many rural Americans still lack broadband access—at least, that’s what Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai says. mais 932 palavras


Mar 17


Almocei com os pais.

Joguei Fortnite.

Vi Overwatch e seriado. Fumei.