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Please Don't Let This Be A Goodbye //

// perhaps the only thing left to do

is pray that our paths collide

at a time when we can both stay

and make it work for real. //


Love is our master

Love is our master

The tone resonated the red heat

of a sea of lava burning away the dead cells,

activating a living substance. mais 352 palavras

Allison Grayhurst

Gardening Peace.

For, here you sow, there you reap
For the flower to glow, it must sip
It is necessary to water this peace
It is necessary to care & not cease… mais 110 palavras


Siren - The Urban Spaceman #writephoto

The siren swam beneath the sea,
singing her song without a care,
for under wave her life was free—
her life was free, but cold and bare. mais 32 palavras


Michael Simms: An Appreciation of the Poetry of Robert Gibb

Robert Gibb is a poet’s poet. By that phrase I mean that he’s widely admired among poets across the country, but virtually unknown to the public. mais 1.314 palavras


When your number’s up


And 2112

3 was never placed

And 4 didn’t know what all the shouting was 4

5 is still alive and lives in a hive with B… mais 47 palavras


I climb and fall

In the mountains of my mind, I climb and fall as I fight to find the precipice, where I’ll yell, “Living is sublime!”