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Selections made way for the best
indeterminate crops the key word
markers created a magical world
from the heirloom fruits we knew,

Modified lines to pest resistance… mais 29 palavras


Inktober 18th: Some Neat

It is the 18th of October, A.D. 2018, 4 PM Mountain Standard Time. I am just south of Indian School Road on Central, at Yoshi’s, a little fast-ethnic-food restaurant whose slogan is “Have a Rice Day.” I’ve just had their Dragon Bowl in the Beef incarnation, so I am full of spicy roast beef and rice and carrot slivers and onion rims and bell pepper chunks, plus thin-sliced marinated ginger which is one of their offered condiments. mais 118 palavras

More Street Art Along The Way

Photo by: @cellovoltage
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Hip Hop

You Still Got The Cereal.

by neo.intellectual

How could uou cry over spilt milk,

When you still got the cereal?

We’re don’t have a Curse.

We don’t have to succumb to pessimism; hope is surreal. mais 67 palavras


high and staring at a ceiling fan

i lay
within the starlit room and
ask the yawning cosmos
of my fate

tell me deep and yearning suns
what dusts
you spin with ice to… mais 76 palavras