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Green Earth

Im sick of this place.

Im sick of always trying to change this toxic race.

Im sick of the pace.

Im tired of all the things on earth… mais 425 palavras

The Lotus Collection-Arbor Vitae

There Is A Time...

As we wing from one

adventure to another,

can we find time to reflect?


Time for reflection

will come soon enough; for now

just enjoy your adventures.



Hey! the new was to understand
Ya! I don’t know how to compare
I simply know that maybe I knew
How not to alter my stare. mais 67 palavras


Tiny Embers

I want to be your passenger, I want to ride the wave

I want to float mindlessly in the aquarium of your effort

Drop off all of my emotional baggage at your frontal lobe… mais 182 palavras



Do you know who I am?

I’m the deck’s maverick that has it down pat;

the charming queen that bets against the stack,

I don’t lack. mais 283 palavras

Writing And Poetry

The Present by Blair Gaulton

The Present
deepening divergence divides;
discombobulating dealings;
dawning discomfort for all.
BJG(Blair Gaulton)June 2018


Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson - It's Your World

Sunday Jazz Continues; your dude is out here trying to do a little something…

Digital crate digging continues, it’s a factor!! out here looking for a little  something.. mais 118 palavras

Breakbeat Science