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There's Plenty of Evidence on the Value of School Integration

Originally published on the American Prospect Tapped blog on September 3, 2015.
I read an exchange on Twitter yesterday between Maggie Severns, an education reporter at… mais 386 palavras

“Pobreza” es la palabra que define el triste momento económico de México, dice NYT

Pese al progreso empresarial, algo se siente “triste” alrededor de la economía mexicana y esto sólo se puede definir con una palabra: la pobreza, dice el diario estadounidense The New York Times en un despacho publicado ayer por la noche. mais 1.258 palavras


Aumenta pobreza laboral en México; expertos proponen cambios: #SemáforoEconómico

De continuar la tendencia, se espera que en 2018 la pobreza laboral alcance a 44.9% de la población, alerta el #SemáforoEconómico, que indica que Veracruz, el DF y Michoacán son las entidades en las que aumentó más la pobreza. mais 612 palavras


Dylan Byers joins CNNMoney and CNN Politics

Another big move from Politico to CNN: Politico’s media reporter, Dylan Byers, is joining the CNN media gang, as reported by Brian Stelter.

His first day on the job at CNN is September 14, and he will serve as CNN’s senior reporter for media and politics, covering the intersection of the two increasingly-connected worlds. mais 63 palavras


September 2015 Astrology - Put On Your Truth Goggles

I don’t pay much attention to most astrologers nowadays with the exception of Carl Boudreau and Steve Judd. Carl has a very academic background coupled with a lot of insight based on a lifetime of personal spiritual experiences. mais 521 palavras


Poll: A Whopping 71% of Americans Are Unhappy With The Direction Of The Country

There’s no doubt things aren’t going well as we head into President Obama’s final year.

An anemic recovery, terrible race relations, mounting debt, chaos in the Middle East and government scandals have done serious damage to the credibility of the administration. mais 277 palavras


Trump Invincible, Clinton Leading, Sunday TV Talk Guests for 8/30/2015


Our Comment

Controversies are the fuel keeping Donald Trump’s political fire burning.

He has so dominated the field of candidates in GOP Primary 2016 that Mike Huckabee, a former FOX host who is running for the GOP Presidential nomination, said that Trump easily gets 10x the media coverage of any of the GOP contenders. mais 549 palavras