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RNC paid intel firm for Clinton dirt

As the general election was taking shape last summer, the Republican National Committee initiated a series of payments to a low-profile firm started by retired Central Intelligence Agency officers that worked closely with an ex-Russian spy. mais 54 palavras


Ivanka Trump is Turning into Katherine Heigl

And we all know how that ends.

The First Daughter has officially been given an ‘unofficial’ role in The White House, including but not limited to a West Wing office, secure phone line and security clearance. mais 185 palavras


Índice de Democracia 2016 vía The Economist

La democracia está en declive. Así lo da a conocer el Índice de Democracia 2016 elaborado por The Economist, el cual mide el estado de la democracia en 165 países independientes y dos territorios al evaluar los procesos electorales y el pluralismo, el estado de las libertades civiles, el funcionamiento del gobierno, la participación política y la cultura política. mais 255 palavras


Conservative Media Figures Have Always Been Republican Party Bootlickers

In a bizarre post on Politico, former Ted Cruz communications director Amanda Carpenter complains that the conservative media has gone all in for Trump ( mais 277 palavras


Media Mania: Trump vs. “Fake News”

Recent Actions Taken by Trump Challenges Freedom of the Press

By: Steven Morris

The White House press corps has been a staple in the West Wing since the early 1900’s. mais 429 palavras


A No-Party Government

With the debacle that our federal government has become (yes, the entire government appears to be a debacle at the moment), I’ve been trying to figure out how government can be improved down to its core. mais 564 palavras


The leader of the free world meets Donald Trump

This time the media hype surrounding a White House meeting is no wild exaggeration. When President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel finally get together on Friday, the leaders of the West’s two most powerful countries are sure to come off more like an odd couple than two close allies chewing over plans for some joint enterprise. mais 54 palavras