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Politico ponders Bannon's departure

Politico ponders Bannon’s ouster

Politico offers two view, this one is the one Adam tends towards:-

Bannon is an incredibly savvy political operator who talks to reporters all the time, and did these interviews for some reason.

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A very relevant cartoon

This was sourced from Politico and deals, Adam suggests quite cleverly with the issue of intolerance, especially from the progressives.

As always a good cartoon encapsulates the essence of an issue . mais 27 palavras

Teaser Review: Politico

pAuthor: MH Rahman
Genre: Political thriller

  • Ratings-

Cover : 3.5/5
Title : 3.5/5
Theme : 4/5
Characters : 4.5/5
Overall : 4/5

  • Preview:

After a really long time I was able to spare a while to read and here was a request from an author, whom I have worked with in the past, to review the teaser of his upcoming book Politico. mais 238 palavras

Madhuri Varma

TLC: ¿qué debe hacer el gobierno mexicano?

Por: Arturo Damm Arnal

La primera ronda de renegociaciones del TLC tendrá lugar del 16 al 20 de agosto. Renegociar un tratado de libre comercio (ojo: ¡de libre comercio!) tiene sentido si se avanza en la apertura comercial, en lo particular, y en la liberalización económica, en lo general. mais 1.172 palavras


'Alt-Right' Is Another Word For Nazi. In Charlottesville, Brown Shirts Showed Their True Colors.

This article was written by Jeff Greenfield, the Emmy Award winner, in Politico 08.13.17.

It’s long past Passover, but the latest effusions from Donald Trump bring to mind the question that begins that ritual: “Why is this president different from all other presidents?” mais 1.068 palavras