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The Spiritual Politico: Managing a Balance of the Ideal and the Possible

Our car sped northward, destined for Cooperstown, NY and the Baseball Hall of Fame, a sacred space for the Schroeder brothers. The conversation rollicked between my two older siblings in the front seat and my backseat view of the forest-clad New York scenery. mais 1.133 palavras


A Letter to Some of the Male Population

Dear men,

If you believe you were tricked into fatherhood by a female this is for you, and is the annoying #SJW male version of New-Wave Feminists. mais 348 palavras


Fiorina: My debate exclusion is an insult to voters

The fact that she won’t be on the stage during Saturday’s GOP debate is an insult to voters, Carly Fiorina said on Friday.

“The people who should be frustrated, actually more than frustrated, are the people of Iowa and New Hampshire,” the former Hewlett-Packard CEO said on “Morning Joe” when asked if she was “frustrated” by her exclusion. mais 60 palavras


How to Drop Out of a Presidential Race

This is not an idle consideration. Dropping out of the presidential race can be more important—and can have a more lasting impact—than entering it. Departing the right way can help a candidate built a lasting “brand” and set him or her up for speaking fees, TV contracts, a book deal and, who knows, maybe another run for the top prize one day.

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Hillary and Bernie

I woke up this morning to pundits talking about the debate last night as if it had been a boxing match.  As a friend posted on Facebook that is not what he saw.   mais 834 palavras


New-wave Feminists

Dear New-wave Feminists,

It’s too late to ask you to stop since you’ve already sucked the marrow from our society. You’ve already ostracized men and suppressed the women you were supposedly trying to uplift. mais 249 palavras


Written By Charles A 2011-July-18

You will swim in your own blood at this rate and pace. You will bathe in your own vomit, drench in your sweat, and breathe in your own fart. mais 2.459 palavras