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Why was the media so wrong in its prediction?

Today’s needull looks at recent changes that have happened in the media industry and tries to find the reason why was the media completely clueless about the US election results. mais 134 palavras


"The Education of Donald Trump": Politico Accidentally Shows Why Everything is Scary. (Bonus! The Most Newt Gingrich Quote Ever)

I don’t really have time to get into the fullness of how depressing and terrifying and bitterly funny this Politico article, “The Education of Donald Trump”, really is. mais 1.238 palavras


“The Ideas Made it, But I Didn’t”

In an age of serial mainstream media bias, I highly commend Politico on their fair, articulate analysis of Patrick. J Buchanan. From his early life, to his career in the media, to his time spent in the White House, to his unsuccessful bids for President in the 1990’s, to the influence of Buchananite, populist ideas towards the extraordinary Trump […]

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Donald Trump

The republican President Donald Trump has two camps of advisers talking to him about whether to withdraw from the Paris Climate Change Agreement or not. Those in favor of the president continuing with the agreement include his family advisers, his daughter, Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of Defense General James Mattis, and his National Security Advisor General H. mais 651 palavras

2016 Elections

The John Williams Show Full Podcast 04.25.17

The government almost shuts down again. John talks to Politico Employment and Immigration Reporter Ted Hesson about the threat’s influence on Trump’s desire to raise funds for a Southern Border wall. mais 96 palavras

John Williams