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Hacia una agenda pública para la ecoinnovación en México

Los paneles solares, las turbinas eólicas, las baterías de segunda generación o los biodigestores, son algunas de las tecnologías que actualmente permiten reducir el consumo de energía en diversas actividades en las que nos desarrollamos. mais 781 palavras


The Pulitzer Prize Scam - Jack Shafer - POLITICO Magazine

With the recent announcement of Pulitzer Prize winners, POLITCO went out of its way to implicate the awards as having no value.

It is true that there seems to be a prize for everyone these days and the pool has been diluted because of it. mais 3.612 palavras


'What an imbecile': Politico cartoonist's 'baffling' take on Hillary's POTUS run [photo]

According to this cartoon from Politico’s Matt Wuerker, Obama was busy being a sexist. Or maybe not, because he’s a Democrat.

Anyway, just take a look: mais 307 palavras

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Coming to a State Near You?

Capital, a website covering political news in New York is being re-branded as Politico New York.

The re-brand is taking place about a year after the New York site was purchased by… mais 182 palavras


Politico To Expand To States In A Bold Rebranding Move

Political website Politico, has come with a new way to expand their brand. To take a line from Gawker, Politico is taking the “Macy’s” approach to rebranding. mais 78 palavras


‘Not The Onion’: Politico writes '1000+ word article' on who made Hillary's burrito

You can’t make this up. Politico has a story up today on the “everyday people” who made Hillary Clinton’s burrito:

OMFG, just shoot me now so I don't have to endure 500+ more days of this: Politico: Who Made Hillary's Burrito?

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Ways to Get Politics and Government Textbooks Published

Government is really a widening discipline that has gained immense popularity in past times couple of years. Huge variety of students enroll in politics & government degree courses to make a strong conceal the Costa Rica government and politics sector. mais 532 palavras