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Portugal SA e o interesse nacional

O mais surreal no debate sobre o “interesse nacional” no caso da Portugal Telecom é ver uma oferta angolana a prometer defendê-lo. Mas o mais impressionante é a forma radical como o Governo remete tudo para a esfera privada (e em contraste até com governos liberais como o de David Cameron), e a oposição parlamentar parece incapaz de definir o que entende por interesse nacional e de como deve ser defendido (seja nas privatizações, seja em negócios que envolvem grande empresas de base nacional como a PT). mais 124 palavras

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Portugal Telecom - a bargain?


  • PT is currently trading at around 1,9 € per share (an 83% discount from its 5-year high). Market cap is about 1,7 B€.
  • At this price level, PT is selling for about its book value or little over 6 times earnings.
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Portugal Telecom follow up - SELL

In April, I invested ~1% of my portfolio into Portugal Telecom because I found the merger situation with Brazilian Telco OI very intersting.

In the last few days, the stock price dropped like a stone because they… mais 615 palavras

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Update: Portugal Telecom & Oi Merger & Oi capital increase

DISCLAIMER: The stock discussed is again very risky and not a typical “value stock”. Please do your own homework and never commit large amounts of your capital to such investments.

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Africa’s Richest Woman, Isabel dos Santos, Plans To Increase Stake in Unitel

(Syndicated article courtesy of The Habari Network)

Africa’s richest woman, Isabel dos Santos, plans to increase her stake in Unitel, Angola’s largest mobile phone company.   mais 291 palavras

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International Investing - Portugal

The world is a big place – there are over 190 countries and 7 billion people in the world, which really boggles the mind if you sit down and think about it. mais 542 palavras


Short update Portugal Telecom /OI: Sale of 6.1% stake by Caixa Geral

In my first post on the PTC/OI merger I wrote among others the following:

For some PTC shareholders, the problem might be that the suddenly do not hold a Portuguese/European stock but a Brazilian one.

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