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Two hundred and seventy-nine

The Tower

Photograph: Christ Convent, Tomar, Portugal. April 2019.


Trying something new: Booking ahead for a place to sleep

O Porriño to Redondela (16 kilometers, feels like that)

After a day walking in the rain, you couldn’t help but admire the optimism that filled the auberge in O Porriño. mais 777 palavras

'Si lo encuentras mátalo': alerta por pez cabeza de serpiente

‘Si lo encuentras mátalo’: alerta por pez cabeza de serpiente
Fue detectado en más de 15 estados de EE. UU. y no logran contenerlo. Devora cualquier cosa. mais 563 palavras


Interview with Hugo Paquete

1. Which was the first sound you heard? 

This is a question that can only be philosophically addressed. Because the ear is a very primitive organ and unlike the eye does not close. mais 1.989 palavras


Lisbon in August 2019

Lisbon is such a beautiful place, it’s simply stunning!

We had been to Lisbon a long time ago (before we had children) and loved seeing this place again. mais 90 palavras

Paintings from Portugal - Azores

Three watercolor paintings about Portugal, two relatively new, one I made a bit earlier. I hope you will enjoy them!

Firstly a watercolor painting about the Marina of Horta in… mais 401 palavras


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Lello bookstore, one of the most beautiful libraries in the world is located in Porto, Portugal

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