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Poppin Bottles, Pushing Daisies

What I really liked about Pushing Daisies is that Chuck and Ned had very real relationship problems. It’s not like “oh their love is so strong and they have to conquer the outside forces to be together!” Which easily could’ve been how their relationship was written considering their circumstance. mais 306 palavras

Pie Time

I have recently been addicted to pie.

Not store bought or frozen…I mean made-from-scratch pie that is so good that you eat it for breakfast and dessert. mais 321 palavras

Food And Cooking

Throwback 10: Pushing Daisies

Cancelled before its time is a phrase that gets bandied about a lot, but when it comes to Pushing Daisies, it is most definitely true. mais 770 palavras


What We Binge Watched On Our Summer Hiatus

Just like when our teachers used to make us write about our summer vacations for the first day of school, we’re ready to fill our readers in on what we binge watched on our summer hiatus. mais 2.115 palavras


Tell me more, tell me more

When I saw erstwilder would launch a Grease collection, I was over the moon. I wanted a Frenchie brooch for ages, but the only one I knew of was an “old” handmade piece by a brand that no longer exsisted. mais 367 palavras

Tales & Thoughts

Serial [Series] Killer

Ever since I discovered the beauty that is binge-watching TV/Web Series, I have developed massive attachment issues when a show gets canceled or ends. Pretty soon, I’ll be saying goodbye to #GOT… mais 185 palavras


Pushing Daisies/Paperman

And now for something completely different.

I am a “traditional” artist. I draw things pretty much the way they look. I am really… really bad at getting creative with stuff. mais 174 palavras