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Ten Shows I Love

I posted this in my other blog so might as well post about it here! The prompt was anything about TV but I chose to write about shows I love. mais 1.349 palavras


TV Review - Pushing Daisies (2007-2009)

This is the best show that you probably never saw.

Dead revival powers + lighthearted mysteries + awkward (and dangerous) romance = Pushing Daisies.

BQB here with yet another TV review. mais 400 palavras


Praising: My Favorite TV Shows

I’ve found that lately this blog has mainly focused on film more than any other form of entertainment, so I thought I would throw in a TV post. mais 1.897 palavras

Parks And Recreation

Conflict-averse protagonists

It’s been a little while since I wrote about my own writing – sadly that’s because I haven’t been doing a huge amount of it. I’ll get back in the saddle soon I’m sure. mais 881 palavras


Lee Pace Quietly Has One Of The Most Impressive Careers In Hollywood

Being tall is a blessing and a curse. I’m 6’3, meaning no matter where I am at a concert, I can see the band on stage. mais 1.060 palavras


Don't Watch Pushing Daisies

Don’t watch Pushing Daisies. Do yourself and your heart a favor and don’t watch it. Never ever. Pushing Daisies  mais 719 palavras