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Gone Too Soon

Last month I heard the news of In The Flesh (2013) not being picked up for a third season. In The Flesh is basically a gay zombie show. mais 1.438 palavras


Do you have a minute to talk about Pushing Daisies?

I must admit I started watching the series after I’ve seen The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Partly because I wanted to have an excuse not to deal with school stuff. mais 213 palavras

The Happiest Shows on Earth: 'Parks and Recreation' and optimism on TV

Parks and Recreation was lauded for its combination of comedy and earnest sweetness. The people of Pawnee, Indiana, are “first in friendship, fourth in obesity,” and they proved the former to us for seven seasons. mais 754 palavras

A Piece of Cake

Today I found out not having a short-term objective could be weirder than I expected.
I woke up this morning – well, midday – with any plan at all. mais 379 palavras

My Life

Pushing Daisies: The Trauma.

I feel like I need to spend a few words to talk about “Pushing Daisies”.

Pushing Daisies is TV show directed by Bryan Fuller and starring Lee Pace and Anna Friel. mais 371 palavras