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Happy Birthday Lee Pace!

Today is Lee Pace’s 36th birthday!

Lee & Friends

Lee & Matt Bomer

Lee & Sarah Michelle Gellar (posted by SMG on her Twitter today) mais 46 palavras


[PHOTOS] 50 shades of the Piemaker

Took me a couple of hours to select the best 50 out of hundreds pictures I got from Pushing Daisies >_<

A special gift dedicated to my beloved Lee Grinner Pace :3… mais 7 palavras

Geek Chic Cosmetics solid perfumes: The Pie Hole Collection!

Hey team!

Today I have more goodies for you from Geek Chic Cosmetics! Geek Chic is a super fun company that bases a lot of products, like eye shadows, lip glosses, and perfumes, on fun, nerdy, pop culture references! mais 614 palavras



So when I go back and think about it – 2009 was probably one of the worst years of my life. Well of course it is going to be bad when your favourite TV show in the entire world is… mais 358 palavras

At least I wasn't the only one who was confused

Fuller tweeted the stuff below a little while ago along with thanks to everyone who voted in the Esquire poll. He must have seen the same thing I did — that results were final. mais 26 palavras

Richard Armitage

It's Friday. Laugh a Little.

It’s Friday.  Hang loose with some hilarity from these three amazing shows.

Writers of Pushing Daisies, Hawaii 5-O, and Psych, I salute you. mais 161 palavras


Gone Too Soon

Last month I heard the news of In The Flesh (2013) not being picked up for a third season. In The Flesh is basically a gay zombie show. mais 1.438 palavras