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Lee Pace Quietly Has One Of The Most Impressive Careers In Hollywood

Being tall is a blessing and a curse. I’m 6’3, meaning no matter where I am at a concert, I can see the band on stage. mais 1.060 palavras


Don't Watch Pushing Daisies

Don’t watch Pushing Daisies. Do yourself and your heart a favor and don’t watch it. Never ever. Pushing Daisies  mais 719 palavras

Lonely Tourist Charlotte Charles

So, you know of my love for Pushing Daisies (actually Bryan Fuller tv shows in general, but I’ll talk about that seperately), at the very beginning Chuck dies and is from then on known as the Lonely Tourist. mais 299 palavras

Tales & Thoughts

#SeriesSunday: ABC's Pushing Daisies (2007-2009)

In the world of crime-drama series, one of the most unusual and quirky was Pushing Daisies. I heard about this series around 2 years ago, but hadn’t got around to watch it until recently. mais 806 palavras


Geeking Out - Pushing Daisies

Dear Erin,

I’m thinking going to Disney World so often when we were young is what gave you a messed up idea about pirates. After all, Peter Pan’s flight (in a pirate ship) and Pirates of the Caribbean are two of the best rides at the Magic Kingdom. mais 642 palavras