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Why don't the shows I love get brought back?

TV shows are cancelled all of the time. I feel like most people heard that the Mindy Project was recently cancelled- thankfully, the age of Netflix and Hulu have offered another option for mainstream television shows. mais 253 palavras



For a while now, a friend of mine has been nudging me to watch the Hannibal TV series, but I resisted because it seemed like it would be too grim and grisly for my tastes… then a couple weeks back, I caved in and watched the pilot. mais 293 palavras

Rants About TV

Sara's Summer Grab Bag

By Sara Da Silva

Strangely, for Britain, summer has arrived early. I’d have thought we’d still be having frequent bouts of rain but maybe I was wrong. mais 391 palavras


51 TV Writers Reveal Their Favorite Thing They've Ever Written

51 TV Writers Reveal Their Favorite Thing They’ve Ever Written June 08, 2015 at 08:47AM:

The brains behind Lost, Sex and the City, The X-Files, Empire, Pushing Daisies, and dozens of other beloved shows singled out the line, scene, twist, or episode that’s closest to their heart. mais 90 palavras


Let's Remember The Weirdest Deaths From 'Pushing Daisies'

Before he was writing about compelling cannibals, Bryan Fuller created Pushing Daisies, a quirky and candy-colored show about a Piemaker and the girl he loves. mais 794 palavras


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