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Art Journal #11: Ned + Chuck

What?? We’re almost at the end of June and I skipped a month??? I’m not even going to explain myself anymore because been busy (playing… mais 101 palavras


Pushing Daisies season 1

Pushing Daisies is a starter guide on how to successfully mix genres.

The show starts with an easy premise, Ned, the piemaker, can bring back the dead with no consequence for a minute. mais 349 palavras

Very Strange batch of Returns: Successes from Rainn Wilson and Kristen Chenoweth, Failure from Brad Bird and interesting partial success from 'Patrick Wilson'

I’ve had a very strange batch of returns lately, well maybe not strange just interesting.

First was a success from Rainn Wilson, best known as Dwight from ‘The Office.’ This one was a little strange because the photo he returned is not one of the ones that I sent. mais 422 palavras

TTM Autographs

Swan Songs: Music for Your Final Exit - Apple Music Playlist

NPR’s All Songs Considrered compiled a user-generated list of 100 songs that people would like to have played at their memorial service / funeral / wake / what-have-you… you know… when you’re dead. mais 84 palavras


EP REVIEW: 'Take Me Back To The Light' by Pushing Daisies

With bands like Dearist, Beaumont and seemingly countless others at the helm, the Britrock mantle already feels as though it’s being taken up by far more capable hands, moving aside the polished, overly-earnest brooding that once saw its time in the spotlight and replacing it with tangible, genuine emotion. mais 350 palavras


EP Review: Take Me Back To The Light by Pushing Daisies

Bristol emo rock quartet Pushing Daisies release their new EP Take Me Back To The Light on 11th May. Speaking on the new record, vocalist Bert Martinez-Cowles said “Take Me Back To The Light has been in the works for a long time. mais 252 palavras


Pushing Daises Announce UK Tour

In support of Pushing Daisies new record, ‘Take Me Back To The Light’, the band will be taking it to UK venues from next month. mais 61 palavras