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The world’s tiniest radio

Researchers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) have made the world’s smallest radio receiver, built out of an assembly of atomic-scale defects in pink diamonds. mais 468 palavras

Science & Health


An it harm none, do what ye will.

  1. Bide the Wiccan laws ye must in perfect love an’ perfect trust.
  2. Live an’ let live – fairly take an’ fairly give.
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When America tuned into the radio

It’s almost impossible now to imagine a time when listening to the radio was an American pastime.

But when visitors walk through the doors of… mais 803 palavras

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What's the Password; Beyond Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

Many times I have stood awaiting entrance to a circle either in a private esbats and sabbat observances or even at a large festival gathering.  As I stood watching others ahead of me I pondered the playing out of the beginnings of the ritual before my eyes.  mais 2.061 palavras

Eric Fromm


There’s a thin line between good and evil… that thin line is decision. Everything we see before us today that we sometimes classify as good can also be used for evil purposes and vice versa as the case may be, it all depends on that very thin line: the line between good and evil, the line between moderate and excessive, the line between purpose and abuse… that very skinny line. mais 794 palavras


How Comfortable is your Comfort Zone?

What could be more relieving than having a place that takes away all your worries, pains, stress, and thoughts? What could beat the self-created comfort zone? mais 733 palavras


It's not enough

Well, let me get straight to the point with this one rather than beating around the bush like a hunter. Presently, there are so many things we find ourselves doing and for us, we have come to the highest point of those things and so we no longer push ourselves nor put in more work to better them, thus, we attain satisfaction with the mediocre outcome we produce, languishing in averageness and enveloped in the popular misconceptions that shaped the past which is not meant to be because there’s always something to bring to the table, no matter how small, even if its the table cloth, so far something was brought. mais 289 palavras