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In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

Just about anyone who follows this path has at least heard of the Rede. If you haven’t, then you’re about to be introduced to it. mais 1.321 palavras

Pagan Ethics Rede Hall Farm Park, Rede, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Rede Hall Farm Park holiday cottages consist of recently lovingly restored flint & red brick farm buildings located in Chedburgh in Suffolk.

Rede Hall Farm Park accepts horses, dogs & small pets; you can view this Self Catering property on our website… mais 124 palavras

Unnützes Denken

Manche Menschen denken, dass manches Denken unnütz ist. Das denke ich auch. Doch ich denke, ich denke an ein anderes Denken als jene Menschen denken. Denn ich denke – und wie ich mir schon denken kann, werden sich manche vielleicht jetzt schon denken können – dass es nicht irgendjemandes Denken, sondern es das Denken derer ist, an die wir jetzt denken, also von denen die ganze Zeit die Rede ist, deren Denken unnütz ist. mais 105 palavras

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Magic Vs. Magick

When curious people are researching wiccan practices they often find themselves reading about Magick, wondering why it’s spelled differently than they’ve known their whole lives. I know I had trouble adjusting to the extra letter at the end. mais 385 palavras