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#HotDrops: El Tabaquero is Losing His Patience


BIG PIPO is back with a new slow ride in the low rider banger. CANT WAIT TO ELIMINATE… mais 149 palavras

Newly Discovered Pit Viper Species Named After Harry Potter Character "Salazar Slytherin"

A new species of deadly Pit Vipers were found by a group of researchers lead by Zeeshan A. Mirza in the Himalayas. Said snake was then named “Salazar’s Pit Viper,” after J.K Rowling’s character, “Salazar Slytherin,” from her famous novel series, “Harry Potter.” This was because Zeeshan A. mais 86 palavras


Preservation Square Project

McCormack/Barron/Salazar has been attempting to demolish portions of this existing project formerly known as Ofallon Place for some time. The project which is large, about 550 units will consist of some demolition, reconstruction, and rehabilitation. mais 63 palavras

Portugal: Intro

This year I decided to take a break from all of the Covid related stress and decided to take a vacation. I’m from the Czech republic which at this moment is not the best country in containing the Covid19 virus and a lot of countries in the EU require a negative PCR test that is not older than 2 – 3 days depending on the country. mais 795 palavras


Mayoral Hopeful

September 8, 2020

Comptroller Scott Stringer threw his hat into the ring and announced his campaign for NYC Mayor today in Inwood Hill Park. In addition to his wife and 2 kids, Stringer was joined by a number of elected officials offering their hearty endorsements. mais 124 palavras

Mo Farah's Right-hand British Endurance Head To Resign

The top man who played key role in Farah’s four Olympic titles becomes the latest figure caught up in the Alberto Salazar scandal to resign. Barry Fudge, the head of endurance at British Athletics, will leave his role next week. mais 125 palavras