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Adidas Samba – Black / Slime / Gum

The all-time classic in a very unnecessary colorway. An outlet find in the years when Adidas weren’t sure if they wanted to go hard on old-school or avant garde, and as a result we got a lot of “mutant” classic models. mais 68 palavras


Cara Mengatasi Rasa Jenuh Saat Latihan

Sebuah hal yang wajar ketika seorang pedansa mengalami rasa jenuh saat latihan. Apalagi jika ia adalah seorang atlet yang durasi latihannya per hari bisa sampai 3 atau 6 jam per hari. mais 228 palavras


Round Up: Books About Dancing

Who doesn’t love a good dance party? I know I do! Here, you’ll find a list of books to do with dancing in all it’s forms! mais 168 palavras


Roberta Sá: Giro

A Spin for All Seasons

Listening Post 244. For better or worse the world always turns, and though the release of Roberta Sá’s Giro (Spin) predates the current global pandemic by several months, it provides a useful lens for looking back with longing and forward with hope at a universe that now seems stuck in the ice of fear, compounded by social distancing. mais 957 palavras


Are You Well In The Suffering?

This week in Latin Technique class we had a much better turnout than we did last week, as there were six of us in class compared to just the two of us who showed up last week. mais 1.645 palavras


Projeto samba família acontece no dia 19 de março com o cantor Ronaldo Gomes

O cantor e ator Ronaldo Gomes idealizador do Projeto Samba Família em Duque de Caxias iniciou sua carreira artística na TV, como ator interpretando o personagem “Saci Lambão” do Sítio do Pica Pau Amarelo exibido de 1979 a 1982 pela Rede Globo. mais 885 palavras