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Mbeki gave us Zuma

At just before 11 PM on the 14th February, Jacob Zuma announced his resignation as President of South Africa, bringing to an end the most rotten and corrupt Presidency in South African History. mais 707 palavras


Icardi-Wanda Nara, la coppia scoppia? Maurito non segue più la moglie sui social

Marco Gentile Wanda Nara si trova in Argentina per motivi di lavoro e posta una foto provocante su Instagram. Icardi, però, la segue più sul famoso social network: c’è aria di crisi?

Internet News Rivista

Dear Liquid Telecom - An open letter from an unhappy customer

You and your predecessor Neotel are the most unreliable, inconsistent internet service “provider” I’ve ever had the misfortune of using. Regularly, I get a “No Internet” message while connected to your “broadband” at my home. mais 241 palavras


Omicidio sul ponte di San Giorgio: caccia alle prove, il filo segue la pista nera veneta – Cronaca – Gazzetta di Mantova

Cerca su Gazzetta di Mantova… mais 23 palavras

Italia Tua

What Would Be Helpful For My Teacher To Know About Me ?

As long as I think the work is fun, I won’t slack off.*

  • Authentic student’s comment on feedback form submitted on first day of my Year 7 History class…
  • mais 86 palavras
US Politics

On Climate Change and Science Denialism

Last week, three major climate-related events occurred.
South Africa’s interior suffered under a heatwave. Australia was struck by a heatwave so intense that flying foxes fell out of trees dead as the heat had literally cooked their brains. mais 662 palavras


A crisis in South Africa's Education System

Earlier this week, the results of the 2017 PIRLS (Progress in Reading/Literacy Study) were released.
Out of 50 countries, South Africa was ranked 50th. The survey additionally found that 78% of South African Grade 4 pupils could not read for comprehension. mais 368 palavras