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Dreading the outcome of the 2016 U.S Presidential Election

I’ve been watching the preliminary running in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. Donald Trump is the Republican Presidential Candidate while Hillary Clinton will likely be selected as the Democratic one. mais 260 palavras

Autism Awareness

Counting Change

I walk up to the counter at the grocery store and decide to pay with cash since it’s a small order. The cashier rings up my items, and it seems like any other routine transaction. mais 971 palavras

Personal Update

Using Segues and Delegates for Navigation Controllers in Swift 3.0

It should be one of the easiest things we do, and yet for many it is the most confusing. Getting data from one view controller to another as you switch views never seems easy. mais 2.085 palavras


Local radio gets presenters but keeps the segue

It was good news to hear that 3 stations belonging to the Wireless Group are getting local programming again.

Years ago, back in the days when radio stations had listeners and were an important part of daily life, the localness and relevance of a radio station was part of the hook. mais 492 palavras


segue v. 2 👀

I should’ve uploaded the second photo in my earlier post but goddddd. Sofia’s at it again!!!

She’s literally my goals and my girl crush even though she’s younger than me. mais 16 palavras

Sofia Romualdez

segue 👀


Sofia Romualdez

Com 'auxiliar-zagueiro' e bronca em novato, Palmeiras segue preparação para o Brasileiro

O treinamento do Palmeiras, nesta quinta-feira (05), aconteceu mais uma vez sem o técnico Cuca dar indicação da equipe titular que ele pretende mandar a campo na abertura do Campeonato Brasileiro, no dia 14 de maio, contra o Atlético-PR. mais 354 palavras