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Open Studio Weekend

Thank you to the team at Segue! How lucky we are to have this space in Gippsland to experience the spoils of local art. This weekend is a great chance to stop in on your way through to the Briagolong Open Studio Weekend! mais 16 palavras


Ties That Bind

How do we define our sense of belonging?

And what happens in those moments when an absence is felt or a new presence enters?

The death of my grandfather who blessed me with afternoons spent painting in his shed drew these questions into sharp focus. mais 291 palavras


Easily Confused Words: Segue vs. Segway

Segue and Segway are easily confused words and homophones.

The spell-check application of most word processing software programs would not catch a slip-up of these two words. mais 319 palavras

Easily Confused Words

2015 Road Trip Day : 1 Wrap up

First of all… THANK YOU, JESUS

Construction, torrential rain, roll-over accidents and our own punctuality issues delayed our arrival into Nashville but we safely made an appearance at our hotel around 2 am this morning.   mais 440 palavras

Justiça nega pedido de Pato, que segue com contratos com São Paulo e Corinthians

Nesta quinta-feira (18), a 61ª Vara do Trabalho de São Paulo, através do juiz André Eduardo Dorster Araujo, negou o pedido de tutela antecipada feita pelo atacante Alexandre Pato. mais 159 palavras


Understanding the 'sender' in segues and use it to pass on data to another view controll

One of the downsides of using segues in storyboards is that you often still need to write code to pass on data from the source view controller to the destination view controller. mais 814 palavras


Experimenting with Swift and UIStoryboardSegues

Lately I’ve been experimenting a lot with doing things differently in Swift. I’m still trying to find best practices and discover completely new ways of doing things. mais 447 palavras