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That's all. I'm out.

This is my Farewell Post. I’m done.
In January 2010, I read a news report while googling news stories about autism and autistics. A gastroenterologist named Andrew Wakefield had been found guilty of misconduct for a case study he’d done on 12 autistic patients. mais 745 palavras


Seasonal Segue

It’s ‘Homophone Me’ at d’Verse Poets Pub

and ‘Something’s Gotta Give‘ at Poetic Bloomings

Seasonal Segue

The last leaves wave frantically
Before they have to leave… mais 85 palavras


Gordhan Charged. Abrahams a cat's paw

Well it happened.
I never thought it would. I never thought that Zuma would be so reckless, but I clearly underestimated him.
Pravin Gordhan is to appear in court to face charges over his granting of early retirement and a pension to Ivan Pillay. mais 234 palavras



Varda (LEIMLAB 14)
01 Poipoi – Ferret
02 Adzuki – Glass Float
03 PerfluXe – Nature Space
04 Halftribe – Butterfly
05 James Osland – Picture of a Dying Glacier… mais 51 palavras



When an irresistible subject develops an insupportable conclusion, the plot must turn again. mais 6 palavras

Foolish Thoughts

"Absolutely Anything" reviewed - Four out of Ten (Edited)

I rented the DVD of Absolutely Anything, the last ever Monty Python film, and watched it. This is my review of it.
The good news: it’s not as bad as some of the critics have said. mais 813 palavras


The Call

I have again experienced something akin to the phenomenon of reassurance that I struggled to describe in my previous post, All the Glory to God. mais 629 palavras

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