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Gordhan Charged. Abrahams a cat's paw

Well it happened.
I never thought it would. I never thought that Zuma would be so reckless, but I clearly underestimated him.
Pravin Gordhan is to appear in court to face charges over his granting of early retirement and a pension to Ivan Pillay. mais 234 palavras



Varda (LEIMLAB 14)
01 Poipoi – Ferret
02 Adzuki – Glass Float
03 PerfluXe – Nature Space
04 Halftribe – Butterfly
05 James Osland – Picture of a Dying Glacier… mais 51 palavras



When an irresistible subject develops an insupportable conclusion, the plot must turn again. mais 6 palavras

Foolish Thoughts

"Absolutely Anything" reviewed - Four out of Ten (Edited)

I rented the DVD of Absolutely Anything, the last ever Monty Python film, and watched it. This is my review of it.
The good news: it’s not as bad as some of the critics have said. mais 813 palavras


The Call

I have again experienced something akin to the phenomenon of reassurance that I struggled to describe in my previous post, All the Glory to God. mais 629 palavras

Creative Process

Ep 56 - Little Fuzzy Stalin

It may have taken them longer than a hop from Sandleford to Efrafa, but the Foxes have finally finished Richard Adams’ classic tale of lapine adventure, “Watership Down.” mais 315 palavras


A Day Off

Today was ODD’s day off work (except for MW – hence, he really does have so much on his plate, especially since he’s had to step in at CHA recently) since they didn’t take Friday off. mais 1.163 palavras

Burkina Faso