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Push segue is deprecated in storyboard of Xcode 6.1.1

To show push effect while navigating from one view controller to another view controller. Use “Show” segue.

Follow the given steps to perform push navigation :- mais 53 palavras

A to Z: ZZ Top's "Waitin' For The Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago" Aren't The Only Songs We Play Together

If you’re wondering how ZZ Top‘s “Waitin’ For The Bus” and “Jesus Just Left Chicago” ended up being played together on the radio, lead guitarist Billy Gibbons has your answer. mais 167 palavras


Restless Dreams

Recently, I’ve been having a recurring dream that I am going back to Asbury University as a graduate student. In the dreams, I am always rooming with one of two friends from my real Asbury days–incidentally both are named Sarah–in the regular undergrad dorms even though we are working on our master’s degrees. mais 569 palavras

Personal Update

iOS Programming : prepareForSeque is like a bridge

prepareForSegue is like bridge connecting two different view controllers and able to control 2nd view controller using this simple code.

Using this prepareForSegue we can trigger next screen dynamically using programming. mais 31 palavras


Set Up the Setup!

Because I don’t subscribe to pay TV channels, I am always behind on the HBO and Showtime shows. I have to wait for them to become available on Netflix. mais 118 palavras