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Com 'auxiliar-zagueiro' e bronca em novato, Palmeiras segue preparação para o Brasileiro

O treinamento do Palmeiras, nesta quinta-feira (05), aconteceu mais uma vez sem o técnico Cuca dar indicação da equipe titular que ele pretende mandar a campo na abertura do Campeonato Brasileiro, no dia 14 de maio, contra o Atlético-PR. mais 354 palavras


Birth of Be The Good - Pt. 2

When I wrote my previous post about how our Be The Good journey began, I thought I had taken the events to the point where my wife and I began to be graced by others Being The Good to us.   mais 1.081 palavras


Moving Sale...It's Getting Real, Y'all

Charles and I just put together and shared with our local Taichung community a pretty comprehensive list of all the furniture and big items we are selling since we’re leaving Taiwan. mais 447 palavras

Personal Update

The Birth of Be The Good

Our Be The Good journey began in  Minneapolis coffee shop named Segue Cafe just south of downtown.  The name of the cafe is so apropos as the definition of Segue is “move without interruption from one song, melody, or scene to another” and unbeknownst to my wife and I that is exactly what we were doing.   mais 567 palavras


Thoughts on the death of a musical Prince

Earlier this week, Prince Rogers Nelson, the most prolific songwriter of modern times, died at his home aged 57.
Despite the fact that an autopsy is still to be performed, some of the more ghoulish antivaxxers are claiming that he was done in by a flu vaccine. mais 223 palavras


Goodbyes and Hellos

“Do you keep a blog anymore?” my youngest sister asked me yesterday. Yikes. Has it been that long since I’ve written?

Yes, I still keep a blog, but in the midst of a very busy and somewhat tumultuous season of life, the blog has gotten a little dusty. mais 785 palavras

Personal Update

2016.04.10: segue

barren through winter

trees explode in spring blossoms

before donning green