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How to Windbg!

Capturing Dump using Procdump

  1. Download & Install Prodump:
  2. Once you see Port error, Run following command (from administrative command prompt)
    1. Procdump -ma Microsoft.Support.UnifiedDesktop.UI.exe
    2. Procdump -ma supclient.exe…
  3. mais 341 palavras

Why isn’t the !bpmd in sos / windbg not working?

I recently noticed another blog post refer to one of my post. The issue was, sos wasn’t enabling the break-points on non-jitted functions. The classic example being “Main”.  mais 184 palavras


Using sosex within windbg to understand IL and Assembly code

Sometimes when debugging managed code within the debugger I would like to see the C# code ,the IL translation for the managed code and the Assembly code for the IL. mais 247 palavras


Locating data in a dataset within memory dump

Recently a troubleshooting experience led me to the need to view content of dataset in a memory dump from production server. Although, I was able to find few posts on datatable dissection, but I was curious on doing dissection from dataset to actual data. mais 241 palavras


Debugging Generic System.Nullable within Windbg

In this post I am going to unravel the mystery of debugging the Nullable<T> within Windbg in .NET 3.5 and also compare it with .NET 4.0. mais 836 palavras


Debugging .Net Framework 4.0 without source code using windbg

In this post I am going to be discussing about debugging .Net Framework 4.0  using windbg . I am going to demonstrating how to have a break-point within a method, but without the framework source code. mais 927 palavras


Case of NullReferenceException not handled by sos / windbg

In this post I am going to be discussing about the NullReferenceException which is not trapped “sxe clr” command. FYI “sxe  clr” is the command in debugging tools to catch any clr exception.  mais 704 palavras