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'Red Oaks' Review: Amazon's 1985-Set Coming-Of-Age Comedy Is A Grand Slam

A time machine is about to open later this week and I strongly suggest that you get in and take a ride back to 1985 with… mais 380 palavras

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Eros (2004)

An anthology movie featuring contributions from Soderbergh, Wong Kar-Wai and Michelangelo Antonioni sure is a delicious concept on paper but as with most anthology films, Eros is one hell of a mixed bag. mais 460 palavras

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Steven Soderbergh Tells An Ugly Truth About Filmmaking

Steven Soderbergh is an Oscar winning director (Traffic) who made some incredible films while he was still making films. Back in 2013, he announced… mais 628 palavras


Steven Soderbergh's Next HBO Project Might Let Viewers Choose The Ending With An App

Here is everything we know for certain about Steven Soderbergh’s latest HBO project, Mosaic:


Steven Soderbergh is making an interactive "choose your own adventure" project for HBO

Several entertainment publications are reporting that HBO is developing a project in which the audience will control what happens in the story.

Deadline reports that the project is an “experimental film” called  mais 462 palavras

Steven Soderbergh Sets Up Mystery Project 'Mosaic' at HBO, Sharon Stone Set to Star

Steven Soderbergh is continuing ties with HBO with a never-before-seen sort of project, Variety has learned.

The mastermind director behind “The Knick,” “Traffic,” “Magic Mike” and the “Ocean’s Eleven” franchise is bringing an entirely new movie project to TV, titled “Mosaic,” in which the audience has a say in the storyline. mais 238 palavras


Steven Soderbergh Film 'Mosaic' Starring Sharon Stone Greenlighted By HBO, Promises To Push Storytelling Boundaries

Oscar-winning filmmaker Steven Soderbergh quietly has put together Mosaic, a movie starring Sharon Stone, for HBO. No one is confirming details on the secret project, but I hear that… mais 165 palavras

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