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Review - The Knick S2

Season two of the turn-of-the-century medical drama takes an even closer look at the lives of all those involved with New York’s Knickerbocker hospital.

When season one of… mais 603 palavras


Schizopolis (1996) Goes Hollywood: Full Frontal (2002)

When Steven Soderbergh filmed the largely improvised, aggressively irreverent Schizopolis in the mid-90s, he seemed to be deliberately disrupting the flow of his career. After a few consecutive big budget duds failed in wide release, the director returned to the themes & means of his popular debut, … mais 898 palavras

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Thoughts on: Logan Lucky (2017)

Steven Soderbergh’s rip-roaring return from a brief retirement from film-making, Logan Lucky is a delightful mix of crime-drama and caper-film that’s as heartfelt as it is hilarious. mais 450 palavras

Film Review

Films seen August

Dunkirk (2017 – Christopher Nolan)


There was a lot of talk about this film, but really, when it came down to it, it was utterly thrilling.  mais 1.882 palavras

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Logan Lucky (2017) Review: Soderbergh is back... Again.

If you know me, you know I go to the movies to have fun. Yes, film as an art and a medium can be used to enlighten and educate viewers on anything their heart desires. mais 714 palavras


Schizopolis (1996) Brought Soderbergh Back to Home Base Only to Burn It to the Ground

One of the most exciting aspects of September’s Movie of the Month, the irreverently cerebral Steven Soderbergh comedy Schizopolis, is in trying to figure out exactly who it’s for. mais 1.178 palavras

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CRIME DOES PAY: Logan Lucky and The Nile Hilton Incident

For questions:
First, a word from our sponsors: I am now offering a new service: so much emphasis has been given lately to the importance of the opening of your screenplay, I now offer coverage for the first twenty pages at the cost of $20.00.  mais 1.280 palavras