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Traffic (2000)

Steven Soderbergh’s intelligent attempt at an expose of the many links in the chain of drug culture can be seen as the Crash of narcotics. mais 171 palavras


the knick

I’ve just finished season two of the knick, and I’m still very impressed with the series.

when I first started watching it I thought it was set in England. mais 34 palavras


#199: Schizopolis




Special Features

  1. Two audio commentaries: Steven Soderbergh interviewed by Steven Soderbergh; producer John Hardy, actor and casting director David Jensen, production sound mixer Paul Ledford, and actor Michael Malone…
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Steven Soderbergh

Solaris (2002)

Psychiatrist George Clooney is sent to investigate the strange happenings on a space station orbiting the mysterious planet Solaris where the crew have been encountering “visitors” from their past. mais 155 palavras


Side Effects (2013)

A young woman suffering from depression is charged with murder, leaving her psychiatrist with the task of proving that her actions were caused by the side effects of an experimental medication that he prescribed. mais 149 palavras


Ocean's Eleven (2001) Review

A damn smart movie.


The strongest asset that ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ contains, is that it is one damn smart movie, a literally ingenious heist flick, in the sense that it tries hard to be clever and stylish, but it pulls it off just right.

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