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Soderbergh's Perfect Send Off

There is much no doubt that Steven Soderbergh is a fantastic filmmaker, a treasure to the American cinematic landscape that unfortunately turned into a loss, the director stating his departure from films, moving on to the realm of Television, leaving many of us who are fans and those who would become fans suffering, especially with the potential that more could have been made. mais 931 palavras

Magic Mike XXL

You know my opinion of sequels. Rarely are they a logical or necessary extension of an original movie. Cinematic purpose aside, they are nevertheless entertaining – especially if the original was satisfying. mais 413 palavras

2015 Movies

Ocean's Eleven Review

Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) put together a team of con-artists to rob three of the largest casinos on the Las Vegas strip simultaneously. mais 601 palavras


Magic Mike XXL

I’d put off going to see this because I had really liked MAGIC MIKE, and had heard that this was a different type of experience. mais 124 palavras


In the symbolism-laden ‘Solaris,’ Steven Soderbergh explores a remote corner of space where the past is strangely present

By Matthew E. Milliken
July 22, 2015

Solaris is a work that I’ve engaged repeated over the course of my lifetime. The original book, by… mais 1.310 palavras


'Magic Mike XXL': Bigger, Longer, and Immensely More Satisfying

Magic Mike was a surprise; a genial and enjoyable romp about the ups and downs of a stripper in Tampa. Inspired by star Channing Tatum’s stint as a dancer/stripper in the 90s, and directed with gusto by Steven Soderbergh, the movie turned out to be a box office smash in the summer of 2012, no doubt buoyed by the allure of a plethora of dance sequences featuring naked guys. mais 764 palavras