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Bohemian of the Month/ #BOTM: Sasha Grey!

Ms Grey has quite possibly one of the most effortless and aspirational career paths in that she has been able to seamlessly glide from acting to writing, to music and beyond. mais 154 palavras


Magic Mike XXL

Mike is persuaded by his past twerking buddies to take a road trip to a stripper’s convention. He has been out of the game for three years now. mais 592 palavras


Film Review: Magic Mike XXL

Ladies. Gentlemen. Stand back.

We’ve hit critical Tatum.

Curse his meathead charms! Okay, Channing Tatum may don bro-ish necklaces and backward caps, and he might be incapable of spelling “Adonis” or “unpretentious,” and he could very well be limited in the kinds of roles he can take (C-Tate’s… mais 775 palavras


‘Magic Mike XXL’ Is The Movie With Lots Of Stripping You Probably Wanted The First One To Be

In 2012, I came up with an idea to watch the first Magic Mike movie with a male stripper. This was an equally dumb and widely unoriginal idea, as that particular screening on the Upper West Side of Manhattan was filled with entertainment journalists sitting next to men wearing tank tops. mais 875 palavras


The Substance-Free 'Magic Mike XXL' Is a Giddy, Cheerful Encore to a Much Better Film

When is a Steven Soderbergh movie not a Steven Soderbergh movie? That’s the question asked by Magic Mike XXL, the new sequel to Soderbergh’s 2012 hit and the first film in which he’s been a major player since… mais 901 palavras


'Magic Mike XXL' Review

By Will Ashton

Gyrating at full throttle and pumped to the nines with unabashed testosterone, Magic Mike XXL is to 2012’s Magic Mike what whoopie pies are to molten chocolate lava cakes. mais 876 palavras

Film Reviews

Movie review: Magic Mike XXL is all mouth, no trousers.

Magic Mike XXL   ★★   dir. Gregory Jacobs

The lord of the lap-dance returns in this sequel about sweet-natured strippers on the slide. mais 575 palavras

Movie Review