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Steven Soderbergh Comes Out of Retirement To Direct Channing Tatum in 'LOGAN LUCKY'

Oscar winner Steven Soderbergh is coming out of retirement to direct Channing Tatum in LOGAN LUCKY. Back in 2013, Soderbergh announced that he was retiring to work on small projects. mais 75 palavras


Matt Damon, Channing Tatum join Steven Soderbergh's first film in 3 years "Lucky Logan"

By Mandela Wells



Steven Soderbergh is back!

…Sort of.

The Academy Award-winning director is returning to film after 3 years in the world of television, for his next project… mais 113 palavras

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I had heard some good buzz surrounding this gritty thriller set in the drug underworld of the Mexican Cartels, so was quite hyped up to sit down to it finally.  mais 329 palavras


Steven Soderbergh coming out of retirement to direct Channing Tatum heist movie

Following the release of his 2013 film Side Effects, director Steven Soderbergh said he was finally making good on his promise to retire from Hollywood. He began transitioning into television, directing every episode of the first two seasons of Cinemax’s  mais 292 palavras