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What's Dead . . . is alive again

Various rumblings on the state of things in TV-land.

Of course, in my humble opinion.


Traffic is the perfect example of a film that is so artfully telling and insightful that it has the potential to stir a debate that would actually have long-lasting consequences on our society. mais 388 palavras

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The Knick, "There Are Rules"

As has often been the case on The Knick, sisters are doing it for themselves.  They’re trying to, anyway.  Some of these women are trying to act on their own behalf; some are allowing themselves to be acted upon; but I don’t think there’s a one among these nurses, society dames, fallen women, spurned wives, whores, and lady reporters who’s not keenly aware of how the odds are stacked against her.   mais 1.652 palavras

At The Knick: Whiplash review

This week at Steven Soderbergh’s vivid 1900’s bare hands life saving shack, Doctor Thackery was getting his groove back. Watching Clive Owen play this marvel is like riding a train race down a track missing a few rails. mais 1.103 palavras

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The Knick reveals 'barbaric' treatment of mental illness

Dr. Everett Gallinger, heal thyself. Seriously — evaluate your life choices.

The polarizing physician on The Knick, played by Edmonton native Eric Johnson, hit a low in last week’s episode of the 1901-set medical drama. mais 482 palavras


Steven Soderbergh - 1969 - Sex, Lies, and Videotape (Секс, брехня і відео)

1969 – Sex, Lies, and Videotape (Секс, брехня і відео)

4/5. Варто. 

Режисер/Сценарист: Steven Soderbergh


Скоро буде…

Steven Soderbergh

The Knick, "Whiplash"

Sometimes, I wonder if Steven Soderbergh is trying to give me tomophobia.  We’ve had some graphic stuff over the course of the series: placenta previa, skin grafted onto the nose from the arm, Dr. mais 1.357 palavras