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Dress Code

Hey guys! I am really sorry I’ve been so inactive lately, school has been really busy! This brings me to the first topic of discussion. Dress code. mais 447 palavras

Em tempos

Em tempos do imediato, as pessoas são objetos e quando não nos servem mais, jogamos fora.
Em tempos de facebook, as cartas são online, os beijos digitados e os toques são filmados. mais 86 palavras


Pre Run Fuel

What do you eat before a run? Or should I ask, do you eat anything before you run? It’s different for everyone and can depend on many factors such as how far you are running, feelings of hunger, the sensitivity of your stomach, etc. mais 519 palavras

Ronaldinho - Tempos de @acmilan #soccer #football #goals... Tom Wheeler

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Adagio. Slow. Chesapeake Bay Alexander Technique Teacher Training mornings always began leisurely, with students working in pairs or small groups.  Our director, Robin Gilmore, a dancer with a signature kinetic energy, would call out, ‘Good use does not have to mean slow use!’ But, a slow pace can be a good choice, as it has been for me this January. mais 128 palavras

Alexander Technique